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  • Group logo of NYC Straddlers
    active 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

    Cubbyhole, Stonewall, RF Lounge, Stiletto, Truck Stop. This is the way we live?

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  • Group logo of NYC Autostraddlers
    active 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

    For the lesbots/queers/allies/bois/bisexuals/genderqueers/other non-binary identified straddlers in the 5 boroughs.
    + Long Island/Westchester
    + Jersey
    + Wherever, join if you’re gonna hang with the city kids.

    Public Group / 412 members
  • Group logo of Browncoats, Scoobies & other Whedonites
    active 2 hours, 39 minutes ago

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and you.

    Public Group / 373 members
  • Group logo of Sydney Queers
    active 4 hours, 6 minutes ago

    For Queers in Sydney, Australia

    Public Group / 6 members
  • Group logo of Aussiestraddle
    active 4 hours, 25 minutes ago

    A group for people who like to autostraddle down under.

    Public Group / 180 members
  • Group logo of Political Straddlers
    active 4 hours, 47 minutes ago

    To discuss/rage over politicians and politics everywhere, and the various things they do that push us a few steps up or down the Equality Ladder. Open to everyone of every political stripe. Except the British National Party.

    Public Group / 270 members
  • Group logo of The History Straddlers
    active 4 hours, 49 minutes ago

    For the lady loving ladies who also love dead people and their fascinating stories!

    Public Group / 46 members
  • Group logo of Celiac Support Group
    active 6 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Celiacs and all with gluten sensitivities welcome! For those newly diagnosed, it is a tough journey. Here we can deal with it together!

    Public Group / 4 members
  • Group logo of Harry Potter Appreciation Society
    active 6 hours, 20 minutes ago

    A place for Muggles

    Public Group / 634 members
  • Group logo of Movies
    active 6 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Have You Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Public Group / 93 members
  • Group logo of Climbers (aka those who straddle rocks)
    active 6 hours, 21 minutes ago

    For those Autostraddlers who love to climb or who are learning how to climb. This is a place where you can post your favorite links, ask for advice, see if there are any climbers in your area, and have fun chats […]

    Public Group / 17 members
  • Group logo of group for riese to ask people questions about things/information she needs for some post
    active 6 hours, 22 minutes ago

    sometimes i have questions i can’t find on google like ”where do i know that song in the first scene of glee from?” or ”who are some straight actresses with lesbian best friends” or ”i need an app that […]

    Public Group / 335 members
  • Group logo of Webcomic Geeks
    active 6 hours, 23 minutes ago

    For anyone who reads online comics :)
    ie; A Softer World, Freakangels, Questionable Content, Surviving the World, Niels, XKCD, Penny Arcade

    Public Group / 138 members
  • Group logo of Comics, Anyone?
    active 6 hours, 23 minutes ago

    For discussing words, pictures, science, magic, and people (who may or may not be spandex-clad and/or ridiculously attractive).

    Public Group / 157 members
  • Group logo of Straddlin\' Nature!
    active 6 hours, 23 minutes ago

    We work or play or live outdoors. We like to be sweaty (or at least, we don’t care as much…). Nature walks, trees, bird sightings, and winding creeks make us happy. Hippie chicks, unite!

    Public Group / 146 members
  • Group logo of Autostraddle Musicians
    active 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Singers, instrumentalists, composers, songwriters, conductors, recording engineers, even DJs – if you are involved in the creation of music in some way, shape or form come here!

    Public Group / 261 members
  • Group logo of Lesbrarians
    active 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

    inclusive of (but not limited to) lesbian librarians, bisexual bibliographers, transgender taxonomy specialists, intersex information mavens, & queer archivists #sexynerds

    Public Group / 81 members
  • Group logo of Polystraddlers
    active 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Discussion and support for all the Autostraddlers out there who identify as nonmonogamous, or are in nonmonogamous relationships.

    Public Group / 27 members
  • Group logo of The Great Library of Autostraddle
    active 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

    What’s on Your Nightstand?

    Public Group / 782 members
  • Group logo of Writers!!
    active 6 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Anyone else out there writing books or plays or screenplays for homogays?

    Public Group / 314 members