Sunday Funday’s About to Adopt a Gayby and Wear It As a Hat

HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY! It’s a beautiful morning / afternoon / evening, isn’t it? I honestly don’t know what time it is because I just came back to the East coast and suddenly it’s always three hours later than I think it is. What’s up with that?

While I fix my clocks, let’s dig in to some good news!

This is a Turtle Wearing a Turtle as a Hat

She’s a 140-year-old tortoise. He’s her 5-day-old son. This is the end of the Internet. (via imgur!)


Portgual’s About to Have a Gayby Boom

Portgual’s newly-elected Parliament has endorsed legislation that would finally open adoption up to same-sex couples and broaden access to assisted reproduction methods. In other news, Portgual’s local businesses are most likely bracing for a baby shower boom unlike any of us has ever seen before.

From Gay Pride in Lisbon. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

From Gay Pride in Lisbon. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

“All children — including children in [foster] care — have a right to have a welcoming family, providing love, stability, security, commitment, and the opportunity to bond and enjoy interactions essential for their development,” said André Silva, deputy leader of center-left political party PAN, according to Gay Star News. “It is clear: in Portugal there is a clear discrimination against this type of parenting.”

“The road to equal adoption rights for same-sex couples in Portugal has been a long one,” said European LGBT group IGLA-Europe’s executive director Evelyn Paradis in a statement. “Today is a wonderful day for families in Portugal, for the LGBTI activists, civil society groups and allies who have worked so hard to eliminate discrimination in adoption law.”

This Proposed HUD Regulation Would Open Up Shelter Access for Trans Folks


A policy proposed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development would require federally funded emergency shelters to house trans people where the heck they wanna be placed, damn it.

Seoul National University Just Elected a Lesbian Student Body President

23-year-old Kim Bo-mi just made all kinds of herstory and a whole lotta noise.

 “I hope that people love themselves for who they are and live with confidence in this world. So I am telling you here that I am a lesbian,” said Kim Bo-mi, during her campaign for the election of the Seoul National University’s student body president. She is the first student president who came out of the closet in South Korea, a country that remains largely intolerant towards homosexuality.

Good News About LGBT Protection Laws: A (Mini) Round-Up

+ A business coalition in Kentucky is throwing its weight behind statewide legislation protecting LGBT folks from discrimination at work.


+ Indiana’s state Senate is hearing a bill that enacts protections for queer folks, albeit with religious exemptions.

These Are Otters in a Hammock

Did I stutter?


Nathan Lane just married his partner of 18 years, and thus I think we should all watch The Birdcage tonight.

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  1. Okay so that one Otter is like me, not used to cuddling to sleep and constantly moving and waking up the other person, but being aware of it and trying to keep still. It’s the woooorst.

  2. Happy for Nathan Lane! Guardedly optimistic about statewide fairness legislation in Kentucky, though I’m sure it will take multiple legislative sessions to get there. But in the meantime: otters!

  3. It’s not just me being a perv, those two otters just start going at it, right? and their friends run to the corner of the hammock as though that is giving them enough privacy? So really… that’s not a hammock. It’s an otter sex swing.

    HOW PRECIOUS ARE THOSE TURTLES?? I like to imagine the little one is saying “I’d hug you mom, but my arms are too short, so I’m just going to stand on your head so that you know how much I love you.”

  4. Two things!
    1. Congrats to Nathan Lane, and yes please to The Birdcage! My wife and I stopped at a deli in Princeton once and saw that they had schnecken – I’d never realized they were an actual thing, because my one and only reference to them was, “Perhaps one more for the road; do you mind? When the schnecken beckons…”

    2. I work at a nature center and we have two of those tortoises. They’re called sulcata tortoises and they’re awesome! They are also, however, vulnerable in the wild and overpopulated in captivity. It’s not a pet if it outlives you!
    (more info for the curious.)

  5. Anybody else ever notice how close herstory is to heresy? And feel gleefully, puckishly, wicked about it, but then feel weirdly existential about it because abrahamic relatish patriarchal thinking has any one who isn’t a cis-het man as a knock-off of the original and so all we do and all we are is a heresy…

    Our is herstory is heresy because we are heretics of the patriarchy.

    Too deep and weird?

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