VIDEO + OPEN THREAD: Watch “Words With Girls” Now!

It’s finally here. Are you nervous? I’m nervous. I mean, this thing I made and am in is now on the internet and not the corner of the internet I usually inhabit even. Anyway, I’ll be here basically all day answering questions, chatting about the pilot, and hoping no one says anything too mean on YouTube. If you need to be prompted on things to say about the pilot, just ask, as I have lots of examples such as: “I found myself almost too distracted to watch because of how attractive everyone was” and also, “I’d love for this to go to series but who could possibly be on the writing staff when Brittani has a voice that is truly inimitable?” But those are just examples or whatever.

Use the hashtags #ColorCreativeTV and/or #WordsWithGirls on your social media posts and please share far and wide. For more information, extras, and to watch the two other pilots made as part of this initiative, check out ColorCreative.TV.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

Brittani has written 328 articles for us.


    • Feelings naps are my favorite (and sometimes necessary!) and if you didn’t already have the user name that you do, I would have used it because it is amazing.

  1. “I found myself almost too distracted to watch because of how attractive everyone was” is very accurate, really, as is evidenced by my liking almost every still on your tumblr, so.

    Anyway IT WAS AWESOOOME when I sign the petition should I put something smart in the comments box or is “hot lesbians 4 life” okay??

    • Oh I would def prefer hot lesbians 4 life as would the rest of the world I think honestly can’t believe people are signing the petition as I myself would probably be too lazy to but thank you for everything I appreciate your dedication to both lesbians and attractiveness.

  2. IT’S SO GOOD like it’s legitimately so good. i was scared — i think it’s ok to admit this to you bc you know i love you and we all live on earth — so scared that some of the magic would be gone bc it wasn’t the exact original plot/other people i don’t know were involved, but brittani it’s SO GOOD. i’m having my mom sign the petition and she’ll probs use her full legal name ftr.

    one burning question though, how was it working with stef schwartz? i hear she’s more of a method actor but generally down to earth.

    • I appreciate that you were worried. I hope everyone is worried and they watch and then no longer have worries much like Lil’ Wayne’s single, “No Worries.” Thanks, Laneia.

      Stef Schwartz was much less of a diva than expected. She was very method. To the point that she stopped responding to her own name since she decided her character’s name would be Delilah Cunningham. She didn’t share this with anyone though so we didn’t know what to call her. I only found it out when I saw that she’d carved Delilah Cunningham into the bar with a key.

    • “i think it’s ok to admit this to you bc you know i love you and we all live on earth”

      Omg this is beautiful I’m going to use this when I want to confess something probably with wine but mainly emotions.

  3. It’s so good! I loved it and I definitely want to see more. The writing was smart and funny and now I need a “feelings nap” Congrats again B.

  4. Brittani’s face is just the best. Aspen plugging in her friend’s phone for her – the best. Chocolate milk at meetings – best.

  5. Ohhhmygod I knew it was going to be fantastic when the word ‘heteronormativity’ was used less than 5 minutes into it. So good.

  6. Brittani…YES PLEASE!!! I enjoyed the chocolate milk and pettiness form your character. More please!

  7. How about that opening line perfectly describing how i feel picking a check out line? Hooked. But really though, the whole pilot is both hilarious and real and I really hope there’s more!

  8. I’m so not used to so many queer characters in a show and it just makes this wonderful and beautiful and UGH BRITTANI you’re great. I found myself laughing out loud a lot, and then I was sad and happy and a feeling that could only be described as “ooooooohkay this could be bad”. Which is different to sad for the record.

    Also, chocolate milk at meetings is the most legit thing ever.

  9. SO GOOD. So, so, so, so good. You are an amazing writer, for real.

    “Hey, you wanna maybe put a bra on, eat a vegetable, take a shower?”

    I feel like this summed up so much about my life.

  10. i am still reeling from how uncomfortably familiar all the lesbian fight scenes were and also trying to figure out which character i identify with most, basically what i’m saying brittani is i think your show made me need therapy IN A GOOD WAY

    also i really want to see how all the imaginary head shots came out as a behind-the-scenes perk

  11. Looking forward to when this is megafamous and I can be obnoxious about how I watched the original cast version (OCWWG 4ever)

  12. Oh wow I super love this. The relationship dynamics are spot on and totally relatable, the writing is hilarious, the actors are all gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more of their faces. I also loved the subtle product placement with Rebecca’s A-Camp tote. I really hope this gets picked up so we have the chance to see the characters and relationships develop!

  13. Don’t mind them youtube peeps with negative feedback, they just don’t know how to channel their feelings because they don’t have a bomb ass show.

  14. Reading/talking about social justice, watching/reading/writing about tv, and reading/reading about comics are my 3 major past-times/leisure activities/hobbies. (Reading novels is on a whole other level, like breathing.)

    And television, which I was denied in my youth, holds a special place in my heart. Upon going away to university I watched what sometimes seems like everything, and I have a spreadsheet on my phone of what shows I’m planning to watch this fall, organized and colour-coded by day of the week they air, and with boxes I can fill in to indicate that I’ve watched a particular week’s episode, or that there isn’t an episode of that show airing, so I can keep track and not have to risk spoiling myself on Wikipedia. Also so I can show it off to people who don’t believe how much tv is Serious Business (and a lot of fun, too) to me.

