Yo! That’s Not Cool #6: My 2018 Reclamations

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I make comics, cartoons and bad decisions in Los Angeles. You can call me Britt.

Brittney has written 14 articles for us.


  1. Reclaiming my damn time to pursue my own projects.
    Reclaiming my health and relationship with my body.
    Reclaiming parenting as a queer act of resistance!
    Reclaiming my right to self-fucking-care.

    Coffee with way too much creamer.

  2. Reclaiming my sanity in this f**ked up crazy world.

    Reclaiming my sexual desire (sadly gone now for far too long) probably went out with my sanity.

    I am going to reclaim a decent amount of fitness. At least so I’m not too fatigued for sex because it sucks trying to have sex when one is too tired to care abut having sex.

  3. count yr blessings as a private person, with a full and free life ahead of you, who doesn’t have to deal with deeply violent misogyny and white supremacy every single second of the day. and don’t take their repulsive language as yr own in order to abuse an actually queer, gender non-conforming person of color that you don’t even know. good luck “reclaiming identity” with that happening.

    happy new year’s, autostraddle. hope you’re not still taking money from nazis who hate queers and women.

  4. Reclaiming my optimism, go lightly on the political news. This more than most.

    Reclaiming my joy in decorating and design. New house coming up.

    Reclaiming my happiness in gardening. New garden too.

  5. Can’t reclaim my body because it’s already mine, even my jackass immune system is mine.
    Hear that immune system you’re an jackass, but you’re MY jackass.

    Def reclaiming my Frida hairdo scarves

    Reclaiming neckwear because it’s been 12 years since he tried to strangle me to death and I won’t let him take any more of my life from me

    Already on the path of dressing proudly like myself and not to be as invisible or aggro as possible so I’m going to just keep doing that.

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