Who’s Coming Out in People Magazine May 5th?

Mark your calendars: a celebrity is coming out to People (shocking!) on May 5th. This person is already booked for a People exclusive, with a string of talk show appearances afterward, including The View. Speculation has already begun, with anonymous peeps from all corners of the interweb taking part in the worldwide office pool.

The frontrunners at Autostraddle headquarters appear to be Johnny Weir or Queen Latifah. However The Queen has a movie coming out soon where she plays a straight romantic lead; generally assumed a bad move. Longshot votes are going to Anderson Cooper and Kelly Clarkson. Intern Laura thinks it’ll be the couple starring in Toy Story 3, which we believe is an animated film about fictional characters.

We’ve also determined a large selection of our confirmed & speculative twentysomething hollywood lesbians — aka most of the people we wish would come out — are too edgy for People. And then there’s heaps of people who we all know will never come out, like the married scientologists.

Also, Johnny Weir has the right look to come out in People Magazine — young bright eyes man with hair that’s a little spikey in the front.

This does bring into question why People Magazine is The Chosen One to feature celebs with their “Yes, I’m Gay!” cheesy smiles on the cover. Is it because People is so bland and mainstream they figure it will lessen the fallout? Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken have all chosen People.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to go the Adam Lambert route of posing for Rolling Stone with a snake at his crotch or even Wanda Sykes who didn’t make a big stink at all, just showed up at a No on 8 rally and spoke about her life.

Who do you think will be coming out to People on May 5th? Start your office pools now. (@zapittv)

“It just comes with the territory. That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on. I’ve been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself.” – Christina Aguilera on comparisons to Lady Gaga (@mtv)

Get this! Megan Mullally is transforming her Emmy winning role as Karen on Will & Grace into a touring show! “We’ve got a producer, a composer, and a director, so now we’re just looking for the perfect people to write the book,” Mullally told The Advocate. “It’s going to be a big throwdown between Karen Walker and Beverley Leslie, so I think Leslie Jordan and I are going to have a lot of fun together. And because it’s a touring show, we can take it anywhere ‘Will & Grace’ is popular, which is kind of everywhere.”

She also talks about Sean Hayes‘ recent coming out interview and her own infamous Advocate cover story coming out as bisexual: “Yeah, I know, I’ll still read that. My husband is always like, ‘Really? Are you bisexual?’ [Laughs] I know the gay community wants me to be bisexual, but unfortunately I’m not as bisexual as people have wanted me to be. I am married to a man, we’ve been together 10 years, and I’ve never had sex with a woman. But I do still think everybody has an ability to love that isn’t limited by gender.” (@advocate)

Check out the latest from Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson:

CBS is shooting a pilot aimed at competing with The View, starring Julie Chen, Lisa Rinna and Sara Gilbert as the show’s resident lesbian mom. The “View”-style talk show is just one pilot CBS is considering to replace “As The World Turns.” (@latimes)

“While gaydom now embraces a full gamut of subsets, in Mr. Jordan’s pithy assessment the heady disco days of the 1970s had ‘queens and butch queens,”’ distinguishable by their dance-floor moves.”

Also on Broadway– American Idiot is wowing critics.  (@nytimes)

Tori Spelling is developing her own talk show, which supposedly is going for a Will & Grace vibe, according to producers. This will only be watchable if Zachary Quinto from So NoTORIous is back as her main gay. (@ew)

Adam Lambert is coming to a musical theatre near you on his Glam Nation Tour this summer. Talking to E! Online, Adam said, “It’s going to be really theatrical and sparkly. You’ll have to come. Maybe I’ll make out with a snake.” (@usatoday)

A new LGBT film, City of Borders, will screen on April 28 at the Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival in Commerce Township, Michigan. The film follows the daily lives of five Israelis and Palestinians at Jerusalem’s only gay bar, The Shushan, an underground sanctuary where people of opposing nationalities, religions and sexual orientations create an island of peace in a land divided by war.

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    • I’m thinking the Toy Story 3 couple is more likely Barbie and Ken. I mean, Ken’s sexuality has been an open secret in the toy community for years. Barbie’s had a lot more success in maintaining her model hetero facade for the public, but… well, I probably shouldn’t say this, but she used to make frequent appearances in my playroom back in the early 90’s, and she could be spotted going muff-diving on Princess Jasmine ALL THE TIME.

      • Oh totally. I remember when she was still trying to front like she and my
        April-from-the-ninja-turtles figurine were just colleagues and then I’d see them leaving in a Tonka truck together. I mean bitch please.

        • That bitch April is the reason that Malibu Stacy went on a drunken rampage for those couple years!! Homewrecker!

          You could so tell when Ken wasn’t denying his sexuality anymore…he got all that long luscious hair. Come on, dude, we know what cute spikey hair means.

