VIDEO: Unicorn Plan-It Episode 203 “Kiss Kiss Dang Dang”

Hey unicorns, have you spent the past six weeks anxiously awaiting the next installment of everyone’s favorite lesbian webseries? Duh, of course you have. Episode 202, “Awkward/Awesome”, was funny and sexy and perfect, but it left us with so many questions! We need to know if Harmony and Bambi are rising in love together, if poor Miguel has finally convinced J to take a shower, and if Sarah Croce and Ashley Reed I mean Keesha and Vic can continue to outdo themselves every fucking episode with the best lesbromance the world has ever seen. These are Serious Questions, ya know? Today is a day for Serious Answers. (Or not — you’ve gotta watch the episode to find out!)

this is a gratuitous screenshot of ash and croce because why the fuck not

this is a gratuitous screenshot of ash and croce because i said so

Okay, everyone scissor-bump in anticipation. Are we ready?! I feel ready. FYI, this episode is gonna teach you that flexibility is essential and that’s true, so feel free to stretch while you watch. Personally I’m in child’s pose right now but I think Harmony would be impressed with any yoga position you can muster up. So take a deep breath and get ready to get horny with Episode 203. Om.

UNICORN PLAN-IT is a tight little comedy best described as Modern Family meets The Office meets “a bunch of hot lesbians in Los Angeles.” Has anyone made a real comedy about that last one?

Three co-workers, one crazy boss and one enlightened fairy-tale-haired spiritual healer face the slings and arrows of everyday life as event planners and ladylovers.

This show is written, directed, produced and edited by Real Lesbian Females who want to make you laugh, make you proud of who you are and generally make your life better in every way. Who are these females?

The fantastic cast includes Haviland Stillwell (TV/Broadway Actressrecording artist, voice of Raquelle on Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse),  Ashley Reed (screenwriter/producer, playwright, once recorded a song for you), Sarah Croce (Actress, Miss AprilGirl TalkFake-Whitney), comedian Sherri D. Sutton, and actors Amir Levi and Catherine Wadkins.

Season 2 also promises guest appearances by Oscar Nominee Bruce Dern (Big Love, Monster) and Deborah S. Craig (Hart of Dixie).

And for this season, Director K. Rocco Shields of WingSpan Pictures has joined the unicorn team!

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  1. “Fuck, why are the crazy ones so hot?”

    This brings up a mathematical property of lesbianism that I have long held to be true. For any given lesbian you meet, there is an inverse proportion (y = k/x) that exists between good looks (x) and sanity (y). As one increases, the other decreases by a constant rate of “k” where a low k value represents a strong attraction to them.

    In plain English, the hot ones be so SO cray, specially if you like em.

  2. Oh. My. God. The insanity in this one. I died at Harmony shrugging with that grin after that orgy revelation.

    Everything was so painfully awkward to watch in the best kind of way. Just keeps getting better.

  3. Thanks for watching gorgeouses! Happy Solstice/Galactic Alignment!
    “I’m gonna sing about the solstice in my heart…i’m gonna sing about the solstice…and do my part…” – Harmony, Season 1 Episode 4

  4. Ryan and Nina!!!! That alone made my day.

    Can’t wait for the next episode and, hopefully, some more Deborah S. Craig!

  5. HELLOLUJAH UNICORNS! The unlovable J here just dropping in to say thanks for watching. If anyone is thinking about getting legally or illegally wed this holiday season, just remember it’s only $25 bucks! You will have to provide your own decorated U-hauls, but let’s face it…that usually isn’t a problem in our community. Happy Winter Sol-what every Harmony says.

  6. Just finished watching the whole everything from the start since Friday… this is the first webseries that’s ever actually caught my interest enough to watch more than one episode! Great stuff… can’t wait for more!

    Keesha’s expression during the audition was absolutely priceless!

    Also: “I forgot you were even here!”

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