Win Tickets to Tegan & Sara’s Sold Out Concert in New York

On Tuesday February 19, our favorite Canadian heartthrobs Tegan and Sara are playing a show at New York’s Beacon Theatre. If you’re not already going, it’s too late because that sucker is sold out. However! Thanks to the good people at Bowery Presents, we’ve got two golden balcony tickets to give away to one lucky reader.


In the spirit of throbbing hearts, we’re drawing the winner TONIGHT. That means these are not just the hottest tickets in New York town- they’re also the world’s greatest Valentine’s gift for the Tegan and Sara fan in your life. You’re gonna get so much love. I hope you’re ready for that.

How To Enter

1. Leave a comment telling us who your first heartthrob crush was. If you also write us a haiku poem about it, we’ll put your name in the hat twice.

2. Comment using a valid email address because that’s how you’ll find out if you’ve won. The winner will be picked at random today, Feb 14 at 11pm EST and notified immediately.

If you don’t win, don’t fret. Tickets are still available for their show at the Beacon on the following night. In fact, tickets are still available for many Tegan and Sara shows throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Who’s already going? I just bought mine for Sydney, being a T&S ticket-holder feels SO good.

Good luck!


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  1. Oh god, weirdly enough my first big crush was on Sailor Pluto when I was like, five. I should have realized I wasn’t straight back when I realized my interests lay in the length in her short skirt. Does that count as a heartthrob? She was hot as shit.

    Short black sailor skirt
    Milky white thighs underneath
    Whoops, don’t think I’m straight.

  2. My first and ongoing heartthrob crush is on Clea Duvall. I remember first watching But I’m a Cheerleader before coming out and I can safely say that Clea is my root. She just exudes this dykey charm that as my gf says, has somewhat defined my “type.”

    My first in person crush was on this amazing (autostraddler) in HS who without trying just screamed cool dyke. My heart kinda melted.

  3. My first crush was also my first girlfriend. Her name was Epiphany. I swear I am not making this up.

  4. My first hearthrob crush was Nelly Furtado circa 2002 (no judgement!) I hung her picture in my room and lusted after her hard.

    This Lady songbird
    Adorned my walls and voila
    Baby queer is born

  5. Long hair, don’t care
    Say you look like a woman
    Well that explains a lot for me
    Zac Hanson haiku, for the 10 year old lesbian

  6. This is truly the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever admitted, but my first hearthrob crush was Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Someone got me a cardboard cut out of him for my 13th birthday and I kept it in my room for YEARS. That long, blond hair with the braids in it…why did I think I was straight?

    Oh, Legolas was
    Only the first of many
    Genderqueer crushes

    • You are not alone. Only it was my 16th birthday, and I kept him in my closet and called him the Guardian of My Wardrobe. My girlfriend still teases me about crushing on a guy who looked like a girl… (but he was so hot! and he could walk on snow and shoot multiple arrows at once!)

      (I don’t need tickets, I just wanted to share…) :)

    • oh yes, another Legolas crusher right here! I thought my crush was on Orlando Bloom until I saw him in a non-elf role and felt “huh, well, hmmm”

  7. Well, here goes:

    My first heartthrob crush
    Was, of course, obviously
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    No, not just Johnny Depp. But Johnny Depp as a grimy, slimy, sneaky pirate in some kind of permanent state of drunkenness. Yum.

  8. My first Heartthrob crush was Jenny Shimizu, and she’s still the most perfect specimen.

    Jenny Shimizu tongued down Angelina
    She made my eyes pop out of their socket
    What I would do to take off her leather jacket

  9. My first crush was Britney Spears after watching her in the music video for Baby, Hit Me One More Time.

    Oh Britney, Britney,
    those pigtails and school girl skirt,
    you made my heart hurt.

  10. First heartthrob crush: Daniel Radcliffe

    There’s something about
    A boy that knows his magic
    They say he’s “The One”

  11. When I was just five
    The Power Ranger in pink
    Made my gay heart throb

    P.S. I already have tickets so you don’t need to put my name in the hat. I just wanted to write a haiku.

