WELL THEN: Cool Mom and Wolves Who Raised Kristen Stewart Approve Of Her Girlfriend Alicia Cargile

In today’s issue of the Sunday Mirror, Kristen Stewart’s mom Jules Stewart publicly acknowledged her daughter’s relationship with VFX producer Alicia Cargile and her daughter’s relationship with wolf packs. She’s very cool with Alicia, by the way, because she’s a cool Mom. As a Hollywood script supervisor and director who raised her four kids in show business, Jules Stewart is down with her gay friends and family members and thinks her daughter should love whoever she wants.

The article continues with a laundry list of quotes we all wish our parents had used when we came out, instead of shrugging and saying, “Oh, I guess you do own a lot of Joan Jett records” like mine did. For example:

“I feel like people need to be free to love whoever they want. I accept my daughter loves women and men. It’s OK to be who you are in my world. We all choose our friends so we should be free to choose our lovers.. People are good to do whatever they like as long as they’re not hurting people or breaking the law. What’s not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend? She’s happy. She’s my daughter, I’m just her mom so she knows I would accept her choices.”

Although it’s unclear how comfortable Kristen and Alicia are with Kristen’s mother discussing her relationship with the press (“MOOOOOOOM!!!!”), it’s lovely to see a parent be so supportive of their child’s choices, especially since Jules doesn’t seem to view her daughter’s sexuality as a big deal. Stewart adds that she’s met Alicia Cargile, and declares her “a lovely girl.” Nothing wrong with a couple of gals being pals!

Jules also had some things to say about her daughter’s apparent affection for martial arts: “I’m very sad that Kristen and Robert didn’t have a chance to be alone together, they had to have the whole world with them and all the public stuff ruined everything, life became overwhelming. But Kristen has learnt to handle her emotions and deal with her problems through the martial arts.”

More importantly, we got insight into Kristen’s relationship with wolves. We learn that Jules Stewart has been raising wolf dogs since Kristen was very young, and just today began showcasing a series of paintings, “The Wolf Collection,” with all proceeds being donated to Wolf Connection. Since a (dubiously-principled) zookeeper boyfriend gifted a then-17-year-old Stewart with a wolf cub, she’s felt a strong connection to wolves and has kept them around ever since; she currently owns four and the dogs currently have the run of her Santa Monica ranch. “They chew my shoes and open the fridge and help themselves. They start howling and jumping around when they see me.”

“Kristen loves the wolves. She grew up with them, the animals are family to her,” says Jules.

It's on the internet so it must be true

It’s on the internet so it must be true

This explains where Kristen got her wild enthusiasm.

As far as this author is aware, luminescent vampire Robert Pattinson has retained custody of the former couple’s two dogs, Bernie and Bear. This author has no idea why she remembered any of this, and wonders what important information relevant to her own life she forgot in order to retain this useless fact. Last year, it was rumoured that Jules had gotten Kristen a wolf puppy as a surprise gift for her 24th birthday, which may or may not have changed into human form and become the woman we currently recognize as Alicia Cargile.

When asked by the Sunday Mirror how they felt about Kristen’s relationship with confirmed babe Alicia Cargile, the wolves replied, “AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooOoOOoOOOOO!!!” They later added that Cargile sometimes gives them treats and scratches them behind the ears, so they support this relationship.

When we mused about what it would be like to date Kristen Stewart, none of us really thought it’d involve this much karate or this many wolves. Alicia Cargile is a lucky lady.

UPDATE: A lot of commenters have been up in arms over whether or not it was OK for Kristen’s mom to discuss her sexuality so openly with the press like that, especially since Kristen has never directly addressed her relationship or publicly acknowledged her orientation. Good news for you extra-compassionate weirdos; Jules Stewart has apparently told the renowned institution of journalism Us Weekly that she never mentioned Kirsten’s love life at all – she was merely talking about her wolf paintings and the Mirror happened to ask if she’d met Alicia. That sounds like a really weird segue for an interview, but what do I know? The comments are filled with brilliant insights about how Kristen’s “confusion” must have been to blame for the end of her relationship with Robert Pattinson, and how it’s no wonder she turned out so “mixed up and defiant” with a mother like that.