      • i didn’t even know that there was going to be a toy story 3 movie and i never played with barbies, except once i had a barbie and cut off her hair, realized i hated it, started crying, and threw her under the dresser.

  1. If Kelly Clarkson came out I think it would be a more casual, low-key kind of thing. I don’t see her announcing it on a magazine cover or booking talk shows to discuss it or any of that.

    • Actually now that I think about it, it may be a possibility. Hawrd Bragman prob saw that interview with the Sun and thought ‘girl did you really mean that?’ and maybe talked to her. Who knows. Her ‘people’ seem not exactly gay friendly and he did say that being out clearly had a positive effect on her (back in May 2008).

  2. Ooh, fancy new pictures to go with the See Also links.

    Surely it can’t be anyone that exciting that’s coming out if they’re giving a fortnight’s warning and no-one else in the media is deciding to dish the dirt and steal the scoop?

    • He’s not, although he’s not hiding, either. But with the Star Trek franchise, I don’t see it being him.

      Maybe Matt Bomer, now his show’s been safely extended? But he’s probably not famous enough for a People cover.

      • I dunno if it’s so much a matter of KStew or Ellen Page being “too cool” for People. I think it’s more a matter of the younger generation (especially the “indie” crowd) to not feel a need to strictly label themselves as one or the other. I couldn’t imagine either of them going on The View (can you imagine Stewart on The View?! That’d be the most cringe-worthy thing EVER!) to talk about their grand orientation revelations. I can just see them being very discrete about their relationships (though the media probably won’t let Stewart be on the DL for quite some time, due to the unfortunate success of the Twilight franchise).

        Not Jake Gyllenhaal. I think that Jake is comfortable with his sexuality, and would also feel no need to be public and label it. I’ve also never suspected that he’s gay. I don’t think that Reese Witherspoon would let anyone use her as a beard.


    wishful thinking

    Heres my list:
    – drew barrymore
    – james franco
    – betty white LOL
    – ellen page would never come out in people
    – kathy griffin
    – rihanna? (lillith fair)
    – i hope its not weir we all know thar
    – michelle rodriguez

    All ive got for now.

    • For some reason I always confuse Rosario Dawson with Michelle Rodriguez. I am eternally in love with Rosario Dawson and when you said Mimi I thought of Rent and continued to think you were talking about Rosario Dawson. This isn’t important, I know. I just wanted to express myself.

  4. Could be Kelly Clarkson as she’s been saying that she has just written a new song which she’s in love with called…”Break the Silence”…!!
    Mind you I have no idea what the lyrics are, so I could be totally up a gumtree with that one!

    • That’s exactly the way I came out, actually. I photoshopped a People en Español cover and glued it to a magazine that sat atop my parents’ pile of toilet literature (toilit?).

      I really thought that taking a morning dump while staring at your daughter saying “¿Hetero, yo? ¡No!” was a cute, not to mention classy, way to find out.

      My bad.

  5. Uhhh hi Johnny Weir is clearly gay. I just read some tweets of his :

    “So I was sitting at Nobu 57, having a nosh with my girlfriend Carin, and in walks Cyndi Lauper. Jaw dropping gorgeousness. Bon nuit.”

    also this

    “Landing in LA in 40 minutes with @tmodlin. So excited for #GlaadMediaAwards and getting dolled up! Xoxo”

    And I think it will be Whoopi that comes out

  6. There is some big hub-bub publicity scam in the winds related to a celebrity coming out of the closet on the cover of People magazine on May 5. The poetic decision to come out on Cinco de Mayo might mean that the mystery queen or mystery dyke might need to slam a couple of margaritas, fast, which makes perfect sense. Whoever this person is that hired Howard Bragman (15 Minutes Public Relations…if that) to make a mockery of their sexual preference can only mean that they are hard up for cash! Read more at Huffington Post approved blog, IMeanWhat?!? at http://bit.ly/csYMug

  7. well it should be obvious!!!!!1
    he has been prepping the ground with Simon Cowell
    for weeks on Idol!
    Finally does ther coming oput thing, and perfect People fodder
    We will know on May 5th, but c’mmon Ryan BE REAL

  8. Johnny Weir? He’s basically out already. Ellen Page? Not a big enough “star” for all the hoopla surrounding this coming out party.
    It’s somebody bigger, someone with bigger star quality. And it ain’t Queen Latifah!

  9. It would be to be someone famous who is known around the world because to go on Larry King, The View and to have your photo on the cover of People Magazine you would need to be right up there as all three have a world wide audience. Im not in the USA and Queen Latifah is not that popular out of America so I doubt it her and the same is with Anderson Cooper. Oprah just recently denied she was gay and whoever this person is I suspect they have been planing this for a while.

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