“Supergirl” Episode 302 Recap: Fear, Herself

Previously on Supergirl, Lena Luthor bought CatCo for Kara, Alex and Maggie got engaged, and Kara was sad because she found out she couldn’t have gluten anymore and had to send her favorite loaf of white bread into space.

We open this week on a montage that involves Alex and Maggie rolling around in bed, the morning sun kissing their perfect faces and glinting off the gems in their engagement rings.

Maggie looks happily down at Alex, both in a beam of sunlight

Sanvers in the sunlight is my new favorite trope

They’re making coffee and smiling and heading off to work together, happy, lovely. And I’m absorbing it like rays from the yellow sun to give me strength for when I need it most.

Alex and Maggie are in bed, kissing and giggling

Give me strength when I am weak, oh simple Sanvers morning moment.

Juxtaposed with the two lovebirds is Sam and her daughter, Ruby, making waffles and heading off to school, and also Kara, who is alone and still pretty sad about it.

When Sam drops Ruby off at school, Ruby asks if her mom has superpowers, if that’s how she lifted the scaffolding off her at the waterfront, but Sam assures her that it was just mama bear adrenaline and nothing to worry about and sends her off to school so she can start her first day at her new job.

Also at her first day on the job is Lena, who is going to be at CatCo every day from now on, much to my delight and James’s chagrin. He was getting pretty used to being the head honcho around here and doesn’t know how he feels about this change in management.

Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex and Maggie are having a very heated argument over a very serious issue.

Alex looks angry and Maggie looks frustrated


The issue is: band or DJ? I think it was supposed to be funny that they were fighting over something so trivial, and it does get lighter when J’onn starts using alien logic to help them decide, but honestly seeing them yell at each other gave me belly rumblings.

Anyway, Supergirl shows up and the wedding debacle will have to wait because there’s an evil lady with a very pretty face robbing banks without even trying. Supergirl flies to the scene but the Petra-shaped lady uses her pretty voice to say pretty words and laughs evilly and dammit why am I always falling for the lady villains in these shows?

Psi smiles evilly yet somehow also adorably

My biggest fear is actually being face to face with this smile and just passing out.

Not!Petra uses her brain powers to make Supergirl wobble a little and walks right out while Supergirl looks more and more afraid with each passing second. Maggie comes in to find her future sister-in-law all suited up and looking uncharacteristically petrified, pressed against the wall. She wisely makes sure no one else on her team sees it and goes to Kara to comfort her. It’s a really nice moment, however brief, and I hope we get a little more Maggie/Kara time this season.

Back at the lab, Winn determines that Kara is physically fine and J’onn says the psychic abilities the baddie displayed means she must be metahuman. Kara says she’ll be ready for the psychoblast next time and heads off to work.

Not at work is Sam, because Ruby punched another girl in the face, causing the principal to say some very rude things and make assumptions about Sam’s life that neither of us appreciate. A good kid has one bad day and all of a sudden you think there’s trouble at home? The principal didn’t even bother to get a story from the kids about what they were fighting about in the first place!

Sam pinches her lips closed in frustration

This Sam trying to physically keep all of her thoughts from coming out of her mouth.

Anyway, later we find out that what really happened was that Ruby’s friend called Ruby a liar for saying her mom had superpowers so she punched her. So she didn’t exactly deserve to be punched, but that’s beside the point. Sam ends up snapping that she’s just a regular mom but even she doesn’t look like she believes what she’s saying.

At CatCo, Lena is sad that Kara missed a meeting she had that morning, but doesn’t care at all that James is butthurt about not being invited at all. And y’all, this makes me so sad. James was such a great character once. So great. He was a great friend to Kara, he was kind and patient and smart-souled and smiley. And now he’s pouting because Lena rightfully assumed he had more important things to do than attend a getting-to-know-the-new-boss meeting when he already knew the new boss. And whatever, even if it’s a meeting he should have been invited to, it’s Lena’s first day as the owner of a multi-media conglomerate. Surely there’s a better way to be like, “Hey, actually, I’d love to be involved in meetings like that in the future!” but instead he all but stamps his feet and pouts.

