Top Ten Reasons I Want Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

Hello little monsters! As you are probably well aware, Lady Gaga’s video for her latest single Bad Romance premiered Tuesday. After watching it approximately INFINITE times, I have a lot of feelings that I would like to share with all of you about why Bad Romance is the greatest music video I have ever seen ever the end. If you haven’t seen it yet, WATCH NOW:



Top Ten Reasons I Want Lady Gaga’s
Bad Romance

10. Bat Skullbatskull

At first I thought this headdress thing was the skeleton of the creepy sphinx cat that appeared earlier in the video. BUT NO! it’s actually a bat skull. Honestly, I don’t know which one I prefer.

9. Eyeseyes

I have been trying my hardest to think of something to write about her giant eyes but I think the caption pretty much sums it up.

8. Crown Maskscrownmasks

The crown masks are so great. I wonder if they are made of latex like the rest of the outfit. If so, then I change my mind. They are not great and probably very uncomfortable.

7. Fire Bra and
6. MOTHERF*CKING CORPSE WTFcorpseandfirebra

She’s had fire-shooting bras before so this is nothing new. I mean, except for the fact that there is also a BURNT CORPSE right next to her.

5. Gaga Freakoutgagafreakout

In the beginning of the video, after the creepy carnival music stops, there is a moment of silence. THEN THE SONG STARTS AND LADY GAGA FREAKS THE F*CK OUT. I like to think she’s freaking out because she has no idea what to expect from this music video but that’s just me projecting.

4. THIS SCENEthisscene

I can’t really explain why this scene is so great to me. Maybe it’s the intense pounding of the ground accompanying the most intense part of the song. Maybe it’s Lady Gaga’s RED HOT outfit. Maybe it’s all of that and more. WHO KNOWS. All I know is that I love it.

3. Fire Goddessfiregoddess

Every time I watch this part I try to figure out what Lady Gaga is thinking. Probs something along the lines of “Look at this fire behind me and this bear head at my feet. I am invincible.”

2. Monster Movesmonstermoves

I will be spending the next few weeks learning all of these monster dance moves. That is all.

1. BEAR DRESSbeardress

PS : E.P. stands for exclamation point.

Special Comment:


I’ve always thought that Lady Gaga is a beautiful human being. She has an amazing body, her legs are wonderful, her eyes are gorgeous, etc. BUT GUYS! Really! In this video, she is stunning. We are shown a more “natural” version of the queen of glamor and excess. For a majority of the video, her face is left uncovered. There’s no lightning bolt or ridiculous make up distracting us. It’s just Gaga, in all her glory, taking my breath away.

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  1. My entire day revolved around this. OHHHH gaga….looks like I will be spending my money on your tour after all, because i love you THAT much. gaga oh la la

    • I would spend money to see her if she would come at least 250 miles close to me, or hell even if she was in my region!

  2. I don’t know why, but I laugh hysterically every time she sings the “ra ra roma roma gaga ooh la la” part. That’s why I’ve listened to this song 4 times already (4 times more than I’ve listened to Paparazzi if you want to put that into perspective). #BURNTCORPSE

    • I may or may not have been laying awake in bed at 2am last night because I couldn’t get that part of the song out of my head…

    • Haha! Me too! I think my friends knew that part before they ever heard the song! It’s so hilarious, but soo good. Lady Gaga is a branding GENIUS


  4. also, her shades in the opening scene are made out of RAZOR BLADES. that on top of everything else = badassery.

  5. OOOOHHHH GOOOD I’m terrified, excited, amazed, stunned, scared and again STUNNED what a fierce bitch. She’s all about the entire spectacle. When was the last time people wet themselves in anticipation for a music video (not that I did that…)

  6. HOW THE CHRISTING HELL DID THEY DO THAT TO HER EYES ALL CAPS! thats definitely the bit that freaks me out the most.

  7. we could do like a top 30 for this video, the awesomeness is never-ending. i have watched this maybe 20-30 times in the past 24 hours. there’s no shame in my game.

