Why is Esther Quek Always On Her Phone?

By Ashleigh “Bing” Bingham

1. She’s waiting to meet up with a friend.


2. She’s helping her friend pick out an outfit to wear that night.


3. She’s putting people in their place.


4. She’s calling into work.


5. She’s texting her admirers.


6. She’s catching up with an old friend.


7. She’s keeping up with the gossip.


8. She’s trying to avoid someone.


9. She’s giving out advice.


10. She’s hopelessly flirting with her heartthrob.


Ashleigh Bingham (but everyone calls her Bing) is the creator of idreamofdapper.com and a style consultant and writer for Qwear. Currently she’s in graduate school so, she’s all about dressing dapper on a dime budget. 

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  1. Thank you, I almost let out a big laugh at work over the gossip section. If my boss heard he’d want to see what’s funny and then I’d have to explain and that can get a bit you know. :+)

  2. This is a comment on behalf of my partner who told me excitedly via Skype that a cool post about a cool Singaporean was up, but she’s been locked out of her account.

    JENNY & SHANE HAD SEX?? (I am STILL not done with this show.)

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