The Comment Awards Are So F*cking Thankful For You

Hi, friends! I’m baking snickerdoodles as I write this, and the smell wafting from the oven smells like cinnamon and love. Hey: I’m so glad we’re part of the same Straddler family! If you need something to do today that is NOT interacting with weird family members, or if you’re hiding in a warehouse somewhere and taking a breather from Black Friday madness, you can always hang out with us! I will never stop being thankful for that – and for you. Also, don’t forget to alternate glasses of water with your drink of choice!

This week, Kaelyn wrote about ways to combat activist burnout.

The team shared their own personal Ring of Keys moments.

Vanessa wants us to meet up for the Holigays!

Well, this is EXTREMELY EXCITING: Please Welcome Our New Autostraddle Associate Editor, Dr. Carmen Phillips! Love you, CP!

Look, I know we all want some lesbian Hallmark Christmas movies, but in the meantime, Molly’s got some queer holiday romance novels that will do us just fine.

Home for the holidays and nowhere to fool around? Reneice has got ya covered.

This makes me so happy: 30 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Trans Women Who Make Our Worlds Turn!

And then then there were your comments.

On Hulu’s “The Bisexual” Is Here to Make Every Queer a Little Uncomfortable:

The Thankful for Autostraddle Award to leep:

Autostraddle, I am very grateful that you aren’t a website dedicated to endless “Here’s Why X is Problematic”, and I know it might be easier for you to go with the zeitgeist on this one, but I’m so glad you don’t. Your dedication to finding stuff to lift up instead of looking for things to tear down is why I subscribe.

On my new obsession, Blobs Get Dressed:

The Goosed Award to Emerson:

oh i’m definitely the blob lying on the floor covered in laundry. that’s how i feel after trying on clothes at a store. although i gotta say i’m somehow feeling a kinship with the blob stuck in a jacket with a goose. that will not end well. 10/10 relatable content

On “Supergirl” Episode 406 Recap: The Thanksgiving Debate:

The SuperGayCorp Award to deleted_account:

They do a better job straightening Lena’s hair than her character because how am I supposed to believe she’s bot on love with Kara if she’s passing her salt when Kara didn’t even say one Word? That confession to James sounded forced. Supercorp endgame, howgh.

On How to Have Lesbian Sex While You’re Home for the Holidays:

The No Regifting! Award to Sam:

For the holiday music one, add additional backup that you are wrapping gifts, and thus NO ONE is allowed in the room. Lock the door w confidence and get to unwrapping your partner ?

On 30 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Trans Women Who Make Our Worlds Turn:

The Listopia Award to Tessa:

New life goal: Make a future iteration of this list.

On No Filter: Kehlani Is Well On Her Way to Mommidom:

The Stunting Award to Chandra and Blackmar:

Ok Jameela Jamil, one more stunt like this and you’re getting added to the Official Queer List of Speculation

And on Lesbian and Bisexual Women of History Who Were Obsessed With Their Dogs, Part 3:

The Seaside Holiday Award to Heather Hogan and Sally:

Sally, I think you are no-joke legitimately brilliant. You make this look so effortless, but there is so much research involved in each one of these things and you present it with such skill and humor. You’re one of my absolute favorite writers of 2018. (Also I’m sorry, TV has led me to believe praising a British person so effusively might cause them to give themselves into the sea, but I can’t help it.)

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  1. Emerson, your comment about the goose made me laugh.

    Yes, I think that relationship may be plucked from the start.

  2. Tessa I think you’re not only already making our worlds turn, but as an astrobiologist, you’re finding out how! Pretty incredible ?

  3. I was smiling the whole way through Sally’s article and then when I read Heather’s comment to Sally it made my cheeks hurt

  4. Thank goodness for the comment awards! I sort of missed half of this week because I was in a cold-induced haze. So nice to see the important stuff laid out for me to catch up on.

    And guess what, queer friends? I start a new job next week! It’s a 3 month contract not permanent but it’s good money and mostly in my field, so yay me.

  5. Oh, thank you! SuperGayCorp award might be the biggest achievement of my not so super, but very, very gay life.

  6. This is my first solo comment award! I’m so honored :3 My jacket goose and I are working out our differences, wish us luck

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