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What I’m Saying Is You’re Stuck With Me

February 7th was our 14th dating anniversary and our 8th marriage anniversary. The truth is, I didn’t see myself married, in a house we own, with a child I carried, in a place in my life where I don’t want to move away or run off to the next tempting thing. I never thought I’d want stability, but here we are.

Sex + Relationships

An Investigation of Gay Situationships, a Time-Honored and Life-Ruining Tradition

A gay situationship is an interpersonal scenario involving strong feelings that are opaque, ill-communicated or unclear to the people involved in them and could be meaningfully clarified by a “what are we” conversation. Usually, you can identify them by the fact that the people involved would rather do literally anything than have a “what are we” conversation.


You Can Leave Your Partner Who Scares You

“I’ve been dating this person for four years who is genuinely the light of my life but has some anger management issues. Though they would never, ever turn that anger towards me, it still terrifies me just witnessing it. They are aware of it, but I don’t think they’ll ever go to therapy about it. They don’t really want to even though they acknowledge it’s a problem.”