Dammit, Reddit! A Letter To the Rotten Monolith


“You had me convinced that there were redeemable parts of you, that your leadership was making you less of a cesspool, that, like literally any other group of people, you contained both decent humans and horrid man-babies who throw tantrums when anyone tries to tell them how to behave like a person. I may have been wrong.”

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Feminist Sexual Health App Screet is Getting a Queer Reboot


Screet was created as part of the 2015 StartupBus competition, a roadtrip hackathon where folks on different buses develop startup projects on the road, by a team featuring Autostraddle’s very own Creatrix Tiara, and she’s the single person undertaking its second coming. As she builds momentum for the reboot, she set aside some precious moments to talk with me about where Screet comes from and where it’s going.