As of this time, there has been no official statement from the wolves. We will continue to stand by as this story unfolds.

UPDATE PART 2: The reporter who conducted the Mirror interview says she’s got the whole thing on tape, including the aforementioned statements regarding the disposition and intent of one Miss Kristen Stewart. The wolves remain tactfully silent, probably because there isn’t a full moon tonight, but just you wait.

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  1. This is the best. Not only because Autostraddle posted it immediately after I read the initial link to the article, but also because Stef being Stef and Alicia Cargile officially becoming a werewolf in my headcanon.

    Remind me why Bella went with the sparkles, again?

    • The weekend before camp, I was across the street at my queer neighbor’s house drinking a couple of beers when she says, “yeah, my fuckin’ friend is dating kristen stewart.” Oh ok? No big deal to just drop a bomb like that wtf? I of course was EXPLODING INSIDE because kristen has been my #1 crush since I was a kid, but I was able to nonchalantly reply, “oh that’s cool. who?” and when she said who it was, I died. Half because obviously, and half because I’m now TWO DEGREES AWAY FROM KRISTEN STEWART.


  2. I’m glad to see the wolf community got some representation in this article. #wolferasure

  3. Kristen, Stef, AND Alicia in this article.oh and the wolves…
    My 15 year old inner boy can only think of doggystyle comments…

  4. Y’all wait I just thought they were really good friends?? What a surprising development.

  5. Autostraddle was literally the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Followed by “hmm I wonder if the Mirror is legit”.

  6. A reversible shirt and one side says #GalPals and one side says #WolfPack and that’s pretty much everything the world ever needs to know about you.

  7. my main thought is…wow how you gonna out your kid like that. I hope she asked first

      • I thought the same.

        Wondering if KStew maybe gave her the ok though as a way of avoiding having to do some big awkward coming out announcement?

        I hope that’s it.

  8. I’m a microbiologist and tried to post a long-assed comment here TWICE (omg) but somehow internet-failed it. Is it a sign I should pitch a follow-up column summarizing research and recs on YI from a medical microbiology point of view for AS? Maybe.

    RIP, lost long-ass comments. You were long and full of microbe-related info.

      • hahaha i apparently posted this comment on the wrong *article* sooooooo … i’m aces today. thanks though Stef for your support.

  9. Wow, I went from knowing very little about Kristen Stewart to feeling like I’m basically an expert. Cutting edge reporting, Stef!

  10. Man and to think in high school I was all about Robert What’s-His-Face…coulda been crushing on a wolf bi babe *heart eyes*

    • I always had more interest in K-Stew than all that body hair Rob had going on. But I was still convinced I was straight?

      • i really loved both of them and then i saw someone post somewhere that robert pattinson looks like a foot and… :( cannot unsee.

        • Yesss was it the mother-effing foot comic? I was on the ONTD Twilight livejournal community in college and I had it printed out and hung on my dorm room closet door. It was like my senior-year banner.

          (I feel really bad now because of that “fatty fatty” thing… I forgot about that part. I was in it for the foot tbh)

  11. I love wolves, I love Kristen, I love galpals. This article is basically the story of my life.

    • I love also Kristen what ever happened we`re still her fans!! Go GO Go Kristen we love you!! Its lies, lies, lies.

  12. The weekend before camp, I was across the street at my queer neighbor’s house drinking a couple of beers when she says, “yeah, my fuckin’ friend is dating kristen stewart.” Oh ok? No big deal to just drop a bomb like that wtf? I of course was EXPLODING INSIDE because kristen has been my #1 crush since I was a kid, but I was able to nonchalantly reply, “oh that’s cool. who?” and when she said who it was, I died. Half because obviously, and half because I’m now TWO DEGREES AWAY FROM KRISTEN STEWART.

