10 Awesome ’00s Books by Queer Women

Autostraddle looks back on some of the decade’s most awesome books by queer ladies. Annie Leboivitz shoots Britney’s Candies Campaign, a year in Gaga costumes, Disney’s best & worst princesses, and Lady Gaga gives an interview that’s really weird, even for her.

I’m In Love With Australian Musician Sia: Top Ten Reasons Why

When quirky Australian-born, NY-based singer/songwriter Sia recently returned to her homeland to tour, it was everything Audiostraddle music editor Crystal had hoped for and then so much more. And now, from dating JD Samson to nonsensical tweeting to making sweet music with X-tina: Crystal explains exactly what it is about this goofy singer that she loves so hard.

The Autostraddle Turntable: Celebrating International Mix Tape Day

“I once made a mix cd for a girl that I was in love with, only I didn’t know I was in love with her. It consisted of several amazing tracks, I’m sure, but the only two I can remember right now are “She’s So High Above Me” by Tal Bachman and “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. I drop hints like bombs. BOOM!”

So Much Drama! – Top Ten Lesbionic Theatrical Experiences

We thought this would be easier — the hardest part, we imagined, would be coming up with just ten. Surely if we thought really hard, wikipedia’ed (we expected a “lesbian characters in plays” list of some sort to appear … it did not), checked out the glbtq encyclopedia and googled some shit, we’d be rushing to narrow down the contenders by Sunday afternoon. I mean, there’s Maureen & Joanne from RENT, to start with. And then … um.

Ten Lesbian/Bisexual Books You Haven’t Read Yet

Kathy Acker, Audre Lorde, Alison Smith, The New Fuck You, Bett Williams, JD Glass, Dorothy Allison, Alison Bechdel, Michelle Tea and Marijane Meeker. There’s more out there than Tipping the Velvet and Written on the Body. Though if you haven’t read those already then you probs should asap.