Sunday Funday Knows All You Need Is Elderly Lesbian Love

Happy Sunday beloveds! How are you feeling today? Loved? Cared for? Cold? All valid feelings, and most importantly I’m glad you’re feeling them. School is almost over for me and all I can think about is not doing work for six weeks straight and not feeling guilty about not doing work!! I love being a forever-student primarily because I love getting long ass breaks! I found some cute stuff for y’all this week, hope you love it!

All You Need is Love

+ Senior Couples Try the 36 Questions That Lead to Love. Including the most perfect lesbian couple on the planet.

+ In “195 Lewis,” a queer, black, and female cast navigate relationships in the rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy. You can watch season one online now! (I just finished the first episode and y’all, it’s pretty great)

+ British Airways reunited this lesbian couple and you’re not gonna believe what happened!

Queer Miscellany

+ ?️ YAAAAAAAAAS! Y’all, this looks so good, I literally cannot wait.

Islamic boarding school for transgender people in Java is providing a safe haven amid a harsh crackdown on LGBT rights.

+ Melissa Etheridge got arrested for pot possession y’all, and the picture the Billings Gazette used makes it look like she’s feeling like a rockstar about it.

Happy Sunday! Did you start defrosting your turkey yet?!?!?!!!!

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