We’ve Got Each Other: It’s Time To Meet Up For Autostraddle Pride 2018!

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Well, it’s almost June, and you know what that means: PRIDE MONTH. But like, what does that mean, queerdos? We all know Stonewall was a riot. We all know that sometime between then and now the Pride parade has become…uh…not a riot. Now it’s more like a weird, beer-soaked, corporate capitalist endeavor that doesn’t even feel like it is for us, let alone created by us. Do I sound depressing? I’m sorry. It’s just that every year that goes by the whole idea of PRIDE MONTH becomes a little more confusing and elusive, and I’ve noticed fellow queers feeling the same fatigue when it comes to grappling with what Pride even means for us, the queer community.

So what are we gonna do about it this year? We’re gonna take Pride back! That’s fucking right! Here’s the plan.

We’ve got each other. No matter what else is going on, each and every one of us should have queer community to fall back on. But it doesn’t always feel that way, right? Queer community can feel cliquey, or protected by unspoken gatekeepers, or simply totally non-existant. I’ve spoken to elders who feel left behind, young queers who worry they’re not queer “enough,” and tons of humans all over the age spectrum who just don’t feel hella welcome in queer spaces. AND I HATE THAT. We have to be there for each other. We just do. This world is truly fucked up, and the light in the dark is always, always, always created by us. It’s what queers do. DIY is in our fucking DNA. There have never been spaces built for us that we didn’t really create ourselves – and when our cool spots get bought and co-opted and appropriated, we start fresh and build new places all over again. So we need to make sure we’re welcoming everybody when we build these spaces, because as I’m sure you’re well aware, our feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit – and our queer spaces and queer families will be welcoming of all queers or else they will be bullshit, too.

There’s this thing Riese, CEO and founder of Autostraddle dot com, always says: “Be nice and care about your friends more than anything.” Okay? Okay. Love each other. Take care of each other. Let’s build a new Pride this year. Let’s host meet-ups that are inclusive to everyone and let’s hold hands (if you wanna) and let’s have hard conversations and sober spaces and weird, meaningful, deep connections. Let’s still dance and fuck and fight because hell, that’s part of our history too, but let’s try to create little pockets of DIY wonder in the sea of capitalism that has swept Pride up in its waves.

Autostraddle Staff will be coming together to host Pride Meet-Ups in our respective cities and towns, but we can’t be everywhere, so we rely on you — our readers, our commenters, our lurkers, our supporters, our loving critics, our community — to help us out and host some meet-ups, too. You’ve helped us grow and change and improve and succeed for almost a decade. You’ve given us space to make this little pocket of queer affirmation on the internet. You’ve shown up, over and over and over, with time and love and your physical presence at meet-up after meet-up after meet-up!

Now we’re asking you again: will you show up to host a Pride Meet-Up? Meet-ups can be anything, and we’re especially excited to get creative and fun and weird and DIY this year. I posted a low-key meet-up suggestion guide earlier this week, and I encourage you to check it out and also to brainstorm out loud in the comments of this post. What would be the most inclusive Pride meet-up we could all host? What does an incredible feel-good Pride meet-up look like? How can we open up our meet-ups so all queers feel welcome, not just the “cool kids” (spoiler: there are no cool kids)? We as a staff here at Autostraddle really genuinely want to work on making a more inclusive, more diverse, more loving community. We’re it, ya know? It’s 2018, the world is on fire, but we’ve got each other. We’ve gotta have each other.

I am so goddamn proud to be part of the LGBTQ community with all of you weirdos. I want to be proud in public together and I want to make space for everyone who hasn’t felt included in our community to feel welcome. Will you help us create those spaces? I believe this year we can DIY a version of Pride that makes us all feel proud.

If you’re down to host an Autostraddle Pride Meet-Up this year, please submit your event here. All Pride Meet-Up events will post to the Autostraddle Events page and will also be added here, in this very post, so check back often to see what’s going on near you! We’ll update with our staff hosted events ASAP, and I’m so excited to see what y’all come up with, too. We’ve got this. Each other, I mean. And Pride too. We’ve got each other and we’ve got Pride, babes. Let’s do this.

