Tegan and Sara Stare into the Camera, Your Soul in “Body Works” Video

Tegan and Sara, or Change

Intern Grace’s Team Pick:

If you are emotionally invested in the success of Tegan and Sara, you are basically morally obligated to watch the new video for “Body Works” by Morgan Page featuring everyone’s favorite Canadian lesbian indie singers. And really, what’s better than watching two talented women fold laundry for several minutes anyways?

The song itself is good, dance-y pop, and in the video, Tegan and Sara do their traditional staring-into-the-camera-slash-your-soul thing while everyone else dances at this club/gym thing around them. Also, a beefy man spins them around at one point? I don’t know, I’m just here for the haircuts and ethereal voices. The Wonder Twins aren’t even really on screen as much as one would hope, which is disappointing on several levels.

Also, because it’s technically a Morgan Page song (if you say so), you can’t quite check off all of the Definitive Elements of Every Tegan & Sara Music Video, but you can find more than half of them. It’s like Where’s Waldo but with weird Tegan faces.

In conclusion:

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      Womp. I fixed it. I think this is a good indication of how little I care about the not-Tegan and Sara parts of this video. I probably should’ve caught it anyway, but still.

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    I prefer the weird Tegan faces! It makes it feel more like she’s talking to me and not acting.. and obviously I’m on board with that.

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    Who does Morgan Page think he is, Olivia Newton John?! No actually I think this video is kind of adorable and also watching Tegan and Sara get twirled around by a big muscle-y dude was kind of amazing.

    Also also I freaking love watching good dancers. Mmm.

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    Was bopping my head to this song. Also before I watched the video, the pictures made me think Tegan and Sara were working at the laundry department in a women’s prison… >.>

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