But James Olsen, despite being too far from his Season One self for comfort, is harmless, and mostly just annoying, so Lena smiles her best “I’ll let you think you won this if it’ll make you feel better” smile and tells him about her next meeting.

Lena sort of smirks at James

Who needs laser vision when you have such expressive eyes/eyebrows?

And listen, if they’re trying to set this up as a romance, and their way of flirting is asserting dominance over each other like this, I’m not sure I’m here for that. Then again, if they cut this out and it gets Lena invited to game night, I could potentially allow it. As much as I’m not generally a fan of boss/employee relationships, the idea of Lena dominating in Monopoly is too exciting to resist.

The next time Supergirl faces Not!Petra, she thinks she’s ready to protect herself against her brainwaves, but she goes all wobbly again. J’onn tries to make a psychic shield, but it’s no use. The delightfully evil woman muses that fear is a powerful tool and uses her power to take Kara back to the time she was most scared in her life, the moment her mother put her in that pod and sent her away from everything she knew and off to a new planet.

Alex calls out to her sister and Kara snaps back into her reality, but the blonde baddie is nowhere to be seen.

Winn has found out that her name is Gayle Marsh and that folks in the biz have been calling her Psi. Which is not what I (nor Cisco) would have gone with, but whatever.

Kara tries to play it off like she can’t figure out Psi’s deal, but she pulls Winn to the side and says that she knows Psi is feeding off fear, partially because of what she said to her own face but also because of what she’s felt both times she got hit by her beams. She doesn’t want Alex or J’onn to worry too much though so she wants to keep it a secret, which always works out well for everyone when dealing with life or death situations.

Kara furrows her brow, scared and nervous and worried


Lena comes in to ask Kara to do something, but for the second time today, Kara brushes her off. Lena asks if this is about her break-up, and if she needs more time off, but Kara snaps at her and says it’s personal and she doesn’t want to talk about personal stuff at work. She realizes now how spoiled she got working first for someone who barely noticed when she came and went, and then for someone who knew about her Supergirl gig.

Lena then does what’s hard to do as a friend-turned-boss and tells her friend that she’s taking advantage of their friendship. Kara is missing meetings and shirking assignments. Kara realizes that Lena is right.

Lena looms over Kara's desk

This kind of power dynamic is actually only good in fanfic.

Kara gets an alert that Psi is at it again and runs off to stop her, but she gets as far as the elevator and the shirt rip. As soon as the doors on the elevator close, Kara’s vision blurs, her chest tightens, time slows down. She eventually gets it together enough to bust through the ceiling and take a deep breath in the wide open sky, but it’s too late, Psi got away.

Kara is sure Psi got to her somehow, but Winn checks her out and said she just had a regular, run-of-the-mill panic attack. Kara doesn’t think she’s capable of such a human thing, but Winn reminds her that she was just forced to relive the most traumatic time in her life, of course she’s having panic attacks.

Alex comes in and asks what’s wrong but Kara skitters out. Winn tries to maintain everything’s fine but a stern glare from Alex has him spilling his guts in a heartbeat, much to her delight.

Alex smirks triumphantly

Didn’t even have to lift a pinky this time.

After learning about what’s bugging Kara, Alex goes to Kara’s apartment to find her doing a Kryptonian meditation to try to strengthen her mind against these panic attacks and Psi’s intrusions. Now that Alex knows the truth, Kara lets it all come out, tears and all. She feels broken as Kara, this human part of her life is shattered and painful. Her boyfriend is gone, she now has to lie to her best friend every single day…being Supergirl was her escape from all that, but now Psi is taking that from her, and on top of all that, she’s being forced to relive the scariest moment of her life.

Alex tells Kara that it’s okay to be afraid, but that her fears don’t define her. What she’s afraid of isn’t who she is. And no matter, what she’s not alone. She has Alex, always.

Alex then scoots over to her and they hug.

Alex and Kara hug while sitting

This little heap of sister love is the actual shape of my heart.

