Today is the Greatest Day You’ve Ever Known: National Sandwich Day

everything here is perfect

Two questions:

1. Do you eat the end pieces of the loaf of bread?

2. Is a cheeseburger a sandwich?

Share your sandwich-related feelings in the comments! HAPPY SANDWICH DAY I LOVE YOU.

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  1. I generally find sandwiches weighted unfairly in favour of bread. Consequence is that my sandwiches usually fall apart from too much filling.

    Also, sandwiches get et too fast.

    But a really good sandwich is a beautiful thing. Gimme some classy fucking wholegrain, avocado, hot mustard, rare roast lamb, baby spinach and cucumber… oh baby. Add some roast pumpkin and you have yourself a wife.

  2. Now, when people ask me why Autostraddle is my favorite website, I’m just going to say “They asked the tough questions on National Sandwich Day, so…” and shrug like it’s no big deal.

    • I’m trying to figure out how to fit such awesomeness into my day today. But without warning I’m at a loss. Maybe I can have fun at the supermarket on my way home for dinner.

      National Sandwich Day posts always make me the happiest.

  3. I do eat the endy bits (do some people not? But they’re the best bit! Mmmm, chewy) and find the avocado and hummous sandwich to be one of the best things about living in the modern world.

    Man, I really love sandwiches. And also this post.

    • I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing that I could tell you’re Scottish from the fact you said ‘endy bits’. The heelys are great for toast :P

  4. mif you are in ontreal you NEED to try the faux pulled pork sandwich at le pickup. it is too great for words.

    • What is faux pulled pork, though? Actual pulled pork sounds kind of alarming, and the notion of a fake version of whatever the heck pulled pork is creeps me out even more.

      The words ‘pulled’ and ‘pork’ have now lost all meaning for me. Which I suppose now means that if I’m ever in Montreal, I shall have to try your sandwich, q.

      • No, pulled pork is delicious! It’s just slow roasted in sauce and spices till it’s falling apart and then flaked, basically. Nothing too alarming about that, surely?

        My friend made is pulled kangaroo once, which I think I like even more. I am a little curious to know what they use for faux pulled pork, though. Maybe soy meat. Hmmm.

      • If you’re anywhere Edinburgh, try Oink. They have a giant pig in the window from which they scrape the juiciest morsels of pork I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, slap them in a bap and smother them in condiments of your choice.

        I’m not usually a pork fan (har har), but that place is amazing.

  5. This is awesome as I just sat down to eat my favorite sandwich from my fav deli.

    The Deli: Bite Sandwich Shop (SF)
    The Sandwich: Toasted Dutch Crunch roll with freshly sliced cracked pepper turkey and melted gruyere cheese. Topped with deli mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion.
    It’s simple, yet it’s perfect in it’s execution. If I get it anywhere else that doesn’t have gruyere I’ll ask for sprouts.

  6. I wish someone had told me/I had read this BEFORE I just ate that tasty tasty falafel. My stomach sends its regards.

  7. 1. Yes
    2. No

    I want the sandwich in that picture so badly.

    I heard about National Sandwich Day on the radio at work – it was mentioned right after Men Cook Dinner Day. I subsequently spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about sexism and not about sandwiches.

    This is much better.

  8. 1. No, the end pieces are only good for putting in the brown sugar container so that it’s not stuck in one big block of sweetness.

    2. Yes, in involves bread and a filling. Tasty, cheesy filling.

    Also, the best sandwiches almost always involve avocado and/or brie.

  9. I had no idea there was a national sandwich day. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy sandwiches. My greatest wish is to have someone follow me around and feed me sandwiches when I am hungry.

    1. yes – bread is bread
    2. yes – anything between two pieces of bread is a sandwich

  10. I only eat the ends if I am desperate.

    A cheeseburger is a sandwich if it says it is a sandwich.

    When I lived in Idaho Falls, there was this awesome sandwich shop called The Sandwich Tree. Every sandwich they made was perfection. I want to go back just to load up on sandwiches and take them home with me. Sandwiches forever!!!!!!

  11. I just learned about the usage of avocado in sandwiches last year in australia.
    I fell like this might have been the reason for being such an querulous teenager.

  12. When I have time, the endpieces of bread become French toast. Otherwise, I eat them if I’m desperate.

  13. ‘I have a samich in my head!’- courtesy of gir from invader zim b/c I’m a big old geek like that XD of course a cheeseburger is a sandwich! end pieces? depends on how desperate I am :p

    • I love that vid. And Tegan and Sara in general. I do have one thought though. No cheese? Really Tegan? No cheese?

  14. Y U NO POST THIS 10 HOURS AGO?! I had a burger today…but it was a black bean burger and it was in a pita. T_T I don’t think that counts. It didn’t feel like a sandwich. I could have made a delicious egg sandwich today if I had known! Instead I had shitty cold rice with kimchi! waaaaaah!!!

  15. The best meal I ever had in the history of my life was a sandwich. It was perfect in every way. From the thick slices of cheese to the crusty bread, sliced cherry tomatoes and everything else my cousin put in it. I still talk about this sandwich often. In fact it may be the single best thing that has EVER happened to me.

  16. Everyday is sandwich day. Seriously, find me a more perfect meal. There are endless varieties and possibilities and sandwiches are always so satisfying. So, so satisfying. Yum!

  17. I feel like a more pressing question is whether a hotdog is a sandwich. Once you start allowing hinges in the bun, where do you draw the line? Could a taco be considered a sandwich? What about wraps? The filling is still sandwiched between two pieces of bread. And the actual act of sandwiching refers to putting something, i.e. the filling, between two other objects. In that case, is bread even necessary? Oreos and other biscuits could potentially be sandwiches.

    So confusing.

  18. 1. Only with something overwhelmingly delicious, like Nutella. Basically, always Nutella.

    2. It’s food between two pieces of bread. Why wouldn’t it be a sandwich? I’m confused. By the way, the only way I can eat it anymore is with lots of raw onion smooshed into the melted cheese. SO GOOD.

  19. Oh my god, why am I so stupid? I thought the second question was about grilled cheese, because a lot of people do say it’s not a sandwich, which I don’t get. But I don’t really get why a cheesburger wouldn’t be a sandwich either…

  20. 1. i eat the end pieces as toast, never as part of a sandwich with significant filling volume though.

    2. i think burgers in general are a specific subvariety of sandwich, therefore the cheeseburger is a sandwich. my definition of sandwich me is that the outside pieces should be separate or hinged such that movement between the 2 pieces is possible at some point during its existence; whether bread is involved is unimportant. which excludes wraps but includes ice cream sandwiches and those yupi/trolli burger lollies.

    3. i have been known including at the present time to be a talented eater of high filling volume sandwiches, just ask anyone who has seen my lunch during my school and working careers (not even joking.)

  21. AH I Can’t believe I missed national sandwich day! Good thing I ate a sandwich anyway cuz I do almost every day!

    Tomato Mozzarella Avocado on Ciabbatta toasted awwwww yeaahhh

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