I Binged Tubi’s Stud Reality Show “Hoochie Daddies,” I Cannot Begin To Describe What Transpired

The first time a friend messaged me about the trailer for Hoochie Daddies, a reality show streaming on Tubi where eight studs live together in a house to compete for the title of Top Hoochie Daddy, I thought she was joking. I didn’t even click the link… because, no way. There was no way that such a thing could be real. Then a second friend sent me the trailer and there was no turning back: once again it was gonna be a Hoochie Daddy Summer.

First, a definition. Hoochie Daddies get their name from the article of clothing best known as “hoochie daddy shorts” — broadly understood as the tight, often brightly colored, shorts most often worn by certain Black masculine-of-center folks and cis gay men. These types of shorts have a long history in Black communities, but the specific term “hoochie daddy shorts” started gaining groundswell a few years ago on social media, namely Twitter and TikTok. Taking from that, Hoochie Daddies are Black mascs, studs, and their friends who are here for a good time and a hot, hot summer. Now me? A lifelong devotee of studs and their dimples? You can imagine what a hoochie daddy does to me, and the answer maaaaybe ends in “melt into a puddle.” Moving on.

Created/produced/and hosted by Crystal Hutchinson a.k.a. Wootie, the Tubi reality competition show Hoochie Daddies has an easy concept (eight studs from across the South live together in a Jacksonville, Florida house, competing for the title of Top Daddy) and even easier rules. Every episode there’s a “challenge” — ranging from “design a t-shirt that says Hoochie Daddy in puffy paint” to “who can collect the most numbers from girls on a beach the old fashioned way, using paper and pen” — and each challenge is worth a set number of points. The points are calculated on the “Hoochie Daddy Scoreboard” in the living room of the house. The person with the most points at the end of the entire season, wins!

What’s the prize? A trip for two to Jamaica, a “Hoochie Daddy” chain to wear around your neck, and bragging rights of course.

Is this a fancy house Bachelorette-style/ Real World-style mansion we are living in? No, no it is not. Imagine this reality show more in the style of the aughts Vh1 cult classic I Love New York. One of the contestants described the house as “at least it’s not the Blair Witch Project” and another contestant is asked to sleep in a closet, someone else is given a blow up mattress. That said, what Hoochie Daddies lacks in budget, I gotta say, not to be overtly corny, but it makes up for it in heart. Awww.

The Hoochie Daddies know how to drum up fights and drama for the camera, but also there’s a genuine, unflappable eagerness and sincerity about making a reality show that’s just for us, despite any limitations (and whew chile, there are limitations. Get ready for late ’90s power point graphics). When you least expect it there’s some serious undercurrents — one fight boils down to a contestant’s uncomfortability with being called a dyke. The show is pro-sex work; several of the contestants are dancers who get to show off their skills during a group outing to a club. And ultimately… ok listen. I could do some deep dive analysis about what Hoochie Daddies is saying about gender roles and expectations in Black queer communities, and there’s plenty here ripe for analyzing, but in this case — I really don’t want to!

The point of some things in life is not if they are “good” or “deep.” I binged all ten episodes of Hoochie Daddies in a day, and I wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe what has transpired.  What I can promise is that when it was over I felt full, but also as if I had slightly lost touch with all reality, and was maybe a little numb or dizzy — the way you are after you ride one too many rollercoasters as a kid at the state fair. But is that sensation not summer? Are you not entertained?

So, who are the contestants that will guide you through this circus? I am glad that you asked!


a.k.a. “Baltimore Bastard DaRealestDyke” a.k.a. “DYKE onPole” a.k.a. “Big Dyke.” DykeGod is an entrepreneur with her own line of merch, an erotic dancer, and always — always a fan of a chain with their name on it and some nipple pasties.


Yet another erotic entertainer who hails from Baltimore! Fantise now lives in Virginia, does burlesque, works as a model, actor, graphic designer and is a party host. They’re here, and I quote, “to show all those other Hoochie Daddies that not all good guys finish last.”


Beyoncé voice: “From Houston, Texas BAABY!” (though King currently resides in Dallas). King hates liars and stank shoes. Which, you know what? That’s extremely fair. Go off, King.

Myia B Music

Hailing from Dooly County, Georgia (currently living in Atlanta), Myia B Music is a soul and gospel singer, who has felt isolated from the church because of her sexuality. She’s also a nurse. Myia wants to “play it low-key and observe” — so obviously a hot, quiet nerd who cares for others and loves gospel was my immediate favorite.


