Women’s World Cup 2011: Look at That F*cking Alternative Lifestyle Haircut

There’s so much to keep track of during the Women’s Soccer World Cup. I hope you have your priorities in order and have been paying close attention to certain details. I have and so I’ve assembled some pictures of the most noticeable/alternative-lifestyle-esque haircut/tattoo situations from the first round of games. Have fun.



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  1. while I adore these pictures and these astonishingly attractive women, can we please talk about the USA game yesterday?

    O’Reilly’s goal was the most amazing thing ever; I’d be shocked if it didn’t end up as goal of the tournament. Beautiful, beautiful soccer!

    • Absolutely! The one shot that went off the crossbar was just so freakin close. (I think that’s the one you’re talking about…)

      And poor Wambach should have had what, 8? 9? I believe we had ~20 shots on goal for the whole game – she was responsible for nearly half of them which is insane. 

      I can’t wait til Wednesdays game!

  2. finally!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!! i’ve been wanting someone to put up a football/soccer/footbol haircut gallery forever!…….but where are the cute japanese haircuts…….

  3. Did you purposefully find pictures where there appears to be boob-grabbage happening? Because if so, I applaud your efforts.
    Also, Wambach needs to get a goal against Sweden if for nothing more than her mental sanity. You can only go so long with that many near misses before you start to really get in your head start second guessing yourself and we don’t want that going into the quarters.

  4. Hey Brittani, slightly off-topic but you might wanna check out/mention this documentary, “No Look Pass”. http://www.nolookpassthemovie.com/

    It’s about a gay Burmese-American women’s basketball player at Harvard who wants to play pro in Europe. It premiered at OutFest this summer. I haven’t even seen it yet but thought other Autostraddlers might wanna keep an eye out for it at film fests.

  5. In my country women playing soccer = lesbos (most but not all of the time, ugly women)but with this world cup, I have a huge crush on so many players !!!

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