Wait sorry I know I don’t usually do this but my friend Nic sent me a gif of this and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so I have to include it.

Across town, Ruby sees Psi come in like a wrecking ball and decides to be a little shit and texts her mom to save her then walks directly into the center of the danger. Before Sam has a chance to prove whether or not she has powers, Supergirl swoops in to save them.

Supergirl tries to use the tech Winn gave her to deflect Psi’s brainwaves but it doesn’t work and she is hit with yet another bucket of cold, wet fear. By the time Alex gets to, Kara is sobbing and wide-eyed and saying things like “I killed him” and lamenting sending this person she cared about off in the same way that haunts her nightmares to this day. Alex promises her/threatens us that he’s not dead, that she did the right thing, and Kara slowly realizes it’s just the fear talking.

Alex looks at Kara imploringly

Alex Danvers is the best of us.

Psi is amused; Supergirl, steeled with a new resolve thanks to her big sister, goes to face Psi one last time. Psi is amused that she’s back for more, and wonders aloud what the Kryptonian hero saw when she was crippled by fear. But this time when Psi sends her panic-juice Kara’s way, she barely falters. She walks closer to closer to Psi, and for the first time, the Petra-shaped gal is nervous. Confused. Why isn’t Supergirl afraid anymore?

Supergirl stands up face to face with Psi

Nooooow kiss.

Kara uses Psi’s words against her, headbutts her and says, “Mind over matter.”

As Psi is taken into custody, Alex checks in on Sam and Ruby, and Maggie is impressed with Alex’s kid-charming skills. Alex says it’ll come in handy when they have kids, and Maggie says she has never seen herself as a mom.

Alex and Maggie chat like they're not about to break up

This is fine and totally not a thing that could totally stop a relationship in its tracks or anything.

This is definitely something that should have come up before they got engaged, but it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment, post-life-or-death-event, pre-actor-contract-discussions decision, and they have some things to talk about now.

Back at CatCo, Kara apologizes to Lena about her behavior earlier, explaining that there was a lot of shit going on that she wasn’t really dealing with before. Lena tries to apologize back, because she’s new to this whole having friends thing, but Kara assures her she did everything right, and they hug.

Kara and Lena hug

This I’ll allow as normal friendship behavior. Unlike buying a multi-million dollar company.

Lena then introduces Kara to the new head of L Corp—totally unnecessarily since they’re at CatCo and Kara has no connections to L Corp now that Lena’s gone but that is neither here nor there— and it’s Sam. Who Kara is pleased to meet and I don’t know I guess Lena is proud to introduce them?? Is she proud of picking a new bosslady? Is she proud to introduce people to the adorable Kara Danvers? I don’t know! But look at her face!

Lena heart-eyes at Kara while Kara shakes Sam's hand


When Sam goes home, she finds a crowbar and on a whim tries to bend it but when nothing happens, she shakes her head at herself for even trying.

Back at Kara’s apartment, Kara and Alex are having a sisterly movie night, and Alex will hopefully remember her own advice down the road, remember that she will always have Kara. She will always have this.

Kara and Alex snuggle on the couch

There’s no place like home.

In the tag for this episode, M’gann appears to J’onn as a Martian vision and implores him to come back to Mars, post-haste.

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  1. I love all the Kara and Alex moments. That is still the biggest reason why I watch the show. I am so nervous they are setting up a relationship between James and Lena.

    • Yeah, if it was last season I would be up for it but he got so annoying, so OOC that I wish they wouldn’t do this to her. Lena deserves better.

  2. I wonˋt see the episode until Friday, so I haven‘t read the recap yet, but I couldn’t resist looking at the pictures.
    Brief question?
    How am I supposed to survive Kara in that outfit?
    Especially in the same room with Lena?
    *heart emoji*(*cough*)

  3. “A good kid has one bad day and all of a sudden you think there’s trouble at home?”
    The thing that bothered me most about that conversation was that she and her mom were both almost killed in a major terrorist attack last week, but somehow neither the teacher nor the mom bring that up as a possible stressor.

