Will Queer Survivor Contestant Carolyn Wiger Make the Final Three?

In terms of real chronological timelines that exist in our space-time continuum, it is “not possible” that Carolyn read the article I wrote last week before last night’s episode of Survivor, because, of course, that episode was actually filmed a few months ago.


That article was called “Queer Survivor Contestant Carolyn Wiger Shows You Can Be Emotional AND Strategic, Who Knew!!”, and this week, in Tribal Council, Carolyn literally said:

“I think that there’s nothing wrong with being an emotional player, and I think everyone here can attest to the fact that I’ve been extremely emotional. But it doesn’t mean that somebody can’t be strategic who is emotional. I am both.

Survivor Season 44 contestant Carolyn Wiger at tribal council, explaining with wild gesticulations that she is both emotional and strategic.

Carolyn never disappoints with the most unhinged gesticulations of all time

My heart leaped! First of all, I agreed with her. Second of all, this confirmed my greatest hope and my greatest fear: I am psychic. I know it sounds wild, but what is even wilder is that this is unequivocally true — what I write here, I speaketh into existence. (I am kidding.) (Or am I.) Furthermore, yesterday, I commented on that article to share my predictions, and I predicted that Jamie would go home in last night’s episode. And guess whose torch was snuffed last night? JAMIE’S! WOW!

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. So I am taking it upon myself to share my predictions for the Survivor finale, and I hope and pray you will do the same in the comments. (Seriously, I’m so desperate to know what other people think will happen, please share your thoughts.)

Here’s how I think/am manifesting things will go down (this is different than what I said in my comment yesterday because my thinking has evolved!!):

Lauren will be voted out next. I think Tika three sees her as the biggest threat — she’s good at challenges, she has a really compelling personal story, and she could argue that she successfully played the middle the whole time.

I think final three will be Yam Yam, Heidi, and Carolyn. I don’t know exactly how it will play out. But I kind of think that Heidi will win immunity, and choose to take Carolyn with her. Then Yam Yam and Carson will make fire and Yam Yam will win at that.

Carolyn Wiger, emotional queen of my heart, will win the whole thing.

(If I’m being 100% honest, if final three is Carolyn, Heidi, and Yam Yam, I think Heidi actually has a pretty good shot at winning — because she just has to argue that she played a different game than the one Carolyn/Yam Yam played together. She got, alone, to where they got, together. BUT I’M TRYING TO MANIFEST A CAROLYN WIN, OK.)

What do you all think will happen?! Please sound off in the comments!

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Anya Richkind

Anya is a writer, a Pisces, and a huge fan of Survivor. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner Jess and their kittens, Buckett and Tubbs. She writes a substack called Questions I Have in which she explores questions big, small, medium, and more. Check it out here: anyarichkind.substack.com

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  1. I was so gagged that Carolyn made it through this vote, the edit had me scared! I saw on Jeff’s podcast that there’s another hidden immunity idol at play at camp 2 (side note i’m obsessed that the cast brought all their stuff anticipating the dumb beach swap–you know that drove him bananas!!!)

    I’m also rooting for Carolyn, but I think in the last ep Yam Yam solidified his place as the winner or kingmaker (ie, final person the winner must take down to bring home victory.He might go out in the next vote (like Jesse did) or he find an idol/immunity and could win it all. I’m not sure!!!!

    It’s anyones game!!

    • I know, they really tried to get us with that edit!

      Omg, I didn’t know about the idol because I don’t listen to the podcast (I really should though, everyone keeps telling me about it), but I wonder if anyone will find it…

      I know what you mean re: Yam Yam. In my heart of hearts, if he’s in final tribal with Carolyn, I kinda think the votes will go to him. BUT I also am hoping that if she gets the chance, Carolyn will make a really compelling case. I would argue that Yam Yam missed his chance to get her out, he even KNEW he was missing that chance, but because of her social game — her ability to make him and Carson loyal — he gave up his chance.

      All this said, I’m actually really happy with this final 5! I like all of them!

      • I don’t listen either, I just saw a clip! (drop your buffs is my preferred and gay survivor recap pod). But you could be right re: Yam Yam missing his chance to get her out as his fatal flaw. If he and Carolyn both make FTC I’ll be interested to see how the jury responds to this past vote, it feels so crucial.

        No matter what I’m loving tika and appreciate seeing loyalty make a resurgence as a respected strategy, especially as they’re all able to disagree and get annoyed with one another without it falling to shambles. A really great final 5 excited for the finale!

  2. I want a Carolyn win SO BADLY.

    My hope is that she will go full AA sponsor “let me tell you my story” and just CRUSH IT in her final tribal if she gets there. She tends to have such coherent and compelling narratives when she gets more time/space to talk versus the more reactive “Carolyn, why’d you make that face?” Moments.

    Love her to the ends of the earth.

  3. My hope is for Carolyn, Heidi, and Lauren to be the final 3. I don’t know though if Tika will be ready to turn on each other yet at the next vote, and so do agree that Lauren seems the most likely next one to go. I think you’re right that Yam Yam is the more likely victor if he’s sitting next to her at the end.

    I do adore Carolyn and hope she wins it all, but honestly would be happy for any of these top 5. What a great season!

    • Yeah, I kinda think the only way Tika turns on each other is because they have to — i.e. they’ll get rid of either Heidi or Lauren first, and then only one person is gonna win that final four immunity, you know?

      I do feel like the tribe “likes” Yam Yam more than Carolyn, in terms of final jury votes. That said… they’ve really given Carolyn the underdog-hero edit… I agree with you, it could really go in any way!

      And yes, I’ve really enjoyed this season!

  4. Thanks for the Survivor content! I’d like to request that you not include spoilers for the episode in the article title! (Carolyn not being voted out this ep is a big giveaway for the end of the episode) Thanks :)

  5. Wow, you came pretty close to calling how it played out! Really admired Heidi’s gameplay at the end. Not surprised by the ultimate winner, but really thought that at least Frannie would throw a vote Carolyn’s way. Still a great run for our gal though!

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