Sunday Funday Is Honoring the USWNT Honoring Audre Lorde, Sally Ride and Abby Wambach at the SheBelieves Cup

Happy Sunday femmes, themmes, butches, and all in between. How you doing? I hope you’re hanging in there. Global warming really made herself known in Texas this week. One day it was 80º and the next day it was 37º! Very normal late February weather! I love it! I also woke up on Saturday to discover that I’d had a full blown brawl with something in my sleep, resulting in a sprained wrist! I love Mercury in retrograde!!!

On a more genuine note, I got to chair a panel where three of my colleagues presented their research. I love them all so much. They’re all queer and people of color and y’all, one day we’re gonna take over the world with empathy and healing and free health insurance and housing for everyone. I have a dream today.

+ At yesterday’s SheBelieves Cup, the USWNT chose names of “powerful, influential, iconic and inspirational women” to wear on the backs of their jerseys. Among them, obviously, were some kickass queer women, including Sally Ride (Tierna Davidson),  Elena Delle Donne (Emily Fox), Abby Wambach (Alex Morgan), Robin Roberts (Alyssa Naehe), and Audre Lorde (Megan Rapinoe). Also lots of other kickass women, like Beyoncé and Serena Williams. Read more about whom each player chose and why at the link above! The answers are really moving, for example this is why Alex Morgan chose Abby Wambach for her jersey:

…when I think of my teammates, there’s no one who has helped guide me or give me advice and confidence more than Abby. I’ve never had that sort of partnership with someone like I had with Abby. She made me believe in myself at times when I didn’t. She instilled this confidence in me. She was always there for me, and as teammates sometimes fighting for the same position, you can sometimes be selfish, but she was completely opposite of that. She wanted to have success, but she also outwardly told me that she wanted me to have more success than she ever had. She wanted me to break whatever records she set. Having someone that really fought and believed in me and told me about her belief in me was pretty incredible. I’ve never come across someone like that.

Scoring a goal while wearing an Audre Lorde jersey? Awesome.

The USWNT tied England 2-2. Their next game is against Brazil in March 5th.

+ Barbara Ellen writes a review of The Future is Feminist for the Guardian.

This is one of the key strengths of The Future Is Feminist – a full commitment to diversity, not just in terms of races and generations, but also topics, styles and approaches, resulting in a varied, energising read. At the same time, all the pieces seem connected in spirit – signifying a thread between the generations that may, at times, have become frayed, but is ultimately unbreakable. Considering the bold title, it should be noted that this collection makes precisely zilch attempt to prove that the future is destined to be any more feminist than the past or present. However, it does showcase the feminist voice as a continuum – surviving and thriving in the most unexpected and challenging of circumstances. Maybe that’s even better.

+ Dior and YSL are infusing feminism in their design.

+ This Jeffrey Marsh interview will make you feel loved.

+ There’s a new BBC podcast about non-binary folks hosted by two non-binary folks, Caitlin Benedict and Amrou Al-Kadhi.

+ Forbes wants you to meet the co-directors of ClexaCon, Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski.

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+ Hugh Ryan’s new book explores queer life in Brooklyn in the twentieth century.

+ Have you heard? Instagram is full of lesbian animals. Enjoy!

+ After last week’s general conference re-affirmed a commitment to homophobia in the United Methodist Church, Methodist-affiliated colleges and churches throughout the country, such as Birmingham-Southern College, have made a point to be openly and explicitly affirming of queer folks.

+ After a Tennessee lesbian couple was denied a wedding cake, celebrity cake artist Jay Qualls decided to step up.

+ Edie Windsor‘s memoir, A Wild And Precious Life will soon be published.

+ A new plaque has gone up in front of the church where Anne Lister married Ann Walker, now calling her a “lesbian and diarist.” A plaque put up in July mentioned Lister’s “gender non-conformity” but not her sexuality.

+ Listen, is Nigella Lawson gay? Unfortunately not. Is she the only woman who is serving up one of the most erotic cooking experiences you’ll ever get on prime time TV???? Ten thousand times yes. Now go watch five hours of her cooking and get your daily dose of Mommi energy.

+ If you’re in Austin for SXSW, here’s where to find all the queer shit. (Have fun for me, I will be in class 🙃)

+ Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, the first ever trans cultural district in the US was co-founded by #XLBossLady Aria Sa’id and two other black trans women.

+ Here are 11 Black LGBTQ+ documentaries to help you celebrate #BHM365. To quote Whitney Houston, “We need a longer month!”

+ AND OUR TECH DIRECTOR CEE GOT A PUPPY!!!!! Look at that tiny adorable puppy butt!!!

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Farewell friends, I hope you have a really great week filled with baby animals and laughter and deep breathing and good sleep and lots of water. I hope you feel loved and seen and taken care of. I love you so much and I’ll see you next week!

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  1. Yeees. So glad to wake up this morning and see my thought of “I hope Autostraddle writes about this” while sitting at the USWNT game, actually came true. Pinoe putting a rocket in the back of the net while wearing Lorde on her jersey.. was just other worldly.


  2. The USWNT players and their choices are pretty great! As are these links! I really feel like you communicate your care for us, in what could be a very dry or pro-forma link round up (if I did them). It’s impressive and thank you

  3. Soooo looking forward to Clexacon! First time I’ll be back in the US since they started fingerprinting all 10 fingers of us foreigners like criminals.

    Shows how excited I am, although I am severely bummed the POI women won’t be there (I mean, of course, the show has been over for years.)

    Hopefully there will be some positive news about Wynonna Earp and ODAAT by then!

    • I hate the fingerprint at the airport with the fire of 1000 suns.
      But fingers crossed for positive news about Wynonna Earp and ODAAT

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