Some Things: Blah-loween

Cameron is an illustrator hailing from Ohio. When she’s not drawing, she’s probably very, very quietly having loud thoughts about: queer things, her eventual shop, what to watch next on Netflix, food, names for her future pets, and tumblr.

Cameron has written 76 articles for us.


  1. It mind-boggling (and tiresome and exhausting) how quickly and vehemently people who see no problem with racism get offended at the idea of anything disparaging white (and/or straight) people.

  2. I feel the opposite! I usually don’t get into Halloween but this year I am feeling the extreme need to be someone/thing else for a night. Something that doesn’t have to worry about politics or rights being taken away, like a dinosaur or a fictional witch.

    Also, I’m thankful for queer-only Halloween parties. Not that our community is without those problems, but the likelihood of seeing a racist Halloween costume is much lower.

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