Boston, MA

Dyke March Meet-Up

Venue: Boston Common
139 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Event Date: June 8, 2018
Start Time: 5:30 pm
End Time: ??

Host: Jenni Todd

Description: Boston pals! Let’s meet near the Parkman Bandstand, half an hour before the Boston Dyke March is scheduled to commence. It’s a non-commercial, intersectional, grassroots alternative to Boston Pride, and I’d love to see you there! ?

Accessibility Info:
 Given that it’s a public park within an urban environment, the common is sometimes noisy. It’s also not a scent free environment, but it’s not heavily scented either. According to Friends of the Public Garden, “Many people in wheelchairs visit the Common, the Garden, and the Mall and find that navigating the paths is possible. There are some locations with stairs so we suggest you begin at the Visitor Information Center on Boston Common where a guide can review a map with you and identify accessible paths.”

RSVP: Not necessary.

Chicago, IL

QueerShabbat: It’s Pride!

Venue: My House
Chicago, Illinois

Event Date: June 29, 2018
Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: ??

Host: Al Rosenberg

Description: The Pride edition of my monthly Queer Shabbat dinner! Space is limited, new people are VERY welcome. We’ll just chill at my house and be queer (and there will be lite Judaism, and people of all faiths are welcome) and I’m going to make rainbow challah and probably lots of finger food.
Accessibility Info: It’s a smaller apartment, we’ll be cozy. There are several steps up to the front door, and a shy cat you will not meet. My kitchen is kosher style, no pork or shellfish.

RSVP: https://dinners.onetable.org/events/bac89fcf-9f24-4ddc-84df-9b99ed219bf9
I’m receiving financial support and other resources for this event through a nonprofit, so please sign up for the dinner through the link! ?

Detroit, MI

Motor City Pride Pre-Parade Coffee Date Meet-up Extravaganza!

Venue: The Bottom Line Coffee House
4474 Third Street, Suite B2
Royal Oak, MI
United States

Event Date: June 10, 2018
Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 11:45 am

Host: Kate York

Description: Pride weekend is approaching!! Need some buds to watch the parade with? If you want to meet up with some beautiful queers in a safe place, to bask and socialize and show off that gorgeous body glitter before the big gay parade, then please please (please) join us. The Bottom Line is a queer/POC owned and operated coffee house, and is a queer/trans safe space. They serve the most delicious coffee and pastries!

Accessibility Info: TBA – I have reached out to The Bottom Line for more information, and will update as I hear back at the Facebook event page (below)!

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/2047485735517266/
Feel free to come by if you can, we’ll be fueling up before the parade and making some new friends to enjoy Pride with! No RSVP needed.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Pride Shenanigans!

Venue: Cosimo’s in the Quarter
1201 Burgundy St
New Orleans, LA
United States

Event Date: June 9, 2018
Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 10:00 pm

Host: Julia Davis

Description: We are meeting up for drinks in the quarter and then heading to Rampart for the parade! Parade time is 7:30pm. We will also hang around after the parade for other pride quarter debauchery!

Accessibility Info: Cosimo’s is a teeny tiny bar, I believe it does have a small step from the sidewalk to the bar, but this is just our starting out/meeting spot. We will be walking over to the parade—only one block! And from there we will head to wherever works for everyone who shows up!

RSVP: Not required.

New York, NY

NYC Autostraddle Coffee Meetup

Venue: Cafe Grumpy
224 W. 20th St.
New York, New York
United States

Event Date: June 12, 2018
Start Time: 5:30 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm

Host: Catie W


Looking for the low-down on the best Pride parties? Seeking a squad to accompany you to all those glittery Facebook events you RSVP’d to? Come on down, caffeinate and catch up with NYC’s finest queerdos! Make friends, meet crushes and keep your Pride Month going strong!

Strong likelihood that we will migrate to Cubbyhole afterwards for $2 Margarita Tuesday!

Accessibility Info: Totally accessible. No stairs. Direct street access. No strobe lights or loud noises. Smells like coffee.

