Sunday Funday Will Bear Witness To Your Queer Love

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Happy Sunday Funday! I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing I didn’t wanna do and it was amazing. May we all one day live past the point of remembering when we cared. Here’s some good gay news to take your mind off of everything else!

God Bless the Internet and Lesbian Love Amen


Einav Morgenstern and Tamar Yahel needed to find witnesses in two hours or else their marriage wasn’t gonna pan out – and that’s a big deal, because they were in Toronto seeking to legalize their union in their home country of Israel. They reached out to the internet for help – and absolute strangers made sure their big day still went down flawlessly. 

Yes This Is a Pantsuit Flashmob

If this doesn’t make you wanna vote I don’t even know who you are anymore.

ICYMI: The #TransTakeover Was Amazing

This is a movement I think we can all believe in.


So About Australia

+ Hundreds of people came together this weekend in Melbourne and Sydney to rally for marriage equality – without a public vote – in Australia. Whether or not to put the issue up for debate in front of the entire nation has sparked a big push to, um, not, and now the Gren Party is even putting pressure on the Labor Party to get in on the Shut This Thing Down Party happening across the country. So many people agree: Gay rights should not be a matter of public debate! Can I get that tattooed on my face or what.

REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

OUTSaskatoon Brings Elderly Queer Into the Fold Again

I honestly just couldn’t not put this here because it warmed my heart and soul:

Research from the Saskatoon Council on Aging has shown care homes generally mean well but don’t do enough to provide a safe, positive environment for LGBTQ people. The council couldn’t find people to take part, even anonymously, for fear of being outed.

“It seems seniors in Saskatchewan have tended to go back into the closet because they’re getting to the point where they need care homes and care facilities and care givers,” Lippmann said.

“To me it was important to create a space where people could come and feel comfortable to express themselves however they wanted to, and it was safe. They didn’t have to worry about what the ramifications might be.”

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  1. n4a (National Association of Area Agencies on Aging) in the U.S. is committed to outreach to underserved and vulnerable older populations, including the LGBTQIABC…XYZ populations. AAAs, along with many NPOs (Not-for-Profit Organizations) such as Catholic Charities and the Alzheimer’s Association have partnered with Pride Centers and LGBTQIABC…XYZ organizations across the country, to help both elders and their caregivers; helping them to maintain their dignity and remain independent in their communities for as long as possible.

  2. I’m excited for the US Presidential debate tonight. Hope Hillary wipes the floor with the Donald

  3. Well, don’t know about anyone else, but I would just love to watch Trump supporters attempt to do a choreographed flashmob.

  4. The flash mob dance is fantastic!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s amazing dancing . And I am pretty sure I fell in love with the woman in the red pantsuit in front!

  5. Can we, as a group of queer people, stop calling it “gay marriage” in our own spaces ffs? Otherwise i might have to “gay divorce” autostraddle. It’s equality.

        • Which, like, I can think of a ton of SEO tags so problematic that a website shouldn’t use them despite it possibly upping their traffic, but for me (and it sounds like it’s different for you, @iconicplatonic), “gay marriage” doesn’t feel like one of those.

        • Hmm, i thought it was in the section about the rally in Australia. Might have been edited, but in fairness i might have just misread it; i haven’t slept much this month.

  6. Yay I love it when people talk about Australia! It reminds me that we are more than some big Island in the middle of nowhere full of Crocs

    P.s that rally was great!

  7. Typo in the part about Australia. You mean to say the Greens party. :)

    Glad to finally see a tiny bit of coverage about what’s been going down re: marriage equality in Australia.

    I preface this statement with a declaration of how much I love AS. But, I have been pretty disappointed with the lack of coverage in Australia and the proposed plebiscite. I know the AS staff and readers are predominantly from the US, but you do have readers in Australia. And I feel like AS has covered the fight for marriage equality in a bunch of other countries, specifically thinking of Ireland right now, a lot more than you have for Australia. There’s a lot of interesting and/or fucked up stuff going on around this proposed plebiscite and I’m surprised that AS has barely covered it.

    Anyhow, sort of rant over. I really do love AS!

  8. The way AUS media and politicians address LGBTQ equity through an intersectional mental health lens is really unique and inspiring. Good on ‘ya- a heap of countries could learn from yous on this.

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