Brittani’s Video Party: Ellen’s Burning Love for Tegan and Sara

Greetings. This is Brittani’s Video Party, where I bring some of the “best” videos from all over my internet together so we can clap, cry or deconstruct. Have you ever gotten to a video and it already has 33 million views and you wonder where the heck have you been? Well I’m here to help you so that you see it when it only has 32 million views. Aim low, world. Aim low.

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It’s Valentine’s Day so what better way to celebrate than with the world’s most famous lesbian music group on the world’s most famous lesbian host’s daytime television show upping many a Midwestern mom’s record for how many lesbians she’s ever been in a room with to three. Tegan and Sara performed “Closer” on Ellen and were probably as excited to do so than you would be if you were in that same situation. They said “this may have been the coolest moment in our band’s history. Top 5 for sure.” To which I say, this may have been the lesbianest moment in televisions’s history. Top 5 for sure. There was lots of Tegan face and Sara walking in place/running in slow motion. Both heavy contributors to the twins being one of Ellen’s favorite bands. Rumor is she didn’t listen to them at all until Portia covered them covering Bruce Springsteen. Jk I completely made that up.

Season 2 of Burning Love premieres today on Yahoo. Season 1 of the scripted comedy series that spoofs The Bachelor and The Bachelorette followed Ken Marino‘s character Mark as he searches for the perfect woman. That season is chock full of comedic actresses and comedians alike with appearances by Kristen Bell, Natasha Leggero and Jennifer Aniston. Season 2 brings back June Diane Raphael as the woman looking to find love after being a contestant the first season along with Michael Ian Black who serves as the host. There are even more “names” this time around: Ben Stiller, Adam Scott, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, Martin Starr, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Adam Brody, Michael Cera and Colin Hanks. It’s rare to see this kind of talent willing to venture into web series (even though the show will be on E! starting the 25th) but I’m glad they did because it’s very funny and I’ve never even seen an episode of either show it’s making fun of.

One of the most unappealing qualities to me is earnestness. It’s right up there with empathy. Yes, I know. I’m a terrible person. But at least I’m a terrible person that cares a liiiiittle bit more about the water crisis because Matt Damon (along with Pete Holmes, Kate Micucci, the black guy from New Girl and the dude who wore the goggles in Dodgeball) took a comedic approach rather than a super sincere guilt trippy one. If you haven’t heard the news, he’s going on strike. Not from acting though.

I’ve decided to stop pretending to be dead inside for one moment so I can bring you one of the animated shorts nominated for an Oscar. I suppose if I was in some sort of long term situation that had endured its hardships and we fought a lot but stayed together anyway and occasionally got nostalgic for a time where we weren’t annoyed by the mere sight of each other, I would be super into this story. But for now I watched and enjoyed it mostly and hoped to Lesbos that this will never be my life. I think there’s a lesson in the story somewhere or something but I obviously missed it. Will you be my Valentine?

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    • SO true! It was so touching and relatable to anyone. It’s all we try to do in this world, connect with each other. FEEL THE FEELINGS

  1. My favorite blonde-lesbian-in-a-Tegan-and-Sara-sandwich moment was when they met Megan Rapinoe, but this Ellen gig is a close second.

  2. I’m happy for them, still have no clue who is Tegan and who is Sara. I know they don’t look identical here but I never could tell them apart so the different hair/clothes didn’t help at all. Anyone? I guessed but doesn’t count, that’s 50/50 chance.

    • Tegan here has longer, curlier hair. When the hair changes, I tell by Tegan’s chin/lower lip piercing. Sara has a thinner face whereas Tegan’s jaw is a bit wider, but these differences sometimes take a few minutes to work out, depending on the camera angle.

  3. T & S on ellen! Why did this take so long to happen?
    Thanks for the animated short- I always wish I could see these and never do, so thanks!

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