Thoughts on a TV Show About American Police Women

Hello. Have you seen this show, Police Women of Cincinnati? Apparently it’s a four-part installment of a larger reality TV franchise on TLC that follows police women on the job in various major cities, engaging in any number of dangerous, blood pressure-raising law enforcement activities. You’ve probably seen it. Maybe you caught Police Women of Memphis because you heard there was a hot, out, married lesbian by the name of Virginia Awkward and you were like, “she’s hot / MUCH RESPECT.”

virginia awkward

I don’t watch shows like this because I don’t like danger and I generally don’t enjoy being nervous or listening to people yell. Also, and I’m just going to go ahead and put this on the table, in the same vein as COPS and Border Wars, there’s such a giant racist pink elephant in almost every scene, and that makes it hard / impossible to take an interest in these projects.

colleen deegan

I’m telling you all of that in order to tell you this: I’m going to watch tonight’s episode so I can fall all over myself re: Officer Deegan. Colleen Deegan is an Iraq war veteran and is part of the Central Vice Control Section of the Cincinnati Police Dept., which I think is like, the vice squad. Like, THE vice squad. Like Miami Vice, but in Cincinnati. I’m positive that Officer Deegan is very intelligent and interesting and fundamentally good as a person, which is why I’m super interested in her arms / ass / overall deal.

There are only two episodes left of the Cincinnati run, so it’s not like I’m necessarily supporting this type of entertainment. Although, it’s worth pointing out that Police Women could practically be considered progressive, at least for a reality show, w/r/t its positive representation of single working mothers and lesbians in general, and its celebration of women demonstrating traits that are traditionally considered ‘masculine,’ like ‘being a badass’ and ‘doing dangerous, physical things really well.’

“These fearless female officers will encounter intense cop drama and action, all while balancing kids, significant others, and life at home.”

But anyway back to the hot cop.  I feel like tonight’s episode will involve a lot of Officer Deegan talking authoritatively and furrowing her brow and devising intricate plans. And sorta strutting / running. And she has handcuffs, you guys.


You can watch a video of Officer Deegan being really cute in an SUV and running after a drug dealer on Yeah I said cute.

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    I sadly do not share your hots for Colleen or your dislike for watching people yell on television, but I do know that I wish my last name was Awkward!!! Go ladies of law enforcement!

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    Maybe this is a good time to try to find out something that I’ve been wondering for several years… What’s up with the woman in uniform thing? I get hit on all the goddamn time by both women and men when I’m on duty and hardly ever when I’m off duty. Once a lady gave me her number when I was searching for a lost child for fuck’s sake.

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    At my old job we had a female Sheriff as one of our security officers for a while. I loved watching her walk up the stairs and the night she took down a drug crazed dude in one of our theaters was dreamy.

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      ACTUALLY Vice handles gambling, prostitution, drugs and any other illegal activity that could be described as a ‘vice,’ and its agents are typically undercover. i have family members who are agents.

      the Miami Vice part was just a joke.

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    i’ve been seeing these commercials for a while and kind of wondering if it would be worth watching a show on TLC just to see the cute queer like police women being all badass

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    ok here are my feelings re: this show via non-recap:

    i only watched the episode from last week that was aired before the new one and it was like double-dipped in racism so idk. also there was a pretty terrible prostitution sting? and i have about a million feelings about that and i’m not sure that officer keegan’s boyish charm is enough for me to watch episode 4.


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    Unfortunatly I don’t think I can get this for I’m across th pond, and I think i would feel slightly uneasy/scared for/nervous cos it IRL. I can howevr watch cop drama, cos I know it’s not IRL .. Can just mention that paget brewster (aka emily prentice off of criminal minds) makes my fanny beat when she wears that bullet proof vest!!! I find that I have to rewind her parts cos I don’t pay attention to watch she’s saying 1st time round..

    I need help, any dark haired beauties, with a weird but cute nose and banging boobs wana “lend a hand”?


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    I don’t understand your comments about the show being “doubled dipped in racism’. What racism? I only see the lower strata of society here. Did you watch “Policewomen of Dallas”? Plenty of the lower lifes of the Caucasian persuasion depicted on that show. This is how it is, these aren’t actors, these are real people. There are certain SEGMENTS of all racial and ethnic groups that regularly interact with the police. I don’t see the cops engaging in any racism at all on this show, in any of the cities depicted.

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