Things to Look at When You’re ‘Not Sober’ or Even When You Are, Whichever, Part 2

Laneia’s Team Pick:

Two years ago we gifted you with something very useful and brilliant: Things to Look at When You’re Not Sober or Even When You Are, Whichever. It was a rousing success of course, and this is the long-awaited, though mini, follow-up to that masterpiece. It comes to you via the New York Times‘ Hollywood Issue, which is very fancy so I hope you wore your pretty socks today.


A video gallery of dreams and transformations, featuring 13 actresses whose performances defined the year in film.

That translates to “A video gallery of trippy-ass shit going down in weird, ethereal locations, set to equally weird and ethereal music, featuring 13 actresses who made movies worth your money in 2012.” So what you’ve got here is Rebel Wilson as a mermaid (?), Jennifer Lawrence in genie pants with a snake, Naomi Watts scaring the living hell out of me, and so, so much more! Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington and Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard and la la la it’s super satisfying, you’ll love it.

Watch all the videos one right after the other on NYT! Do you have anything interesting we could look at while we’re not sober / sober that you’d like to share? You should follow your heart and share those things with us. Go ahead.

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  1. This is the sort of stuff i was made for. First up, the wiggles. this is wierd whether you watch the slow version:

    Or fast:

    Next up some good old J- music from 2 artists

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:

    and DJ Ozma:

    Whatever this is (I have no idea how we found it, we just did):

    There are many more but most are along the same lines. DJ Ozma gets VERY (guy) homoerotic, Especially in this one:

    There’s a lyrics translated version somewhere on youtube too, which is intriguing.

    Finally a love song to spiderman:

    I’m gonna stop now. A good way to find this stuff is just keep clicking on anything with a japanese name on youtube.

    Of course I’ve been productive with my time at uni…

  2. I love stuff like this even when I’m sober and all of the videos are so so trippy. I couldn’t stop staring at Jennifer Lawrence’s face so I don’t really know what was happening there. God she’s hot.

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