This Two Minute Scene of “Happy Endings” Contains Ten Entire Seconds of Julie Goldman

Rachel’s Team Pick:

I have only seen one episode of Happy Endings ever courtesy of my friend Batia and don’t really understand what it is, except that I think there might have been an arc involving food trucks once. Or I’m just thinking of that Food Network show that’s actually entirely about food trucks. I became deeply more invested in the show about ten minutes ago, however, when Batia informed me that in a subplot involving one character’s quest to become a more active part of gay subculture, Julie Goldman makes a glorious appearance. Also, she’s wearing flannel, and there are some jokes which I believe are about sports! There’s really something for everyone here. Someone wears a bowtie! It’s like a gay potpourri. Here, sit down, I brought the crackers and spinach artichoke dip.

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    I always watch Happy Endings and I was like “I love how any time someone needs to cast a lesbian role, they call Julie Goldman!” one of uuuuuussss

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    Rachel, thank you for caring about me. This really made my day. I’m gonna go call ABC now and see if I can’t get my spinoff -” Lesbian Flannel” It’s really gonna be a good show. xoxox

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      Please make this happen. I’m tired of gay men getting all the comedy while gay women just get angsty, soapy drama. I want to see Happy Endings With Lesbian Max, or The New Lesbian Normal, or Modern Lesbian Family.

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    Legit, seeing Julie Goldman on Happy Endings was so bittersweet cause, Julie Goldman on a show that I love but also, only 10 seconds of Julie Goldman on a show that I love. Now that I know she could be there I want her there always

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    i watched this clip about 10 times. and by clip, I mean the part with JG in it. Anyway, would someone mind explaining the Orlando only bit?

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