  13. This is my favorite thing because I just saw a thing on facebook’s “trending news” thing or whatever it is and the title was like “Kristen Stewart’s mom confirms she’s dating Alicia Cargile” and then the little quote was just like “Yeah I met her girlfriend, she’s nice, what can I say?” and it just made me LAUGH cause it’s the most normal lame mom thing to say. This is what “coming out” announcements should be like.

  14. Well folks I finished OITNB yesterday so came back online and was greeted with this excellent article. Praise lesbian Jesus I made it through S3 with no spoilers and K-Stew is a confirmed wolf child/gal pal. Improved my Monday morning no end. Thanks Stef.

  15. so… is everyone afraid of the word bisexual or what?

    everyone is usually so quick to ‘call out’ someone as a lesbian.. but women loving men and women..
    let’s rather talk about wolves!

    • I think it’s a joke made because of how casually the “reveal” was phrased, making the wolf thing sound weirder. But yes, Kristen Stewart Bisexual!

    • not afraid of it, just don’t like assigning labels to people i don’t know who haven’t chosen them for themselves. some people who date various genders don’t like to be called bisexual; i’m one of them.

  16. Well, I hate to break it to you but die-hard Twilight fans will tell you that this relationship isn’t at all possible because ROB and director-guy!!!! The concept of Bisexuality and the Kinsey scale is going to blow their little minds one day.

  17. I can always count on autostraddle for the hard hitting journalism. I feel so informed about K Stew now!! Wolves! Who knew!?

  18. “…a lot of Joan Jett records.”

    What are your best/most absurd non-disapproving, but unsupportive statements from your parents?

    My mother, ever the aging yuppie: “Hm, that’s fine, I guess. But don’t you think she’s a little wild? Could you pick someone a little more…put together? She works at a coffee shop, how will you support a family?!”

    Sad to say, Mom was right. My first GF is a great person, but we were terribly mismatched. GF did kindly set me up with my current partner, and we and our cats are a happy family :)

    • Not so much best as only – when I came out to my mum and sister as bi, the first thing my mum said was “so that’s why you’ve always been kind of masculine”, which, apart from being ehhhh, is also not that true? She also tends to refer to my bisexuality as my “inclinations”, which sounds super euphemism-y to me even though she’s super accepting.

    • My mom, upon me coming out as bisexual: “What, you think I didn’t know that already?”

  19. I would like to formally request that the next Autostraddle merch include shirts with massive, obnoxious “wolf pack” and “gal pals” slogans.

  20. If we had informed them that CLUB WOLF was happening, do you think they would have come? We should have invited them.

  21. Against stage moms cooking up publicity for their kids maybe without their consent, but pro wolf conservation and martial arts. I would read the YA novelization of this.

  22. Kristen saying “MOOOOOOM!” was literally the first thing that popped into my head when I read this! Great queers think alike.

    Also, THIS IS AMAZING. Best completely unsurprising news of all time! Although the martial arts is a little surprising (and hot).

  23. kinda fucked up how yall are cosigning kristen being outed publically by her mom (without her permission) ?

    • It’s nothing anybody with a brain didn’t know, but yeah, i don’t think Kristen appreciates her mother talking about her love life, though the reporter has admitted that Jules is really not happy with the interview so perhaps her words were twisted or things were said off record? I don’t know. But Kristen pretty much admitted that she was bisexual in a recent interview. She says that she adheres to the belief that we can fall in love with anybody, regardless of gender. People still demand her to make a big song and dance about dating a woman ‘when is she gonna come out????’. Ignorance and hetero privilege abounds.

  24. Okay, I’m glad her mom is good with Kristen’s sexual orientation/gender identity. We should all be so lucky. Her mom, however, made what I consider a very eff’d up, even transphobic film called K-11 about trans and gender variant inmates in a county jail. So “cool” is an adjective I refuse to apply to her. Mazel tov to Kristen for finding love.