    • In fairness major terrorist attacks are kind of the norm in Supergirl world. It probably doesnt even qualify as a valid reason for missing work/school at this point.

  4. I love this show, its literally my happy space that balanced out the doom and gloom of handmaid’s tale. I love being harrowing/inspired at the same time, but also I want a show about a girl who outthinks, and outfights MRAs from the 5th dimension, with an badass queer sister….

    But every single episode because of dratted contract negotiations I’m terrified that Sanvers will break up and my fragile heart cannot survive that…

    • Just think, it’s better that Sanvers break up, then either Maggie be killed or Alex be lesbian in name only (meaning we never see her in a relationship on screen). I really like Maggie and will miss her too, but these things happen.

  5. – Two steps forward, one step back.
    – Sanvers and Samantha’s mornings were a great opening.
    – Was Kara eating grits? I didn’t expect that.
    – Bringing the Danvers sisters’ relationship back is great.
    – Lena acting like a professional boss is a step in the right direction.
    – Showing that Samantha is a large scale executive (the expensive house and all) is some background thought that I wouldn’t have given them credit in setting up.
    – I feel like there was supposed to be something to Psi’s backstory that they left out.
    – The crowbar scene gives Samantha’s journey some emotional heft.
    – Kara’s fear about when she left Krypton felt emotionally deep….and then it’s actually about Mon-El, so no, it’s shallow.
    – Watching “The Wizard of Oz” is great continuity for Kara going back to her guest stint on “The Flash”.
    – I know that they’re going to do it, but I don’t want Lena/James.
    – I feel that this isn’t the last that we’ll see of Psi.
    PS – Maggie was drinking tea with honey…unless having honey in your coffee is a thing and I’ve just not heard of it.
    PPS – That Sam/Kara/Lena scene in my mind is Lena looking at them going, “I’d like to see you two kiss.”

    • I think Kara was eating yogurt with granola? But who knows with that metabolism. I’ve put honey in coffee…tea in the morning is just not enough caffeine. She wouldn’t?!

      And I agree about Psi’s backstory. I thought maybe I just missed it but I didn’t think “money = happiness” was a good enough motivator for a regular gal to realize she had powers/become a metahuman and start robbing banks left and right.

      • I definitely though she was eating ice-cream for breakfast – with her metabolism, why the hell not!

    • I think that is how emotional moments, fears and PTSD work. She had suppressed a lot of what happened when she was thirteen, and it is coming back and taking the form of Mon El and how she sent him away to die. That is why one runs into the other. It is not all about Mon El. Mon El is the trigger. And clearly, the guilt also has been eating away at her; as was her resentment at her mother sending her away.

      Also, “death” no matter whose is not shallow.

  6. Reasons Jimmy is the worst:
    1) Rightfully has a go at Kara and the DEO for keeping villains of the week in tiny glass cages all day every day without any kind of fair trial. Then a season later puts on a suit and starts beating the shit out of petty criminals with a massive steel sheild.
    2) Becomes CEO of a media empire and uses his position to push stories about how great his alter ego and best buddy are.
    3) Despite being made CEO based on a personal relationship Kat Grant and very obviously lacking the necessary experience, he accuses Lena of lacking the necessary experience be his boss ven though shes already the CEO a multimillion/billion dollar company and is clearly more qualified than he is.

  7. YA KNOW WHAT I’m gonna side with James on this. While Lena is James’ new boss he is still the boss of everyone else and the way Lena went about everything undermines his authority completely. Whether or not he needs to attend every meeting he still needs to know they are happening. I would be extremely pissed if the new person working with me in management just went around me like I didn’t exist.

    Anyway, so many people did so great this episode but I would like to highlight the hair person as the MVP. Kara’s hair is ridiculous in this episode, like a freshly groomed golden retriever. There is SO. MUCH. FLOOF. The curls are just Extra Elaborate. That bun is the bun to end all buns, look at how precise and fancy it is! It was glorious to behold. I could at times focus on nothing else. Do you think it was so extra because the villain had long blonde hair this week, too? So they floofed it to the max for Differentiation? If someone told me that it’s actually two wigs plus the hair of the actor I would probably believe it. Anyway, loved the hair this week, hair Emmy for Supergirl (if this were a real award they would already be an Emmy award-winning show, of course, this isn’t the first Fancy Hair Day on Supergirl).

