Blobs Get Dressed

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

but make it fashion divider - periwinkle squiggle

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blobs feeling things

Taking the material of the everyday and brushing it against the grain, blobs find new and intuitive ways to interact with each other as well as the objects in their world. Their ambiguity, in emotion, action, and even location in space, invites play and celebrates confusion over knowing. Find more at and on instagram @blobsfeelingthings.

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  1. I love this! Having a very hard time deciding which blob I am but it has to be either Laundry-Basket Blob With Head Stuck In Jacket or one of the other blobs buried in laundry. When I was little my mom made laundry day fun by starting massive laundry fights that always ended with all of us buried in laundry and then having to pick errant socks up from behind the couch, off the curtain rods etc. Now I get to be the one dumping laundry on my kiddo to start things off and I have to say that while any of us might have angst over picking clothes to wear or how we look in them, it is quite impossible to be sad while having a laundry fight with a giggling seven-year-old hollering “Bury me Mommy! Cover me up!” Ergo, the purpose of clothes is to have laundry fights.

  2. Did my subconscious publish a comic without my knowledge? Cause this is directly from the inside of my brain.

  3. oh i’m definitely the blob lying on the floor covered in laundry. that’s how i feel after trying on clothes at a store. although i gotta say i’m somehow feeling a kinship with the blob stuck in a jacket with a goose. that will not end well. 10/10 relatable content

  4. I LOVE this SO much! Definitely feeling the blob in the laundry basket. I used to be a “blob” by hiding under blankets and crawling around the house, it was maybe an odd coping mechanism but I loved it.

    • @lundy Just last night my kiddo was inchworming her way around the kitchen floor entirely hidden under her turquoise fuzzy blanket, making self-described “worm noises” and giggling. You’re not alone.

  5. I’m the blob stuck under the step stool trying to relate to another person. How did I get down here? What even is gender?

  6. Is this a kind of Rorschach test, but with blobs ?

    Shrink : Look at these blobs, what do you see ?

    Me : (anxious bleepings muffled by huge pile of clothing)

  7. Thank you for this.
    I have a fraught relationship with clothing, but while reading this I felt like my brain got slightly unstuck, like, “Wait, I am a blob feeling things. There are so many ways I could relate to or feel these clothing things.” I’m always pressuring myself to find a way to feel good an authentic with my clothing choices, but what if sometimes I’m just a shape interacting with another shape/texture/thing? What then?
    I don’t know if that made sense, but my main point was thank you.

  8. i am SO CONCERNED about that lamp that is about to fall off the stool the second anyone trips over that unplugged cord

  9. I relate to this so hard and it made me surprisingly very sad. Thinking about the headspace Im often in when I put on clothes and how I feel so much like these cute lil blobs where nothing seems to be working. I think what’s making me sad is that I’m in that headspace more often than I want to be. :(

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