Sydney 3/26: Homefires: Self Care and Cake

Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant
Mrs Macquaries Rd, NSW

Event Date: 2017-03-26
Start Time: 01:30 pm
End Time: 05:00 pm

Host: Max Whitby

Description: Sometimes existing is resisting. Sometime recharging is part of persisting.


Come and learn about some practical, low energy expenditure self care strategies…. not just mani pedis. (Although also valid: ydy)

Meet up in the bottom cafe area of the botanic gardens restaurant (accessible routes marked on official botanical gardens maps)…. if it is still raining we will stay put in the cafe… otherwise folks can grab a warm beverage/snack etc or byo…. and we will have a picnic situation in the gardens.

We will wait until 1:30 in the cafe, and then post updates in this event page. There is a good chance that this event wil be at least 3 hours long. There are bathrooms at the cafe.

Topics to be featured:
– Making a POA (plan of attack)
– Template/automate strategies (to guide people who help you in ways that you have control over)
– Mindfulness 101+
– Self soothing
– Listicles (who, what, where, why, when, HOW)

Content will be available as PDFs on this event page afterwards.

If you are interested in hosting other topics please DM Max.

Please RSVP by the group facebook page:

or event page:

Updates on the day will be posted to the event page.

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