RSVP: Not required

Everyone is Gay & Autostraddle All-Ages Pride Party

Venue: Housing Works Bookstore
126 Crosby St
New York, New York
United States

Event Date: June 23, 2018
Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 3:00 pm

Host: Kristin Russo

Description: The Tegan & Sara Foundation presents:
Everyone Is Gay & Autostraddle’s 6th Annual All Ages Pride Party!!!

It’s that time of year again where we all gather together at Housing Works Bookstore to listen to some super queer music and spoken word, and to just HAVE THE BEST TIME.
This year we are so, so thankful to be sponsored by The Tegan & Sara Foundation! Hosted by Kristin Russo & Riese Bernard, spoken word by Urban Word NYC, and music by CHIKA and Emily Wells!!

Accessibility Info: Wheelchair accessible.
We’re working on getting an ASL interpreter.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/253456518531929/

Portland, OR

Post-Pride Comedown

Venue: Peninsula Park, at the covered picnic area near the playground
closest to the corner of Rosa Parks & Albina
Portland, OR
United States

Event Date: June 18, 2018
Start Time: 5:00 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

Host: Vanessa & Cee

Description: Come chill out after the intensity of Pride week is over! This will be very relaxed – eat snacks, paint your nails, make a friendship bracelet, or just chat with old and new friends. Things you could bring: snacks (to share!), nail polish, a musical instrument, embroidery thread, a coloring book, crayons, a yoga mat, your pet, a smile! See you at the park!
Accessibility Info: You can enter Peninsula Park on the sidewalk at the corner of Rosa Parks and Albina and there is a paved path to the picnic table area. The area itself is on flat grass a few feet in from the paved path. There are no stairs. It is outdoors but there is shade provided by an open physical structure and also tree cover. There is often a lot else going on in the park including sports games and loud groups.

No RSVP needed! See you at the park xoxo.

Rochester, NY

Big Queer Rochester Straddlers Cookout

Venue: Perinton Park Open Shelter, Fairport
99 O’Connor Rd
Fairport, NY
United States

Event Date: July 13, 2018
Start Time: 4:00 pm
End Time: 10:00 pm

Host: Anna Simpson

Description: A pre-Pride super queer get together for food, games, and conversation! Welcome to members who have come to lots of events or members who have come to none… we’d love to see some new faces! Our meet ups are super low-key and relaxed.

We booked the open shelter at Perinton Park. It is right by the parking lot so very accessible, and there are nice flushing bathrooms within a VERY short walk. Bring any fun outdoor games you might have (we will have a cheap version of ladder ball and lawn darts, and there is a volleyball sand court right next to it).

Assuming the weather is kind to us, we will have a charcoal grill going and we will provide hot dogs, buns, and condiments. I will also get a cooler from somewhere and fill it with ice and some canned sodas and water. We will also provide plates, napkins, and silverware. For as many other things as possible I would love to have it done potluck style… just make sure you comment what you plan to bring! Can’t bring any food? Just bring yourself, no worries! It is BYOB… beer/cider only, no liquor.

If the weather is wet then we can take refuge under the shelter and the show will go on!

Accessibility Info:
 It is outdoors but we will have a shelter overhead. The shelter is right next to a smallish parking lot which does have 2 accessible parking spots. There are flush bathrooms within about 150 to 200 feet down a paved sidewalk. I believe they have accessible stalls but I cannot guarantee that from memory. There are no stairs and there are ramps on the sidewalks.

We do have an active Facebook group you are welcome to join if you are local (https://www.facebook.com/groups/rochesterstraddlers/) and the event has been posted in our group. If you want to be involved in more of our meet ups please join!

If you are planning to attend but will not be joining the Facebook group, just shoot me a private message.

San Francisco, CA

But I’m a Cheerleader Screening (on VHS!)

