Gender Fluidity and the Black Atlantic

I always wonder what words my ancestors had for someone like me. In embracing my genderfluid identity, I’ve found great comfort in the deep and wide of the Atlantic — the way the water connects me to kin, named or unknown.

Ain’t I A Bottom

Many Black women are raised to give our apparent struggles the stiff upper lip. We’re taught to be loud, and proud, and bigger than the world sees us. And at the end of all of that effort, in my most private and intimate moments, I wish to lay my burdens down. Ain’t I a bottom?

The Invisible Addicts: Addiction and Treatment in Black LGBT Communities

In my own struggle to get sober, I would spend days telling myself that my bottoms were “not that bad.” That the next day I would drink lighter, drink less, have water between glasses. For black gay addicts, we’re pressured at both ends. One of the reasons I’m sober today is because people around me talked about it, they extended their hands and hearts to me without knowing it.

Eight Black LGBTQ Poets to Give Your Flowers To Right Now

I believe that these eight wonderful poets are the face of reviving the genre. I always want to push poems on people, so I’m also presenting you with some of their recent or upcoming works. Head to your favorite, local, indie bookstore and pick up a few of their collections before Black History Month is over!

Me and You, My Mama and Her Hot Comb Too

Four years ago I did the switch from wanting “good hair” to wanting “healthy hair” and went completely natural. This photoessay is a ride of twists and bumped bangs, but I promise it’s a good one. And before you ask: No, I am not tenderheaded.

The Black Lesbian Movie Project

What if “Coming To America” starred Lena Waithe instead of Eddie Murphy? What if Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union made out with each other at the end of “Love & Basketball”? What if black lesbians finally got to get the girl on the big screen? I’m buying the popcorn. You coming with?