    • Yeah, KStew quit that production, thank goodness. It’s a really horribly transphobic (and gay male homophobic) film, even though Jules Stewart thinks it was addressing important issue, raising visibility, and so on. Gag. Sometimes people really really really need to rethink the gestures they think are gestures of “allies.”

  25. I am extremely dubious about her raising wolves and wolfdogs? Like, wolves are wild animals, you need permits to own them, wolfdogs are not necessarily domesticated animals either (yes it is possible to raise them well and they can be great pets, but the mixture of their genes means there is no guarantee or predictability to their behaviour as they mature).

    Wolves and wolfdogs also tend to urinate and defecate wherever they think is their territory, something dogs do not do, so unless they’re really on their training I bet their house is gross af.

    I am just so turned off by the idea of having a wild animal just because you want one, like humans have had a relationship with dogs for thousands of years, but ‘I want a wolf, so I’ll get one and train it out of all of its instincts so I can have it’ is so ugh.

    • I have friends who work in wolfdog rescue, and high-contents are definitely not your average pets. They can suffer from “winter wolf syndrome” and become very aggressive during breeding season; they are escape artists, don’t do well in houses, and require special (zoo-style) enclosures; they can’t be leash walked and trained like the average dog; they are skittish with strangers. Many of the “wolfdogs” being sold as pets actually have little to no wolf in them, though; wolfdog scammers run rampant. I haven’t seen Jules Stewart’s wolfdogs, so I don’t know if they’re mids or highs, mixes of various “wolf-looking” dog breeds, or low content wolfdogs (in which case they’d act more like dogs) or what her containment is like. I hope she’s keeping them responsibly, though.

      • i mean from what i understand her mom has been raising them for decades, but i’m right there with you – i don’t believe they should be kept as pets by any means.

        what are your feelings about wolves raising movie stars though

  26. Nobody gonna comment on her mum outing her?



    Ok, then I will.

    Kristen Stewart’s mum outed her daughter, instead of leaving it to KStew to come out on her own terms. While a sort of yay because hey, Kristen Stewart’s got a girlfriend, also a lot of what the fuck, don’t out people.

    • I was wondering about that too; thinking I had imagined that we didn’t already have official confirmation from KStew that she was gay.
      But then confused because I figured it would have been a lesbian-internet-explosion moment on the scale of Ellen Paige’s announcement, which I am pretty sure I would have noticed. So then it seemed that she was outed by her mother, presumably (hopefully?) with her permission.

      • First of all, we don’t know that she is gay. No one said gay. Let’s just stick with queer.
        But my actual point is that I would not have expected her to come out like ellen paige did with a huge speech. Because she was never really closeted. She was out and about with her girlfriend and it seemed like the media was trying *really hard* to pretend that it was a platonic relationship. I feel like there is a difference between being closeted in the “no one can know” way and “this is my life I just haven’t officially announced it to the world” way.
        So yeah, I hope her mom didn’t do this without her consent, but I can totally imagine her being cool with it happening this way.

    • Until we get a statement from KStew/her people, I’m going to assume that she gave the okay for her mother to out her. Otherwise, I agree, that’s shitty.

      • “I’m going to assume that she gave the okay for her mother to out her.”

        I don’t believe that’s a fair assumption to make. There are lots of parents, friends, and lovers of queer and trans people who think they’re being sensitive supporters of their Q&T person when, really, they’re trying to show how “progressive” and hip they are by inappropriately outing another person. I know Stewart is close to her mom but that doesn’t mean mom gets a ticket to do that, especially since it’s not even a one-on-one situation, but to mass media.

  27. OK, but she’s said repeatedly that she hates her personal life being in the press and has pointedly refused to address rumours about her sexuality, which means there’s like a 99% chance this is against her wishes.

    Soooo maybe don’t go spreading around what may well be an example of someone being outed against their will in the tabloids until we have some kind of statement from her. Really sick of so many sites doing this sort of thing like it’s somehow ok because everyone really WANTS her specifically to be gay/bi or it’s apparently ‘obvious’.