    • I agree I was having constant second-hand anxiety on Jimmy’s behalf, for the reasons you said and also like, who is this rich white woman walking in here and telling me how things should be done when i have worked my way up to this position

      • You both make fair points but I still stand by mine that he could have been less rude about it! She’s still learning and has had to prove herself time and time again as More Than A Luthor and also as a woman in power, of course she came in swinging! They were allies vs that douche last week, I just think they could have had a more interesting/kinder conversation about “Hey we’re in this together, let’s make sure we loop each other in on everything and not step on each other’s toes.”

        Also 200x yes re: Kara’s hair. That bun was a work of ART.

        • ok ok ok but i just want it to be right here on the record though that if someone were to buy autostraddle and then schedule a meeting and not invite me to the meeting, i would probably get so mad that all the blood would drain out of my body and i would blink a lot of times in a row and be like very angry in the forehead and maybe say something mean but probably just glare and walk away like a 12-year-old, and then i would go cry in my office while laneia fed me xanax and told me it’s okay i still matter and have good ideas sometimes, and talk me out of firing everybody who went to the meeting without me



          • hahahah well when you put it like that! I guess I was holding it against James that the show hasn’t really showed us he earned that position, just that he was in the right place at the right time when everyone else whose names we knew left – like if all this was happening to Cat Grant, I would be out for even Lena’s perfect head. But you make quite a compelling argument and I guess it’s not really his fault that Calista Flockhart wouldn’t move to Toronto and I should be giving him a little more slack. And I will be avoiding all meetings anywhere close to that situation forever and ever amen.

          • oh i’m like hardly an authority on any character or situation at all and actually tbh i feel like this is on the writers. ’cause there is a completely logical case to be made on both sides, because it is ridiculous to have a meeting without inviting the person who runs the place, and lena is smart, so why would she do that, so if she did that she must have done that because she didn’t know that she was supposed to invite him, but also how would she not know that, she’s smart! and then of course he’s mad because that’s a ridiculous thing to do. but why would she do a ridiculous thing, that doesn’t make sense for her character. so like the reality that has to exist to explain both of their behaviors is not the same reality, which is just bad writing


          • I think you nailed it right there, Riese. Bad writing. So much of the bigger plots last season was just downright lazy and it’s already tainting things this season. They’re so good at the small moments though, so I’m trying to focus on the good stuff like sisters cuddling up on the couch to watch the Wizard of Oz or Alex intimidating Winn half to death just by looking at him.

          • also only watching this show so you can read my recaps is the highest of high compliments and probably I’m going to print it out and frame it so I remember to keep writing even when all of national city is on literal or metaphorical fire

      • Yeah, I thought James was extremely polite about it. Showing up to someone’s work with no warning and ignoring them while trying to take over their job is pretty rude and very stressful for the person being targeted.

  8. Not!Petra is a perfect name for this character because it is very difficult for me to truly grasp that it was not Petra

  9. I think that Lena/James romance is a bad idea unless he gets to be the same great guy he was in season one.

    I also think that a Sanvers’s breakup is in the future or we wouldn’t be seeing these little miscommunications/arguments between them.

    And I believe Sam will shake the relationship between Lena and Kara. I think she’ll become Lena’s new best friend and Kara will have to deal with this situation.

    • “…unless he gets to be the same great guy he was in season one.”
      Yes, then he could treat Lena the same way that he treated Lucy by being emotionally unavailable, not committed to the relationship, and pinning after someone else while they’re together.

      • Yes, he was a total douche to Lucy but he was emotionally unnaveilable because he was in love with Kara. I’m not defending him or his actions but I want to think that he acted this way because he was immature.

        The thing is: is he mature enough to get involved with Lena? I don’t think so but I wish he was that good, supportive guy he used to be to Kara if they really pair him up with Lena.

