30 Days of Carol: Day 10 – Which Was More Snubbed: “Carol” or “Call Me By Your Name”?

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There were rumbles before the 2018 Oscars that Call Me By Your Name, a gay coming-of-age drama directed by Luca Guadagnino, would go the same way as The 2015 Oscar Nominated film Carol™. Those rumbles were me, and the prediction was a freeze out despite multiple nominations. That proved mostly true, and after the awards wrapped, people were crying Snub. But how snubbed was it? More than Carol was at the 2016 Oscars, which took home exactly zero wins? Let’s take a look.

Snubbed Re: Being One for the History Books


The second time there was a romance between two men that didn’t focus-focus (you know what I mean) on a woman.


The first time there was romance between two women that didn’t focus-focus (you know what I mean) on a man.

Most Snubbed: Carol.

Snubbed Re: Award Nominations



Most Snubbed: That’s a big ol’ fat Carol for you.

Snubbed Re: Condolences


A green-lit sequel less than a week after the 2018 Oscars aired.


No sequel for two years and counting despite dozens of ideas and titles thrown their way.

Most Snubbed: It’s Carol again.

Snubbed Re: The Actor Up-Againsts


Timothée Chalamet of rap battle fame up against an actor so talented that he had to retire, an actor in one of the best movies of the year, an actor I’m not going to give any accolades to, and a nine-time Oscar nominated, two-time Oscar winner.


Cate Blanchett, two-time Oscar winner and reviver of Queen Elizabeth in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, up against and runner-up to Brie Larson, star of films like Don Jon (a movie mostly about a guy watching porn), Trainwreck (a movie that features Amy Schumer drinking a 40 out of a brown paper bag on the poster), 21 Jump Street (starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as buddy cops), and Kong: Skull Island (an movie with a CGI gorilla).

Most Snubbed: Ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ding-dong Carol.

Snubbed Re: The Movie Up-Againsts


Contenders include a movie whose writer/director was the first black nominee for Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Original Screenplay, a movie whose director was the first woman nominated for a directorial debut, and a movie that, for as much as it included having sex with a sea creature, had zero straight white men be relevant in it.


I don’t know what half of these movies are, others include Leonardo DiCaprio grunting for two hours and Matt Damon in silence for two hours, and the winner was a bunch of straight people cracking the newspaper case!

Most Snubbed: CAROL.

Snubbed Re: Memes Inspired



Most Snubbed: Too close to call.

Total Most Snubbed:


Carol: 5

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  1. I can’t see the guy from CMBYN as anyone other than his asshole character in Lady Bird. That character was so many people I went to high school with.

    • Ok, I am relieved you said that, because he was so convincing as a fuckboy in that movie that I have a hard time believing the actor himself might be a decent person or even wanting to see CMBYN, despite how completely ridiculous that sounds.

      Tbh I also just am not sure I want to see a queer romance where nobody smiles, which is def the vibe I got from cmbyn’s trailers. I want happy gay movies, damnit!

  2. I’m not laughing, I’m crying Erin.

    Also looking forward to your next investigations re: Carol.

    Most dubbed: which movie secured the widest release.

    Most flubbed: which movie quotes turn up in quizzes with the greatest frequency.

    Most subbed: which movie is being most reenacted…

  3. Brie, JLaw, Saoirse are cute, and good enough actresses (I actually think Saoirse is great) … and Charlotte Rampling is really good at portraying Charlotte Rampling. In. All. Her. Movies. cough, racist

    But Cate’s performance has and will stand the test of time. The Academy will be giving Cate an Oscar in the future to make up for this snub. And probably Todd and Rooney too.

  4. Moments that should have happened at the 2016 Academy Awards:

    Carol should have won all of the awards, in all categories, leading to a renaming of the iconic trophy from Oscar to Carol.

    Barring that, Carol should have won awards in all six categories in which it was nominated.

    And barring THAT, Ridley Scott should have stormed the stage during the acceptance speech for best picture and declared, “Yo Steve, I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Carol was one of the best pictures of all time! One of the best pictures of all time!”

  5. (I want to first tell you that I’m using Google Translate to write this)

    Feliz lesbianas,
    Feliz lesbianas,
    Feliz lesbianas,
    Carol y Therese desearte Felicidad

    Feliz lesbianas,
    Feliz lesbianas,
    Feliz lesbianas,
    Carol y Therese desearte Felicidad

    I wanna watch “Carol” with you,
    I wanna watch “Carol” with you,
    I wanna watch “Carol” with you,
    And we’ll enjoy it in our hearts

    • also sorry anyone i know in real life for definitely singing this melody of i wanna watch carol with you any time carol gets brought up

      • I feel like I wanna watch Carol with you could also be sung to the tune of I wanna get freaky with you for when you have special friends round.

  6. It’s so obvious when you look back, just how snubbed (ah!) Carol was. I blame it all on Weinstein.

  7. Carol: Has numerous shots of Cate Blanchett’s glorious back
    CMBYN: Has ZERO (0) shots of Cate Blanchett’s glorious back

    SNUBBED, I tell ya!

  8. Me the day before the Oscars: ugh I don’t even CARE the Oscars are bullshit and they always pick the wrong films what does an Oscar even mean these days ugh I mean CRASH this is just a bunch of self congratulatory pageantry that refuses to make room for real art in the realm of cinema etc etc etc etc
    Me the day after the Oscars: SNUBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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