Venue: Balboa Theater
3630 Balboa St.
San Francisco, CA
United States

Event Date: June 6, 2018
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 9:30 pm

Host: Balboa Theater

Description: Every month, the historic Balboa Theater shows a classic film on VHS on the big screen! For Pride month we will be showing But I’m a Cheerleader! In lieu of trailers we will be showing an episode of Xena Warrior Princess. There will also be a couple trivia questions and prizes before the film. We have a couple different LGBTQ films we’re screening this month, so if you feel like having a more low key pride this year that’s actually for queers by queers, please do feel free to stop by. We will be playing Tangerine on 6/12. This will be a fundraiser for Pulse Day of Remembrance. We will also be showing Wild Combination, the Arthur Russell Documentary as part of our Music Movie Monthly series on 6/21. We’re generally pretty gay all the time, so if you haven’t checked out your friendly neighborhood theater, please do so.

Accessibility Info: We have a ramp going into the building as well as a ramp going into the theater and 3 wheelchair spots inside the theater. Our restrooms are also wheelchair accessible. There will be no strobe lights. The movie will be relatively loud as we have 5.1 Dolby surround sound. Pretty much the regular volume of a movie in theaters. The lobby will smell strongly of popcorn.



You can use your moviepass!

Seattle, WA

Seattle Pride Picnic

Venue: Cal Anderson Park
1635 11th Ave
Seattle, Washington
United States

Event Date: June 16, 2018
Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 5:00 pm

Host: Katrina Carrasco

Description: Happy Pride, everyone! Let’s get together for a picnic to celebrate!

Suggested items to bring: food/snacks to share, a blanket to sit on, games you’d like to play with the group, your favorite rainbow-decked outfit & accessories.

How to find us: I’ll bring a large Autostraddle logo poster & on the day of the event, I’ll update the Facebook page with where in the park we’ve set up. Fingers crossed it stays sunny for us in the park. Hope to see you there!

Accessibility Info: Cal Anderson park is a street-level outdoor park with green spaces and paved paths; there are some stairs but ramps are also available to access the green spaces.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/591279867910344/
You can RSVP at the Seattle Autostraddlers’ Facebook page. This attendance estimate will be helpful for those bringing food/snacks to share.


Come Hang Out at the Library

Venue: Pelangi Pride Centre
One Commonwealth, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #02-02

Event Date: June 9, 2018
Start Time: 2:00 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm

Host: Fikri Alkhatib

Description: Have you ever thought “man, I wish I could meet other queers but also leave open the option of retreating to the corner with a book”? I gotchu, my dude. I’ll even make that book queer for you.

Choose your own meet-up adventure this Saturday @ Pelangi Pride Centre, where you’ll be free to socialize or not-socialize with other queer folks in Singapore’s only LGBTQ community library. You can do all your regular library stuff — read & borrow* books, scroll through your phone, study for the O-levels — but because we queers do it better, feel free to also bring games and food** and your best awkward conversation.

No RSVP or $$ required! Come by whenever and with whomever. I’ll be there the whole time so it’ll be at least a meet-up of two. I’m nothing if not the host of the most happening events in town (“town”).

  • Book loans are free but we do require a $10 deposit, so remember to bring cash if you want to do this.
    ** I trust you’ll use your discretion in deciding what to consume in an enclosed, carpeted space. But I also welcome any offers of durian after 6pm.
    *** Can’t make it this Saturday? PPC is open every Saturday, 2-6pm (though it’ll be closed on 16 June for Raya). It’s definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been.

Accessibility Info: PPC is within walking distance of Commonwealth MRT, and the route is mostly sheltered. Access to the second floor is via lift and the entrance is step-free.

RSVP: https://www.pelangipridecentre.org
No RSVP required, but if you’d like to get in touch e-mail me at [first name][last name] at gmail dot com and I’ll pass you my phone number. The “RSVP” link is for more info on PPC.

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Vanessa is a writer, a teacher, and the community editor at Autostraddle. Very hot, very fun, very weird. Find her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. this is honestly the most important thing i’ve published on autostraddle dot com in 2018, I WANT TO EMPHASIZE THAT IF YOU NEED INSPIRATION OR SUPPORT OR BASICALLY ANYTHING to host this meet-up, I WANT TO HELP YOU!! leave a comment and let’s chat it out! I LOVE YOU WEIRDOS SO MUCH I CAN’T WAIT TO CELEBRATE PRIDE IN A NICE WAY WITH YOU XOXO

    • Hi! I’m in Seattle and I was planning to put together an event. :) Would you like to work together to plan something?