    • That’s exactly what I told Vashti. We could’ve all done one of these and probably had no overlap. There’s too much great stuff.

  8. also vashti i love that you put the brief little freakout in the beginning on here, i love that part.

    also, you guys, that hairless cat has METAL FANGS.

    • Yeah, I briefly considered shaving my cats getting them some sweet grilles, but since Halloween just passed…

  9. All of my mental, physical and emotional sentiments towards this video can best be summarized in the words of Jessie Spano: “I’m so excited… I’m so excited… I’m so…………..SCARED!”

  10. I have so many feelings about this video and song. Most of them all come back to “This is the greatest thing I’ve seen/heard since the last amazing thing GaGa did” (which was probs the vma’s). I feel like right now this is the best thing she’s done yet and that just means she’s only going to get better and better until everyone of us fucking dies from the light and power she radiates. I also feel like myself and SNL and everyone else ever was right when we all said she’s the new Madonna for this generation. I wasn’t certain, had to see what else she’d do, but Bad Romance is like… IT. It’s proof.

  11. This video was a turning point for me. Until now I appreciated her as a performance artist and activist, and I love the fact that she won’t lip-sync live performances… but now I fully love Gaga. This video is amazing awesome creepy weird fun. It was nice to see how she is actually quite gorgeous when you can see her face/eyes. And she is a pretty crier, which I am a sucker for…

  12. Check out my latest blog post for a quick analysis of her video:

    Here’s a snippet of it:
    “product placement, common in every video, that I’m aware of. Parrot by Starck speakers, Lex Nemiroff vodka, Heartbeats by Dr. Dre and Gaga, modeling Alexander McQueen designer shoes and apparel, Burberry coat (?), Dr. Dre laptop, Carrera sunglasses. Also, her on display for a group to observe, like a mannequin, is perhaps a social commentary on the modern enmeshing of celebrity and commodity.”

    I loved her video-couldn’t stop watching it over and over. From the looks of things, the best is yet to come from this powerhouse. <3

  13. I feel like a different person after watching this. I’m not kidding, this may be one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. I love that ‘thing’ she does with her hands at the beginning. Totally sucked me in.

    • Those little monster moves, I’m telling you. I can’t get enough of them. I wish I could just move like that whenever I wanted to without getting judged. I AM JUST A LITTLE MONSTER LADY GAGA SAID SO HERSELF!

  14. Hey Angie I just read your blog… pretty interesting. You definitely noticed more things than I did. Specially liked the Hitchcock references, I hadn’t noticed those… I think the best thing about Lady Gaga is the fact that she finds art in what should be merely commercial. Like the best of both worlds. AAAAAHHH LG I LOVE YOU. I DO. Marry me? :D

  15. I keep seeing new things every time I watch this video, its just great. Totally didn’t notice the bat skull though.
    (Also I thought it was FREAK bitch, not free bitch? Either way I just love when she screeches those bits!)

  16. I am past the point now where I have to watch this video every five minutes because I have literally memorized all of it. It just plays on loop in my head. Jesus Christ.

  17. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! The strangeness, the sexy, the weirdness, the everything! It makes my wanna-be film-maker heart stop!

  18. am i allowed to come on the internet and say that i got wasted and watched this video SO MANY TIMES last night? because i did.

    also, ALSO, can i just say that the interns need to learn the monster dance.

  19. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I would pay GOOD MONEY for a GAGA 2012 t-shirt. If anyone wants to go in on a cafepress order, let me know…

  20. have never been into gaga, but this mv is craaaaazy good! lost count how many times i watched it last night. every frame is brilliant

    p.s. just discovered AS. i fucking love this place!

  21. Is it possible to be in love with a dance? Because the part where they’re all in white dancing in the white room makes my heart stop.

    • Are you talking about when they’re dancing in front of the men? Because if so, that is my second favorite dance sequence [first being THIS SCENE]. I think Lady Gaga looks absolutely gorgeous during that part.

      • Indeed, that is the part. There’s just something about that scene that gets me every time. The fact that Lady Gaga looks drop dead gorgeous def adds to it.