  12. My first heartthrob crush was Megan Follows in Anne of Green Gables. I blame this for the affinity for spunky, literary redheads.

  13. Scary Spice! Actually, I’m sure I poured my heart out into some eloquent kid-speak poems in my 4th grade journal over all the spice ladiezz.

    secret crush of mine
    stole my young heart when she wore
    that leopard jumpsuit

  14. frizzy locks brown eyes
    your neuroses spoke to me
    hermione g

    though, arguably, jack sparrow was also my first crush.

    self assured bastard
    but drunken swagger aside
    eyeliner is hot

  15. My first heart throb was my next door neighbor; I was in first grade. We rode the bus together every day. It all makes sense now-

    We played house after school
    I always the husband you the wife
    Your love saved my life

  16. Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in The X-Files. Something about that red hair and those shoulder pads…

    • oooh, I had a crush on that blonde Austrian Nazi-lady. That scene, where he’s tied to a chair and she kisses him and pulls his lip out to there? *swoon* I’m always looking for a woman who can kiss me like that.

  17. as the leaves fell
    so did she into my life
    throb throb went my heart

    This is our first valentine’s day not together… pity points = an extra name in the hat? :)

    T&S are my biggest heartthrobs though!

  18. My first crush was the teacher in Matilda, the way she was written in the book AND the movie portrayed her.
    Miss Honey. I think Jennifer Garner played her in the movie.
    I had all these feelings and yes, my heart throbbed, and I didn’t understand it when I was 11 but now I do.

  19. Oh Nick Carter…

    Backstreet’s Nick Carter
    Rock your body right for me
    With those frosted tips

    Whatever happened to him anyway?

  20. Jennifer Beals/Bette Porter

    L word changed my life
    i thought i wanted to be her
    wait, let’s go have sex

  21. In 8th grade I swore that I was meant to marry Jesse McCartney…

    Jesse McCartney,
    Sang about beautiful souls,
    He wrote it for me.

  22. Guy from the princess
    bride, no one told me you were
    too girly a crush

    I watched that movie way too many times in middle school.

  23. My first girl crush since coming out, in Haiku form!:
    Jennifer Lawrence
    She is a fabulous and goofy
    Lady of beauty and class

  24. I’ve been a lurker here for a while, but okay, for T+S, I have to…

    Back to School:

    That night on your couch
    I let you think I was drunk
    I was a coward.

  25. My first crush was on the kindergarten teacher who taught the class across the hall from the one I was in. I wrote her what took me ten years to realize was a love letter, but was so nervous and scared that I asked a girl on the bus to give it to her in my stead.

    It was written in crayon, and the one gem of a quote that I remember including is “YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO PEE.”

    I can only imagine how that was interpreted.

  26. Good Luck all! I already bought tickets during the presale for T+S and FUN at Red Rocks ^_^ Will be my first T+S show. Muy excited y’all!

  27. I may be sixteen,
    but i know that all of you
    A-Straddlers freed me

    Tegan and Sara ftw :) Thank you, A-S members, for helping a little kid like me– you’re all my hearthrobs ;)

  28. Might sound like a lousy anime, but the first time my heart beat abnormally because of the presence of a magical and wonderful woman was in my junior year of high school. She was the student council president, with long black hair, beautiful smile and a voice that can calm you and own you at the same time. I was fifteen, she was seventeen, and the only time we shared together was in some monthly gathering of honor students. I couldn’t believed I liked her. I loved her, but she never knew.

    Peaceful and quiet
    Two rows in front of me
    Junior year girl
    You still haunt my sleep

  29. I saw Heather Graham
    first in “Austin Powers 2:
    The Spy Who Shagged Me”

    this contest is inspiring so much creativity

  30. Sinead O’Connor
    Obsessed as a little girl
    …Belts “Nothing Compares 2 U”

    <3 Happy V-day Autostraddlers!

  31. I don’t need tickets, just want to share: Miss Scarlet from the old Clue movie. I watched it over and over and over again.

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