Yo! That’s Not Cool #2: The Secret to Adult Courtship

Yo! That’s Not Cool is a monthly cartoon by Brittney Williams

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Brittney Williams

I make comics, cartoons and bad decisions in Los Angeles. You can call me Britt.

Brittney has written 20 articles for us.


  1. Love this! The style is great and your facial expressions really capture the mood. Can’t wait to see more!

    • This was going to be my exact comment, so I’ll just contribute some more u’s. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Ah yes, the Wink. Coupled with the lopsided grin, I thought I was quite the 10 year-old Don Juanita…

  3. I learned to wink at church camp, playing cards against a girl I had a major crush on. Every time she’d play a hand, she’d give me the perfect wink, and I had to try to immolate it every hand I played. We played for days on end every chance we got before I got it down. If only I’d known that I wasn’t the only female with a female crush! ?

    • I really hope you mean emulate, because sacrificing someone’s eyes with fire is a liiiiittle intense, even for a baby gay. ;)

  4. OH MY GAWD that’s so cute I think my heart actually stopped beating. When I was a wee youngling, I had a crush on the school bus assistant–one of the older kids (A FIFTH GRADER; my kindergarten heart ached) who helped make sure the younger kids got on and off the bus safely, made sure we didn’t horse around, kept our hands inside… basically was the bus driver’s snitch. I wanted a picture of their gorgeous face so bad, but alas, I had none. So, I drew one myself. This little smiling stick-figure in blue crayon with their name misspelled at the bottom (in case I forgot who it was, I guess). Little kids with crushes are adorkable.

  5. aaaww.. it reminds me the time when I had a huge crush on our church organist. I was a little girl (preschool or so) but I still remember how her hands and watch looked on organ keyboards

  6. I am powerless against the wink. Gets me every time. That and freckles. Like if you have freckles and that perfect wink, that’s a great start to a relationship.

  7. Thanks for the giggle this morning!
    I had many teacher crushes and it is a little bit saddening to read this and go back to the place in your memory where you knew you were just so so perfect for her, but all she saw was that proverbial eye twitch. Sigh.

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