  22. jesus the more times i watch it the more emotional i get, and i was never even into lady gaga before.. CONSIDER ME CONVERTED

  23. As much as I like this video, the animal lover in me was crying a bit inside.

    With that said, I think this video is going to single-handedly use up all of my internet quota. Not only is it badass and catchy but will take approx. 589 (give or take) views just to notice everything/make any sense of it/GAGAGASM (c)southpaw^^.

  24. oh also, those shoes (/whole outfit) while she’s in the silvery/goldy sparkly getup are simply OOC! 150% Certified Grade A BA.

      • Those are the crazy Alexander McQueen shoes! This song premiered at his Paris fashion show, so I think they are involved in some cross-promotion thing. Or they’re just good friends. Whatevs.

  25. ZOMG YOU GUYS. I just got to watch a HQ version of this at work and I noticed a few new things. My apologies if people have already caught these:
    1) The bat on her head is made of hair.
    2) There is a rat with little red eyes perched on the side of her head in that one shot near the end where she’s standing in profile and the room is on fire behind her.
    3) When she’s motion-captured with the crystals suspended all around her, that mask is some sort of cyborg thing comprised of nuts and bolts and stuff.

    • oops, i thought i replied to you about the epic deets, but obviously i cannot post anything right on these msg boards, ever. i don’t want to make it look like i havent already noticed the existing top 10, in my approximately 15 viewings.

    • I noticed number 3 but REALLY? That bat is made of HAIR? Ridiculous. I don’t believe you. It totally didn’t look like that in the behind the scenes vid. I THINK I NEED TO SEE THIS HQ VERSION CARLY HOOK ME UP.

  26. thank you for these epic detail updates. i will re-watch and admire each of them in turn immediately. yes!

  27. I love this video, best she’s done yet. Rat hair-hat thing is splendid. Also, super pleased the bear coat is fake fur, as I would have hated myself for liking the video otherwise.
    The freaky eyes remind me of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video.

    • the polar bear coat was done by designer Benjamin Cho in ’04(?) as a statement against animal cruelty. I guess it’s on loan to Lady Gaga now? Whatever the case, not only does she love us gays but she loves animals too!

  28. I bought tickets today to see gaga on jan 7 in st.louis :D i’ll be driving 7 hours to go, but it’s totes worth it! i can’t wait!

    • I’m just gonna say it: I feel bad for people who don’t “get it”. Or who can’t have fun with Gaga like she has fun with us/our media-obsessed culture. Just saying!

  29. I am impressed by the fact that you can think of 10 different reasons why you want Bad Romance, coz my brain would explode from excitement just by seeing the name of GAGA. C’mon it’s LADY GAGA, of course you want it, bitches.

  30. i had to watch this video four times before i realized that the burnt corpse was the dude from before. what can i say i’m slow!
    am i nuts or are there elements to the monster dance sequence that are a nod to thriller?
    also: RANDOM FRENCH FTW. although “revenge” is feminine in french and it sounds like she says “ton revenge” instead of “ta revenge” but i’m probably just hearing her anglo accent wrong.
    that said i love this video. and the part where she bites her arm. that’s hot.

    • I’m pretty sure she says

      Je veux ton amour
      Et je veux ta revanche

      I could be wrong..

      lets be real,
      french has never been sexier.

  31. lady gaga!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!
    Hello every body, I’M a chinese. I from china.
    I love gaga so much, I hope we can to be a friends.
    My e-mail: [email protected]


  32. “Bad Romance” was ONE OF THE POINTS in music industry in 2009.
    When it was released, it started to explode extraordinarily and caught millions and millions of people seeing. As you say, it’s fucking weird crazy insane symbolic that makes you wanna see again and again and again to figure out what it does mean, and makes us Little Monsters wanna dance for all-time :x That’s why “Bad Romance” become the most watched video on YouTube! Cool, love that! And maybe, it has a chance to win Video of the Year this year @ VMAs 2010@!!

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