    • i mean i’m gonna go on record here saying that it’s a thing that’s actually happening, whether her mom says so or not. kristen stewart’s a pretty private person who didn’t really acknowledge her relationship with sparklevamp either, and i’m not exactly expecting a statement from her; i don’t actually think celebrities owe the world an explanation for every relationship they ever have. that said, it’s not that deep you guys! this piece is literally labeled vapid fluff! i’m really glad everybody is so worried about kristen but i’m sure she’s doing just fine. we write about this stuff for fun! it’s gonna be okay!

  28. Momma Jules has now said she never mentioned K’s love life in the interview.
    Quit hatin’on my mother in law, yo!

  29. This article has been a lot more puttogether than that thing from the Sunday Mirror.
    The original seems like it took a few sentences out of context and just pieced them together like some people who abduct people cut letters from magazines and then glue them together for their ransom notice.

    Anyways, while I’m trying really hard not to imagine KStew as the long lost Lovechild of Wind in His Hair and Dances With Wolves I took the time and invested the effort to decode the jumbled mess of the “Mirror”.

    Turns out, that instead of a mother unwittingly outing her privacy loving daughter to a trashy newspaper to raise awareness about herself and her pets, this is a letter full of subliminal messages for the paparazzi that haunt KStew’s every waking moment.
    It goes like this:

    “Dear Paparazzi,
    Thee who haunt my beloved child every waking moment, who stalk her, who pester her, who hunt her like those mutant creatures in the Hunger Games.
    Thee who wish to tear her apart, alive,
    let me tell you something:
    It is all for naught.
    My daughter is super obviously dating this girl.
    Everyone knows,you know, I know, your readers know, even John Snow knows.
    So this isn’t even news anymore, especially not the news you’re so obnoxiously trying to squeeze out of her.
    Because, guess what, it’s nbd.
    I’m her MOTHER, and even I don’t care.
    And you can stop pestering her now, because,guess what?
    The reason you’re after her like bloodhounds?
    I just took it away from you.
    She’s a regular old bisexual, dating this charming young Lady.
    There, take the bone and skit!
    And I recommend, that you do, because the only reason my darling little wee one hasn’t yet punched you in the face, is not because she can’t, because she CAN, but because she is a bigger person than you.
    She can not only punch you in the face, she can kick you in the behind as well, I will have you know.
    Martial Arts and all that.
    In case you will still not relent your tireless pursuit of my baby girl after this interview, why don’t you come over for some tea and biscuits some time, instead?
    You know,for some follow up?
    I have this charming little place up in the mountains.
    Wide, open spaces, some pictures and biscuits and wolves.
    Yeah, I said wolves.
    I have a pack of wolves at my command, so feel welcome to chase my daughter all the way up to my door, you dogs.”

    Overprotective moms and all, you know how they are..I mean WOLVES!
    I just really hope that this worked and the poor girl will have some time to herself and her gf after this interview..even her mom realized how her relationship with Pattison broke apart because of the publicity, so I’m really glad she put up some boundaries, even if she did imply canine violence, and we all know that violence is never right, right?

    I’m off to satisfy this sudden craving for raw liver.
    Good night.

  30. Yes it would have sucked if her mom really did out her without permission, but also why can’t we just have nice things?

    • yeah, we already updated with this information! the person who did the interview for the mirror says she’s got the whole thing on tape.

      i mean, this seems like such a mom thing to do. godknows what my mom would say about me in interviews if anyone cared about my career.

      • Thanks for updating!

        Really? I can’t imagine my mom doing anything like this. I guess we’re kind of tight-lipped in my family. When I came out to her two years before I came out to anyone else, I fully expected her to tell my stepdad, for instance…two years later, when I told her I had come out to a cousin, she said “so do you think I might be able to tell your stepdad now?” so gently and I was like “omg mom I’m sorry, you could have already, whoops!” And it was all very sweet. I feel like moms are those people who are always supposed to have your back, and given how private Kristen Stewart is, it seems like this interview would be a huge breach, if it’s true…

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