Hoochie Daddy Shorts, Explained

It’s summer!! Well — almost, but the point is the weather is warming up. For lots of us, that means it’s time to show more skin, just to keep cool in the heat or to look hot and get the attention you definitely deserve. Sundresses, muscle tees, crop tops, and short skirts tend to cover the wardrobe for the warmer months but this year something has made a big comeback in the queer and dykey community for the babes who may be more masc of center. Perfectly fitted colorful shorts that hit mid-thigh, also known as — Hoochie Daddy Shorts.

Ok so, wtf are Hoochie Daddy Shorts?

The Shelli Definition:

Hoochie Daddy Shorts (hooCHē dadē SHôrts)

A pair of form-fitting shorts on a hottie who may be a more masc of center person that hit mid-thigh.

slang //

synonyms: Coochie Daddi Shorts

“I should put on some hoochie daddy shorts to do my part and bless the world with flashes of my thigh.”

AGAIN, I have my own theories as to where the term hoochie daddy shorts originated but let’s start with where the term (probably) first popped up — on TikTok from Black MOC dykes and studs. The shorts themselves have roots going back to the ’70s, I literally have a picture of my dad wearing them on a summer day in Detroit in like 1975. They have had a resurgence the past few years — apparently Zaya Wade’s daddy wore them a few years ago and haters people made fun of him — but the term and style have reached peak popularity this summer. I’ve seen hoochie daddy shorts on MOC Black dykes for years, a way for them to express and blend their feminine and masculine sides in sexy summertime fashion and I love it.

Seeing them stroll into Sunday brunch or having drinks at the rooftop day party while wearing these? Just the thought of it makes me want to fan myself. Don’t you just wanna dance the night away with them, hands grazing and grabbing that exposed thigh and thinking about the power that must be in those strong ass legs? Phew.

Anyway, the term is a play on “Hoochie Mama” which, if any of you have a mom like mine, you have been hearing it all your life. To older Black women with Southern origins, a hoochie is someone who dresses and acts “fast” or is sexually promiscuous. In recent years, folks have done a good old reclaiming of the word and now it has more of an empowered meaning than its original which was meant to be derogatory. The latter half of the term is of course a type of clothing.

As a Black queer person, I have been happily learning and unlearning so much of my sexuality over time. Learning that being very sexual, enjoying my body, and using it to give and receive pleasure is something that I deserve. I know other Black queer folks have been doing the same and although I am probably going far too deep with this in connection to these shorts and this cute term, I think that’s what Black MOC queer folks have been doing with it. Using this term and these shorts as a way to be like “Fuck you, this is my body and I’m not going to wear what you think I should just because of how I present.” — but it could very well be that they just like looking hot, showing a little leg and getting kisses.

How to spot Hoochie Daddy Shorts

  • The key is THE THIGH. The thigh must be 64% visible in order to count.
  • The bottom of the shorts might have a cuff that’s sewn for that streamlined look.
  • The material is usually a nice cotton or poly-blend — tiny basketball shorts and the cotton ones y’all wear to the gym DO NOT COUNT.
  • Usually a bright and summery color or a fun print, oftentimes will be part of a matching set.
  • The fit is also important, it’s a snug fit. Loose enough so you can move but tight enough so we can all see ass and THIGHS.
  • Can be accompanied by thigh tattoos, moisturized skin, a scar or two, locs, and a killer smile to elevate the look.
  • Bonus if you throw ass while in the shorts and accept tips at the function BUT not a necessity.

Final thoughts

Over the past two weeks, the hashtag on Tiktok has gone from studs and more masc presenting dykes, to a bunch of Black cishet men. Yes, they look good in them but my question is — why can’t we have anything lol?

Yes, I know no one OWNS the term hoochie daddy — at least I don’t think so but niggas be buying everything and anything these days — and I know we didn’t invent it. BUT studs, dykes, and queer masc of center Black lesbians did recently popularize the term. I know gay men must be upset too because they have been wearing them forever and getting called every slur in the world for doing so.

It’s like, cishet Black men want to be so far removed from us, but both look to us for inspiration AND are obsessed with us at the same time. They drop the “Daddi” and turn it into “Daddy” because god forbid they be aligned with queerness in any way. They write songs talking about how since they like women they are a lesbian too. They think we’re holding hands, kissing, and fucking purely for their entertainment. They are obsessed with trying to “Turn dykes straight” — it’s all so fucking weird. It’s weird. Y’all are weird. And It’s a cycle, right? Because now since Black cishet men have made it extra popular next in line is for white men to come in and “ruin” it.

It also sucks because it’s sparked yet another debate in the Black community on what body types are allowed to wear the shorts and “What is masculinity?” and like — that is all so fucking tired.

I just want to scroll on my Tiktok and see a bunch of hot Black dykes wearing tight shorts that hit mid-thigh. I want to consensually objectify my girlfriend this summer while they wear tiny shorts that show off their body. I want to see studs and MOC Black lesbians on the dance floor at the queer function proudly, freely, and comfortably shaking and throwing ass when the DJ proclaims it’s Hoochie Daddy season.

I know I can still do all of that, and believe me I will, but it sucks that dykes are literally being erased from this cute little moment. And during pride of all times! IN FRONT OF MY SALAD?! The homophobia of it all.

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Shelli Nicole

Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-raised, Chicago-based writer. Her work has appeared in Bustle, HelloGiggles & Marie Claire. She is terrified of mermaids and teenagers equally.

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  1. OOOOHHH YES!!!! I have admired this fit on studs and masc queers for years and now I finally have a name for them. y’all please keep blessing us with your fine legs this summer

    ((also P.S. shelli I love your writing!!! one of the smaller, sillier reasons bein I keep learning how much AAVE I grew up with from my Cuban mama who was raised in the south))

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