The Comment Awards Think They Might Be Kinda Gay

A small, brown and white dog peeking over their laptop screen, with a caption that says "Hey did you see that comment?!"

Did you know that Autostraddle is turning 12 soon? If Autostraddle is anything like *me* at twelve, they are parting their hair in the middle, wearing shirts from Wet Seal with stripes across the chest, and looking for the perfect pair of corduroy boot-cut pants. Also they are having a lot of Big Gay Feelings they will, uh, need to circle back to later!

This week, as the Autostraddle fundraiser continues, Riese wrote this. It’s a love letter to the lost parts of the internet and to the labor of Autostraddle and it’s also the best (unofficial) Business of Art Fix column she’s ever written. When people write about what’s happened to the internet, about the heydays of the indie sites, about the “olden times” of ten whole years ago, they so rarely get it this right. I hope you’ll read it!

Sally wants you to watch The Great Pottery Throwdown, and we do what Sally tells us!

Have you been keeping up with Autostraddle’s Black History Month content? This week, Carmen wrote about grief and just so much more, it will make you feel things!

Dani Janae and Shelli Nicole watched The United States Vs. Billie Holiday, which was…heavy on the trauma.

Dickinson! Is! Back! And queerer than ever, according to Valerie Anne!

Finally, AS is bringing back the A+ members-only Discord server for their 12th birthday celebrations! This weekend, 9 am PST Saturday to 8 pm PST Sunday! I can’t wait!

And then there were your comments.

On How Do You Scale a Personality Cult?

The Shennystraddle Award to CJ:

Keep Autostraddle weird. I joined as an A+ member that day on April fools when Autostraddle turned their whole website into a Shenny fan page. I had forgotten it was April fools day and thought I had clicked on the wrong website and tried to access the website a couple of times before I realized what was going on. That day was so much fun and I had so many good laughs. The fact that the people that work at Autostraddle would put in that extra effort to change their whole website for one day just to put a smile on their readers faces is what makes it worth fighting for. They put in that extra effort everyday to make sure everything on their website is worth it for readers to read and engage in; so there is no throw away content. This is the website that is worth putting your support behind not those other websites where as a reader you do not matter. SUPPORT AUTOSTRADDLE

And the Arms of the Angel Award to Donna M:

This situation simply cannot stand! We need a commercial with Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ playing over the image of a queer teenager finding nothing but Good Housekeeping in their search results.

On The Great Pottery Throw Down Is Better Than Bake Off, There I Said It:

The Female Glaze Award to Snaelle, Sally and Chandra:

I can’t believe you’re endorsing clay-bashing, Sally.

On March 2021: What’s New and Gay and Streaming on HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon?

The Got Moxie Award to Jill:

Anyone else catch that Dylan Meyer aka Future Missus Kristen Stewart wrote the screenplay for Moxie?

On Straight People Day Is NOW:

The Sugar and Spite Award to Coco:

Wow Carmen’s mom is already a top contender for a straight people day comment wall award in the category of heartwarming/inspirational.

And on “Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar” Is a Bananapants Brain Vacation and You Deserve It:

The DON’T WE ALL Award to :):

I do both need and deserve a brain vacation.

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    • The arms of the angel award honestly had me dreaming of us all hanging out in a queer pub, with a sign swinging outside showing an angel with great forearms.

      Angels are non-binary, so what better sign?

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