Tegan & Sara Debut Six New Sainthood Songs, Witty Anecdotes, at Rifflandia

So many artsy entertaining things happening right here on Autostraddle: recap of the Dexter season premiere, recap of Two & A Half Men premiere, and the Televisionary is up up up!

TEGAN & SARA: Tegan & Sara Debut Six Sainthood Songs At Rifflandia! Check it out, and the others Stereogum:

THE L WORD: Our BFF Stuntdouble at AfterEllen catches up with the cast of “The L Word,” who have been very busy since we last caught up with the ladies of The L Word. I feel like we should officially set up a lesbian blog roundtable where we can all take turns scouring Tibette.com for Laurel’s latest move. SheWired, you’re up!

GLEE: Sneak peak of tomorrow night’s special guest star Kristen Chenowith!

CELEB: I can’t tell you exactly why celebrity mugshots are so f*cking fascinating, I just know that they are. It makes me feel like if they fucked up and still became stars, maybe fucking up when you’re really young is in fact a good indicator of future stardom. (@ohnotheydidnt)

GOSSIP GIRL: Papa, paparazzi! Beth Ditto, lead singer of Gossip, is reportedly not allowing her girlfriend to come on tour so that she can protect her from the UK press. Despite this, Ditto continues to be a big badass: “Say what you want about me. Say it to my face, say it behind my back, write it on the fucking bathroom mirror, I don’t care. But do not talk about the people I love.” (@nme)

WILD THING: No combination of things is ever going to get me as excited about Karen O and Where the Wild Things Are. Not peanut butter and jelly, not Ellen and Drew, not cute girls and skinny jeans. A stream of the soundtrack is available now to hold you over until the October 16 release. (@imeem)

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  1. I seriously am going to die this month waiting for Sainthood. I was bored Sunday morning and made a countdown calendar to Sainthood for my desk with various pictures/rainbows/exclamation points. It looks really great on my desk, but I feel weird for being so obsessive. Totally worth it, though.

  2. I was at this show and it rocked, and I am pretty sure I was sitting near the person who filmed this, so sorry that you can probably hear me braying like a donkey during the comments… ha!

  3. wow. thanks alot guys. I hope you’re now willing to explain to my super straight roommate why I was rolling around on my bed with my laptop and headphones, giggling to myself and whimpering “sainthood” for 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

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