      I also run a monthly Seattle Autostraddlers game night & some of us are meeting up at the Janelle Monáe concert, if you’d like to join us! These events are usually on our Facebook group & I’ll also cross-post the Pride event here.

      • I have zero event planning experience but I’m down to help out or have tasks delegated to me :-)

    • I’m not available to plan anything, but I would be super interested in attending if something is happening this month.

  2. Oh my gosh this is so exciting, I’m finally turning 21 in two days so I am so ready to get LIT with all you guys hahaha

  3. I guess my accessibility comment was ignored. If people have no incentive to list accessibility information for their meetup, then disabled people are going to be left. There is nothing on the Meetup Submission form that asks or talks about accessibility.

    • hi, thank you for commenting again, and huge sincere apologies for missing your first comment. the weeks back from camp are always a long trip of scrambling to catch up, inevitably failing, and letting important things slip through the cracks. i read your initial comment and meant to chat with some folks on the team about how to better address accessibility w/r/t meet-ups and then come back and respond to you, but i only got through half of those steps and now here we are. anyway, none of that is really your problem, just explaining where i’m at — not excusing the lack of initial response on my part.

      as for moving forward — adding a section about accessibility on the meet-up submission form is an excellent idea, and i’m gonna ask our tech person (hi cee) to do that, or help me to do that. i’m also very open to hearing other ideas or suggestions you have to make meet-ups more inclusive, though if you’d rather not do the work of explaining or suggesting i understand. thank you for your patience and thank you for your voice — i appreciate it and i always want to hear how i personally can do better, and how we as an organization can do better. thanks again.

      • Hi Vanessa!

        This is a great start – can I suggest that the accessibility info isn’t an optional addition? I.e. The form won’t submit without it? I used to mod for a queer housing group and that’s how we got people to give accessibility info.

        Speaking as someone who has hosted a lot of meetups who doesn’t have a physical disability – if I’m hosting something general then I always try and find somewhere that is wheelchair accessible, find out what the bathroom situation is, and the price range of food/drink available (and mostly pick places where people don’t have to buy something to sit with us). For meetups that are based around a specific event or activity then I’ll call the venue to find out how accessible it is- specifics are really helpful to some people – like number of steps in and out of the building/to the toilet, where the nearest accessible station or bus stop is, then I include this info when I make the fb event, also along with letting people know that if they have any specific access requirements that they want me to ask the venue about to let me know- which some people might not want to do- but that way I can speak to the venue for them and they won’t have to do that labour all by themselves.

        Hope that’s helpful to those planning meetups. I realise this isn’t a perfect list so I’d also really like to hear about how other people take into account accessibility of their meetups in case there are some good tips out there!

  4. Manchester, UK, anyone? I don’t really know the area, so don’t know where is good to meet, but happy to help out if someone does!

  5. If you want that nice grassroots, skin-of-our-teeth, grabbing-hands-and-hoping-our-permits-don’t-get-revoked queer feeling, I highly recommend moving to a small town with conflicted politics!

    Which is to say: I don’t live in Iowa City, but I’ll be staffing a table at Iowa City Pride (which is NOT contested afaik but is still “a block-long festival mostly featuring affirming churches”; if anyone else is IC-ish and would like to meet up after festival hours end, let’s chat.

  6. Oh gosh I love everything about this idea. I’d love to host something in the Milwaukee area! Still fairly new here so would be great to hear from other folks on the area who would be interested!

    • Hey so my fiancée & I are in Milwaukee and would totally be in to meeting up if you’re putting something together! Or helping out if you need it.

      • Hi JC! Yes!! That would be excellent! I was thinking maybe informal picnic/potluck meetup in Veteran’s Park one weekend?

  7. Anyone interested in meeting up in San Diego? I’d be up for organizing something in late June if I know folks will be around.

  8. I’d love to hear about a meet up in France (Paris, I would assume) or London? I’ve been stuck in a small town France for work for a few months and I feel completely disconnected from the queer community minus the internet, I need to meet up with people again :D

  9. Anyones else Sydney-based? Could be fun to get a group together if there are enough of us. :)

  10. DC checking in! Is anyone already planning something?? If not, I’d loooove to <3 <3 <3

  11. Hello! Is anyone interested in a meet up in CDMX (México city)
    I would be down to plan it if there is more people interested.