    • I prefer a break up to either Maggie being killed or Maggie always being off screen, thus no on-screen Alex relationship. And since the actress is moving on to other stuff, there’s not much other choice. I think they’re making the best of an awkward situation.

  10. They have said there will be a break up… which sucks because the way they wrote the relationship last season was great and now it is just ridiculous arguments. Just doesn’t make sense the way the characters are behaving…

  11. Okay I thought this episode was great but CAN WE TALK ABOUT KARA RIPPING OPEN HER SHIRT IN THAT ELEVATOR. First, she rips it open BEFORE THE DOORS CLOSE. Someone could have seen that so easily! And then, Kara, sweetie, what are you going to do when you get to the bottom floor? Are you going to be Kara Danvers with her shirt ripped open and the Supergirl symbol underneath? (In which case, why would you bother to rip open your shirt in the elevator in the the first place?) Or are you going to be Supergirl? Wouldn’t someone notice Supergirl just casually strolling out of an elevator on the ground floor of Catco and find it a bit odd? AND THEN! She bursts up through the whole building! WOULDN’T THAT CAUSE A LOT OF DAMAGE? STRUCTURAL DAMAGE??? SHOULDN’T WE BE WORRIED ABOUT THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THIS SKYSCRAPER THAT SUPERGIRL HAS JUST DONE MASSIVE DAMAGE TO, SEEMINGLY NEEDLESSLY???

    • OH MY GOD THANK YOU. An elevator is destroyed and only Kara’s purse, glasses and clothing are in there and everyone’s just like okay sweet whatever? Like no one at all including new CEO on her first day is like oh holy shit there’s a supergirl shaped hole in the ceiling of my elevator and also the entire building.

    • Haha. Totally agree about the questionable timing of when to rip open your shirt, but I think the bursting through the ceiling was not a plan, but rather a reaction to the panic attack she was having.

      Still hilarious that there was no mention of it.

      A couple explanations:
      1. Since Cat Grant knows, perhaps she has a team following Kara around and quickly fixing things for instances just like this ;)

      2. See #1, sub James Olsen

      3. See #1, #2 and sub Lena Luthor

      It’s all so ridiculous, that it’s quite entertaining, though I’ll admit I was really worried about the structural integrity of that elevator shaft.

      Maybe the DEO fixed it? If so, I want their general contractor, man. Do you know how hard it is to get any elevator work done? Seriously, if you have any relatives going into trades, have them become elevator repair persons/technicians. I’m completely serious. Super specialized. In demand.

  12. Also this episode strangely sort of resulted in me shipping Petra and Jane, a ship I was never super into before? Because Petra was just so . . . sexy? And adorable? And I guess maybe being on Supergirl made her suddenly seem much gayer than usual?

  13. Also as much as I desperately don’t want Sanvers to break up, if we’re losing Floriana I’d rather have a break up and still get to see Alex’s romantic/wlw life than have them still in a relationship offscreen. So, let me be the first to say: I hereby ship Alex with Sam.

    • When the met last week I thought: since they plan on breaking up Sanvers because of the kid thing, maybe Sam’s Alex new love interest, so I’m with you, I ship them, especially after the whole “She has no father”.

  14. Leave it to this show to bring up such a hot button issue and i would love to hear what side you all take…band or DJ? I am with J’onn’s school of thought where the song just doesn’t sound the same when sung by a random band.

    this is only episode 2 of Ruby but yes she is a little shit. But what about Sam, is she the season’s villain or are we supposed to like her? Is she gonna discover her powers and then get the DEO to help her hone them? Then isn’t that just a replay of the Mon-El story from last season? And is Sam Kryptonian or from some other planet? As for the “twist” that she worked for L-Corp, I kind of sensed that she was maybe going to work as Lena’s assistant at CatCo but then look at her house and her car, no assistant can afford that. But what confused me was when she dropped her kid off at school she was like this job will give us money like she is some poor single mother when she’s driving a Lexus and living in a huge house, so what woodwork did she come out of that she can run L-Corp?