    Anyway, all of this preamble is basically just an Appeal to Authority and also me bragging in a rather artless manner, so feel free to completely disregard it : ) The important part of my comment follows:

    This pilot was tremendous. It was funny, true-to-life, emotionally engaging *and* emotionally honest; it was both entertaining and compelling without being over- or melodramatic. As soon as it ended I wanted to put the next episode on, and there was no hint of a cliffhanger whatsoever – that is some goddamn craft right there. I over-identified with both Aspen and Becca (Brecka?) in their fight, which is quite a feat, and definitely want to never not be hanging out with Aspen. (Or, you know, ‘hanging out’, whatever works for her.) I found Pace’s visual aesthetic somehow completely mesmerizing. And the third roommate was an amazing portrayal of a person who is just a little bit out of control – trainwrecks can be good sometimes, but the subtlety afforded here is facinating (and also she is hilarious and her mild chaos facilitates full appreciation for the comedy without requiring sympathy for her plight, as she seems to be doing all right so far, on balance).

    Going back to Aspen: in comedies, I find the role of the ‘straight man’ (in this case a not-straight woman) to be completely crucial. For examplel, Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation. The key I think is to make sure that your ‘straight man’ is a person in their own right. If they are only ever reacting to things, it is not nearly as funny as if they have a fully developed personality, with their own perspectives, motivations, aspirations and regrets; which naturally lead to these charcters also having agency and being allowed to have stories of their own. Words With Girls has absolutely hit it out of the park in this (in addition to the above) respect(s).

    Also, I love that you kept the title card format from the web-series. It’s really great, and actually one of my favourite things about the show. I feel like it gives the viewer permission to enjoy how amusing everyone is being while appreciating the emotional and situational realness of the episode. (I may also be slightly biased when it comes to title cards because of The West Wing / Aaron Sorkin in general. He is not very good with [writing about] girls [/women], but the man certainly has a way with words.)

    I signed the petition and hope very fervently to be watching more Words with Girls soon (and not just because the fall tv lineup is a bit dire this year).

    Congratulations Brittani! <3


    • oh jeez this is the nicest thing thank you so much. I love how much you love TV and reading all these things from someone that does is so nice, I don’t even have the words really. Thanks a lot.

      • If you liked reading my comment even half as much as I enjoyed watching the show, then my work here is done! : )

        *resumes flailing in joy that Brittani liked and replied to her comment*

  15. Will be sharing this on any and all social media platforms I frequent in a desperate bid to ensure I one day see it on my tv. B IS hilarious (obv we already knew that)

  16. I was so excited for this and I loved every minute of it!!!! I fully support adults who drink chocolate milk because it is the best.

  17. This was the best BEST thing to watch after a long day of studying and I didn’t want it to end and need more right now.

  18. “Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they’re not your friend.”

    I relate to this so very, very much.

    Also this: “It’s hard to shower when you’re sad, huh.”

    And the no pants party, which needs to be a daily occurrence in my life.

    This was excellent :D

  19. i just want to say this is the first tv show i’ve watched in probably 4 months, and it was so worth it. more please.

  20. I love it and I can’t wait to see more episodes! Seriously funny realness plus the always welcome context of queer characters. Consider me a fan.

  21. I loved everyone’s insecurities and oblivions and jokes and underwear!!!! I loved everyone’s relationship and everyone’s hair! I really do not enjoy TV but I would watch the shit out of this. Brittani, you are a relateable genius.

    Off to go be a fangirl on social media …

    Please let me know where Rebecca got her PJ bottoms. They are cute.

  22. “I know what I want, but I don’t know if I want it yet. Cuz what if I get it and I’m still not happy?” – * sigh* This crosses my mind far too often.

    Great pilot, Brittani.

    Makes me wish I had my queer friends.

  23. As a famous and hilarious writer once said, “I found myself almost too distracted to watch because of how attractive everyone was.”

    No but really, this is awesome and refreshing and exciting. Really want to see more!

  24. I’m thinking since we all agree this is the best thing since sliced toast we should all overwhelm the youtube comments with our (way more accurate) adoration for this perfect pilot.

    I’m not kidding btw I think its important to show our support for WWG outside of Autostraddle if we want to see it make it to TV here’s the link!!

  25. yo just watched the whole episode with KC and we like. we enjoy. quieremos mas! mad support.
    you wrote this, created it, produced it, breathed it into life. WE LOVE THAT, B. DO MORE THINGS.

    ps- the stef cameo gave it that extra authenticity. can stef be in every episode?

  26. This was so good!! Truly engaging and funny. Can’t wait to see another episode (soon hopefully?) congrats on the pilot Brittani! :)

  27. “I’m tired.”

    aaand that is now the new and improved way to say heartsick.

    I loved this so much. More please!

  28. I loved it and I can’t wait for more! I hope some of the people from the original youtube series will make appearances at some point too hopefully …?

  29. i finally got to watch this and YES. also i feel like aspen is a really good friend bc she remembered to plug in her super drunk friend’s phone, and it’s the little things.

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