    Alguien que quiera reunirse para festejar el orgullo en CDMX.
    Si hay gente interesada haganmelo saber para planear algo.

  12. hello hi! if you’re in or nearby Charlottesville, VA this Sunday June 3 & wanna come to a low-key picnic potluck lemme know. we don’t technically celebrate Pride until September, but we can cultivate & support a less corporate/consumer focused queer community right now (with snacks!) I’d love to make this a monthly get together, so if you can’t make it now but can maybe make it in the future, still say hi.

    • I’m closer to Roanoke but would love to make it out for future Cville events if it works with my schedule! I’ve got a gig out of town this weekend but I’ll be on the lookout for future stuff :D

  13. Will anyone else be on Maui during June? There’s a small local LGBTQ group that we could join up with.

  14. Is anyone from AZ doing anything? I’d be cool if we could set something up, especially since we don’t officially have Pride in June (with the exception of Flagstaff).

    • Checking in for Arizona too! I’m assuming metro Phoenix area would be the best bet? Not sure if anything’s already in the works and I certainly don’t have the clout or reach to organize anything but I would want to meet up if something were to be put together.

      • Haha I’m in the same boat! I don’t have the reach to organize anything but I’d totally support anyone who can!

  15. I’m totally up to going to Sacramento Pride if anyone wants to help me organize a meetup!

    • Chico Pride is in August, but alas, I’ve never met another Straddler in Chico :-(

    • I WOULD be, but am on an epic roadtrip through the west. So, this is not a helpful comment per se, but I do support this endeavor and hope it comes to fruition!

    • I’m pretty busy this month so wouldn’t be able to help organize anything, but I’d be sure to try to make it to something if it’s in the second half of the month!

      • I’m thinking back on this and wondering if folks are still interested in a late June meet up? I’ll be back in the Denver area and would love to actually do a Pride thing even if the city event already happened. I also have some serious chronic illnesses and am working on moving to the east coast, so not the ideal organizer, but would love to see folks and celebrate!

  16. So I’m sure there will be rad things happening in Portland (because Vanessa you are there! and so many other cool people!), but is anyone else down in Eugene? I would be happy to plan something but want to know if anyone else is here!

    • we do have a portland meetup in the works! it should be finalized by tomorrow! but i love eugene and would love for y’all to do something cute there! let me know if i can help in any way :)

  17. mhh hi yeah is there anyone at all here from Buenos Aires, Argentina who would like to meet up?? I sincerely doubt it but PLEASE PLEASE OMG PLEASE IT WOULD BE SO GREAT

  18. Friends. I’m on an epic post-A-Camp roadtrip through the west and I am missing every. damn. pride. in every major city we’re visiting. On 6/16, which seems to be the prime Pride weekend, I will be in Cody, WY, which according to this article I found online is either the 1st or 3rd least queer city in that state (their numbering system was unclear). Anyway, I may have a Pride Party of just me, but if there are any straddlers out there… HMU!

  19. I know there will be approximately 13 trillion meetups happening in San Francisco for Pink Saturday this year, but I’ll be gifting fun Pride-themed temporary tattoos and would LOVE to meet some of you!

  20. Lisbon, anyone? I’m here for about a month for archival research but would enjoy meeting up with people instead of just going by myself.

    Alguêm vai à Marcha do Orgulho ou Arraial Lisboa Pride?

  21. Tardy to the party but if anyone is planning to go to Columbus OH pride let me know! I don’t have any local queer friends and would feel more comfortable going with people

  22. Longshot, but if anyone in June or any month really in Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano/Denton wants to share a Shabbat meal or hangout or knows someone in these areas, let me know! I am a non-white person who would like to become Jewish (officially) but is without a hospitable/accessible/non-racist temple community in the area.

  23. I’m travelling in Central Europe and just realized I’ll be in Budapest for their pride (July 7th), would anyone want to meet up??

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