    I’m not sad about James, he’s a little whiny bitch. I never liked that he took charge at CatCo so I am glad Lena has stepped in and kind of knocked him down a peg or 17.

    Sanvers and the baby thing, did Chyler say to the writers, listen we did this story on Greys, I doubt people would notice but that Arizona didn’t see herself as a mom and Callie really wanted kids and they broke up because of it so when Floriana wants to come back we can just get back together. I mean the dialogue was almost word for word. Anyway to me it didn’t seem like Maggie absolutely took the topic off the table in the end, like they would discuss it, hmmm.

  15. I am on James’ side. He should have been notified both that Lena is coming over and that she was having a meeting.

    And, he did work for it. He was the art director at cat co and acting management person when Cat was away. It was not a random decision on Cat’s part.

    I am not a fan of Season One James who treated both Lucy and Kara badly, but, I am okay if they could have character growth for him.

    I still don’t think Mon El is going to come back as Kara’s romantic interest. It does not make sense.

    Lena was absolutely right to pull Kara up for her lack of attention. I am glad she realised that.

  16. Did no one at CatCo think it odd that someone burst through the roof of the elevator and out the top of the building? Aren’t there camera’s in every elevator?

    How can Lena not know – she has to right?

  17. So, a few thoughts on this episode:

    1. I love the relationship between the sisters and I wish that TPTB on the show appreciated that it’s the most valuable relationship on the show.

    2. What’s worse: having Mon-El on the show or the endless pining for Mon-El when he’s not on the show? I’m leaning towards the latter.

    3. Ruby is the worst. THE WORST. I mean, she jumped right up to the top of my “worst tv kids” list, springing past Maddie Conrad on Nashville, Vanessa Huxtable on The Cosby Show and Julie Taylor on Friday Night Lights.

    4. DJ. Always go for the DJ.

    5. So the writers want us to believe that Lena doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl? Yeah, no…I’m not buying that at all.

  18. Enjoy all of Valerie Anne’s recaps especially since I’ve decided to no longer support the show live. I love Alex and Kara but I see the writing on the wall and with what I know I won’t be supporting it.

    Fanfic for me it is and of course the great recaps.

  19. “Kara was sad because she found out she couldn’t have gluten anymore and had to send her favorite loaf of white bread into space.”

    I love you. <3

    Ok, two things that are really, really bothering me about this episode:

    1) Since when does Lena call white bread Mon-El? Wasn't his "human" persona Mike or something? Seriously, when did that happen?

    2) Wasn't Kara in stasis the second she was put in that pod? How is she even remembering Krypton exploding or floating around in space? Isn't the entirety of the show built on the fact that she was asleep while she was floating around in space which is why Kal-el was grown up by the time she met up with him on Earth?

    • 1) I think when they got kidnapped together by Mon-El’s parents? Though I don’t remember the actual moment when it was revealed to her that Mike was Mon-El. Maybe she never found out? Maybe she thought Kara Danvers has a friend named Mike and a boyfriend named Mon-El and her boyfriend and friend both disappeared at the same time? Honestly her not knowing Kara is Supergirl is becoming more and more unbelievable as the eps go on so I hope they loop her in soon.

      2) I don’t think she went into stasis until she got knocked off course and landed in that prison dimension. But I mean they changed her mother’s literal face so really it’s anything goes at this point haha

  20. Ruby needs to gtfo, I know she’s only a child but seriously, make better decisions. Its been a while since one character has made me shout at my laptop screen so much.

  21. I cannot be the only person that hated the writing in this episode. I do have one major axe to grind. I hope the producers know they don’t have to actually break up Maggie and Alex. They can make her go away on a special assignment after marriage. SHe can go home to Kansas to take care of family. She can do anything other than unrealistically break up for no good reason. Lest we forget all of the progress Alex made with Maggie last season to manufacture some unrealistic reason for them to break up now. NOW? They can have Maggie have to leave town until they recast the role. It just doesn’t make any sense and is not believable that the work these actors put into making us believe their story would go towards them randomly breaking up. Even the baby thing isn’t an issue at this moment that would make them break up. The producers can do better. We deserve better.

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