From Washington, D.C., Taz is the self-proclaimed “youngest in charge” and she believes that she’s got what it takes to win — as long as the producers keep those massive Florida bugs away.


a.k.a. “Moyo the General.” Born and raised in Louisiana, but currently living in Dallas, Moyo is one of the oldest contestants in the house (at age 37) — though to let Moyo tell it, “I know I look good.” She is not wrong. Moyo owns a small indie clothing business and is a party promoter. Once again, I think Moyo says it best here, “I’m just a creative being, doing fly shit.” Amen.

Jay Kash

Like Moyo, Jay Kash is from Louisiana and now living in Dallas. Jay Kash owns a cleaning company, and hates messes, but one of the most important things to know about Jay Kash is that she showed up to the house with a bottle of brown liquor already in hand — so you know what the vibe is.


Coming from Chattanooga, Tennessee, StudKvngg is an entertainer and a barber. She’s here “to show y’all who the top motherfucking dog is, and to bring home that gold chain.” And we love goals!!

Did I mention that the theme song goes: “Hoochie Daddies, all the way live! Hoochie Daddies, come outside!” Don’t tell me that you don’t want this. The entire first season of Hoochie Daddies is now available on Tubi.

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Carmen Phillips

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  1. I emerge from the shadows of lurking to comment because its nice to see someone else who has engaged with the show like mee! Here are my notes:

    1) I would greatly appreciate Carmen’s said essay on stud masculinity in media; there are already a few, but there should always be more!

    2) Fantise and Jay grew on me, which was a lovely surprise; Dykegod should be protected at all costs; Studkvngg is a treat for the eyes, that’s for sure…and finally, I would place Wootie under Chaotic Neutral if she had an alignement.

    3) If you would like similar shows with a bit more, um, “structure” but also just as much heart, I’d suggest watching the Androgynous Model on Youtube and The stud model project, which is available on the svtv vhx subscription service!

      • Last things lol:

        1) Studkvngg and Dykegod are totally gender goals!!

        2) I do appreciate their chat on gender when they had it on the show though it was a bit messy.

        3) Fantise has an instagram and uses they/them as of right now! Though they had no issue using she/her on the show, so best use your judgement.

        • I appreciate this update on Fantise (along with all your other thoughts!! All of them are a delight!) and I’m going to update my use of their pronouns in the piece. Thank you!

    • Hey Wootie! The fans are familiar with you. Can you release the behind the scenes videos on youtube? I def want to see the Brittany Griner tribute video the studs were talking about in episode 5

      • Hi Jay Kash, I also responded to your message below, but I wanted to let you know that the misspelling of your name has been fixed! That was an autocorrect error and I apologize for not catching it on my own. I also apologize for any hurt the error caused. Thank you for letting me know, and I loved you on the show!

    • Hi Crystal, You are right — that is an oversight on my part. I loved what you’ve created with Hoochie Daddies and had a lot of fun watching!! I’ve also gotten at least three new friends to watch this week. I’ve updated the article to give you credit as the producer/creator/and host. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention so that I could get this corrected.

    • I commend you Crystal Hutchinson for your creativity and making it possible
      For studs as myself and just people period to be able to watch your show
      And get be able to put into perspective
      Who some of us are. Who some of us
      Aren’t and just basically get an idea of
      What being a “stud” kind of is.
      However, consider a Hoochie Daddy
      “OG”Edition bring out some of us old
      Schools. You’re doing an amazing job though. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Jay Kash, the spelling on your name has been corrected! I apologize, I have your name spelled correctly in my notes from watching the series — it seems as if the autocorrect on my computer switched “Kash” to “Cash” as I was typing, and I missed the error while proof-reading. This has now been fixed. Thank you for letting me know. I loved you on the show! <3

  2. I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this show. First of all, Wootie is amazing for creating this show. I loved every single of the Hoochie Daddies. Jay Kash is my favorite though. She’s so damn real and she doesn’t take any shit.

  3. Thank you for writing about this show! I’m black and enjoyed every oddly edited minute of it. I would LOVE a deep dive analysis on stud representation in media, etc. Feels like something that’s sorely missing from lgbtq+ media.

  4. I just started watching. I thought they should’ve competed for who gets what room. That would’ve been fun in itself. 😅 Maybe that changes later. We’ll see.

    I followed the creator on TikTok. Kudos to her on making this idea come to life. You can see and hear the budget constraints, but I’ve seen shows with million dollar budgets fail at entertaining on this level. Representation matters and we don’t see studs in media very fun. Sometimes you gotta make your own table.

  5. This show is a joke! Another negative way to put blacks in the spotlight! If “we” aren’t fighting or arguing then it’s not worthy! This is a low budget show that needs help! Trashy and ridiculous!

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