Jim Parsons Is Hilarious, Also Gay

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper on the best damn nerd show on TV (The Big Bang Theory) has come out of the closet in a New York Times article. Parsons played a minor role last summer in “The Normal Heart,” a Broadway play about gay men dying of AIDS, and the Times commented quite anti-climactically that the show resonated with Parsons in part due to his sexuality. Though it was barely noticible, Parsons actually thanked his partner Todd Spiewak at the 2011 Golden Globes.

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows of all time, so in honor of Jim Parsons’s out loud gayness, I present you with eight of my favorite Jim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper clips! Why eight? Because sphenic numbers always have exactly eight divisors, there are eight planets orbiting our sun, humans have eight teeth in each quadrant of their mouth, eight is oxygen’s atomic number and eight is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy a valence shell. Duh.

Jim Parsons Explains Arachnids on Sesame Street

Sheldon Doubts the Reality of Lord of the Rings

Sheldon Reacts to the Best Christmas Gift Ever

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock


Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags

Sheldon Has Penny Sing Soft Kitty

Important: When I’m sad I make Rachel sing this to me

Sheldon Sings Penny Soft Kitty

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  1. I started watching big bang because my sister told me Sheldon reminded her of me. I still can’t decide if this was an insult or a compliment. Top Sheldon scene though has to be when he takes Penny to the hospital after she slips in the tub.

  2. My English teacher uses “bazinga” to let us know when she’s being sarcastic. Most of the time we wouldn’t have guessed.

    • Truth!

      Also, if we’re talking physical chemistry, aren’t they less ‘shells’ and more ‘clouds’ of electrons? My favourite part of chemistry was always orbitals. We don’t even know where the electrons are! They’re just most likely to be in these colourful globs next to the atom.

        • Yeah, but I never finished my chemistry major, unlike another person I could mention :P

          • Eight is NOT “the only number of electrons in a full valence shell”, it’s considered the maximum number of electrons that can fill a valence shell (two being the lesser number). However, this doesn’t take in to account expanded valence shells, however that’s sort of another beast unto itself.

  3. Jim Parsons is lovely, but The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show. I’m sorry, it just is.

  4. yes. now playing rock paper scissors lizard spock to make all of my major life decisions is officially nerdy AND gay.

  5. I just adore Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler (ShAmy). I’m patiently waiting for the episode when they move in together and reunite with Zazzles.

    Aside from his TBBT character, Jim Parsons seems like a wonderful person.

  6. …wasn’t he already out? This has been common knowledge among my nerdy gay friends for awhile now. (why are all of the gay people I know nerds?)

    • I think he was in the Zachary Quinto camp. Everybody knew, it just wasn’t discussed in the media/interviews directly.

  7. THIS is the best birthday gift ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME from Autostraddle. Athank you!

  8. The tiara scene is my favorite. Even though it is mostly Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler my future wife, it is the best scene EVER. “You were right. The tiara was too much.”

  9. I LOVE Sheldon! he cracks me up.. I love that cute spider.. especially when he was counting his cute legs!

    • You are a photon quanta to my valence electron. You excite me to a higher energy level.

      … I mean, what?

  10. I love Sheldon/Jim Parsons.

    One of my favorite videos is Whil Wheaton singing Soft Kitty to his wife when she was sick.

  11. Whenever I’m sick I try to get people to sing Soft Kitty to me. It doesn’t work.

    Also, while I think Sheldon and Amy are good together I kind of want to see what would happen in the (most likely unlikely) event that Amy and Penny ever became a couple.

    Let the fangirling commence.

    • I totally ship Shamy, but I sooooo wish the writers would acknowledge Amy’s obvious bisexuality as canon already. Same for Raj.

      • Maybe it’s because I’m bisexual, but it drives me crazy that they haven’t acknowledged it yet. And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who feels it should be acknowledged.

  12. Geekery acting and gayness, possibly my tree favorite things!! I actually admire Him and ny times for not making a huge deal out of it or using it to define him.

  13. I LOVE Sheldon Cooper. :) My fave is when he gets drunk to accept that award and watches it the next morning on YouTube….oh goodness.

  14. Sheldon is my hero/idol! And now he’s even cooler because Jim Parsons is a queermo, just like me. Aw. Yay!


  16. Good for you Jim Parsons, I love the Big Bang Theory.
    For everyone else… don’t you feel satisfied in your gaydar? Score!

  17. I love Kim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper! Even though no one gets it when I laugh funny and say Bazinga, it’s still hilarious to say it!

  18. I love Big Bang Theory and the entire cast is great. They work so well together. Sheldon is my favorite, though. And I think Jim Parsons is adorable (which is saying something, because I rarely find guys “cute”). :)

  19. I wish I had a cute girl in my life who could sing me “Soft Kitty” when I’m sick.

  20. Is it weird that I’m attracted to everyone in this tv show besides howard…?

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