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Guess what! They fixed Lezberado so you can watch it now even if you’re a Canuck or Welsh Person. And if you want more Lezberado, your wish may be granted — I’m supposed to be giving Showtime a list of ideas any minute now but so far I don’t have any ideas. Anyone have an idea for what I could talk about in my room besides The L Word. Anyone? Bueller? Pleeeezzzeee.

Three Rivers, the CBS pilot starring many people including Kate Moennig (formerly known as Shane on The L Word) is now filming in Pittsburgh, go stalk Shane! (Thanks to Jaime for the tip.)

1. OMG! A girl is gonna have a “sexuality crisis” on an ABC Family TV show, says TV Guide: “Greek Star Pledges Big Twists (Including a Lesbian One)! Read the article and you might wonder if the biggest twist is how TV Guide got “lesbian” out of a few vague/removed/illusive suggestions.

2. Queerty’s advice: “do not let Sherri Shepard talk about women’s issues, let alone lesbian issues.” Here’s the video:

3. Portia de Rossi graces the cover of Diva Magazine, you can read a little bit of the interview online. (@diva magazine uk)

4. I don’t really know how this ends up in a newspaper. But it has: Northeast High School volleyball team wrestles in Hershey’s syrup. (@the florida sun-sentinel)

5. The Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History – you don’t need a password for this one. (@nerve.com)portia

6. I’ll be reviewing the Indigo Girls’ Poseidon and the Bitter Bug for you sometime soon … but in the meantime, check out VelvetPark’s A Bitch and a Butchie Salute Indigo Girls & Indigo Activism & Bettens & McKeown on Indigo Girls. (@velvetpark)

Today in Epic Douchebaggery:
0. Network 7 has caved into conservative groups by censoring a lesbian kiss that is scheduled to air this week on Home & Away, one of Australia’s longest running TV shows. (@ The Australian)

-1 Bill outlawing discrimination against people who change gender REJECTED! : “Much of the debate was over the claim of opponents that this would allow transgender men and women to choose to use either gender’s bathroom and potentially prey on children.” Does this mean they’re no longer concerned about the gay men preying on children in men’s rooms, like last year? [sidenote: that’s sarcasm](@nashua telegraph)

-2. Eva Longoria is adamant: “Definitely no more kissing girls.” (@times of india)



alex-iconfrom Alex:
I’m a sucker for hand screenprinted posters, and I do believe The Silent Giants have replenished their inventory since the last time I checked. Someone let me know when the ‘Black Mountain’ poster is re-stocked. I MUST.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
The people at Funny Or Die have created ‘The Dirty Garage’ – the most independent movie ever made. It’s a parody of films often screened at SxSW, and you can watch it here.

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  1. Umm I can’t even finish watching that video of The View morons. I thought maybe Joy would come through, but she totally missed the point. All of them. I hate that show more and more. I seriously have a lot of feelings, that video was painful.

  2. oh man. it’s like the view ladies like men sooooo much that the only thing they can even do is try to figure out what could possibly cause a woman to be attracted to women. that was weird.

    and i love the chocolate wrestling thing because it’s not even an article, it’s like undercover child porn.

  3. Idea for Lezberado – Talk about how they could fit Lezbians on Showtimes other shows. 1. Tudors needs some good lezzie action. etc. I may ever watch that sow if this happened. Dexter’s sister and the Dexter’s wife may have dreams about each other?

    • oh, that’s a good idea. they had a promo with people being like “i’m a lesbian!” or something, i can’t remember. except i haven’t seen any of those other shows. urk. oh! call girl! i love that show.

      • You should see Dexter it is amazing. – all that dissembling of body parts, love it.

        I would never suggest anyone actual watch the Tudors. Ir is about a king doing a bunch of hot chicks then cutting off their heads when he is bored with them – I think.

  4. Riese- you should mention that Joyce Wishnia is on the show Party Down and she is SUCH A LESBIAN. I just can’t take her seriously in anything. You can find the episode online if you haven’t seen it.

  5. Wait, wait, wait. Is that top 40 List of lady rockers actually in an order… or is it just the top 40 in no particular order? Because if it’s an actual order I can’t believe Tori Amos is that far down. Have they seen her rock a piano?! I’ve seen her live 3 times and I’ve never seen anyone else ever become that intimate with a pair of pianos.

  6. once again no one told me indigo girls were playing at Dinah. it makes me sad i can’t go and support them… i did see they are doing a show at central park.. so i better pack my hammer and a nail.

    p.s. i’m moving to west laguna beach to be with rick and steve.

  7. Jane Lynch is in fact on PARTY DOWN, and will also be on the new show, GLEE. The Lynch can do no wrong!

  8. i agree with semicolon: this view video is extremely painful. it should be entitled “how to bring up ten homophobic topics in 5 minutes”

  9. OK for TOP Female rockers *ahem* you MUST MUST MUST put HEART (Ann & Nancy Wilson – I’ve seen them 3x in concert, and oh good lord can those women rock!)

    And sadly, many of you outside N. American may not have seen her in Concert (cuz she’s Canadian), but I saw her 3X in Vancouver and oh my good lord – she is hot, funny, and amazingly talented and can rock….I really wish she’d put out new material – and a bi-racial girl she is at that: AMANDA MARSHALL – please YouTube her so you can see what I” talking about!

    Ok, anyone see the L-Word’s interview with Ilene Chaiken about S.6 LWord? WTF is up with IC’s answers?


    Seriously wondering what Riese and others think – she sounded so ummm “pretentious” to me – and to NOT be able to comment about the Webisodes or about a potential L Word movie? WTF IFC?

    And lemme ask: the Tina thing? You honestly think Tina, our TINA wrote that shiiit re: websiode? Just to give “Tina” a background! BS!!!! “Workshop” is a fancy word for footage that was filmed and should’ve been cut – not put into the main script!

    As for The haha fun to have Jenny die comment? WTF?

    Thanks for fixing Lezberado so us Canucks can watch ; – ) – very good!

    Ideas for Lezberado: One on one interviews with female rock icons or lesbian rock artists: Ideas: Melissa Ferrick…(“Drive”) etc. Go go gadget Lezberado!

    • Oh, I wish they’d let me interview famous lesbians. I should just propose things I actually want to do “travel show with ellen & portia!” and see what happens.

      I actually cannot read ilene chaiken interviews, like i am physically incapable of reading them, I can’t watch g.w. on the teevee either. She just talks like propaganda HR nonsense hooha, it makes me sad and frustrated that no one I know has the kind of connections she had to get something good on the air. SIGH SIGH. go autostraddle!!

  10. Crystal-
    Dirty Garage actually had me shaking with laughter. That is PHENOMENAL thank you endlessly. I must now share it with all of my pretentious filmschool friends

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