New Extended Skins USA Trailer Features Hot Lesbian Action, Other Stuff


I still don’t own a teevee, but I might have to get one so that I can trip balls on life with the cast of Skins USA!

What do you think? How do you feel about Lesbian Maxxie aka Tea?


Ruby Rose is apparently the first lesbian to appear on the cover of FHM.

Well… that’s what they’re saying, but as we all know now, Ruby Rose is not the first lesbian to appear on the cover of FHM.

But she is the first OUT lesbian to appear on the cover of FHM! (Plenty of bisexuals have graced the cover, you know how those lad mags love a reluctant bisexual).

Reports The Sydney Morning Herald:

“I was dating someone – I ended that a couple of days ago because it wasn’t working out for me,” Rose says of her recent squeeze. “She wasn’t the kind of person I thought she was, let’s leave it at that.”

The clucky Melbourne girl, who admits she wouldn’t be surprised if she had a baby in the next few years, also reveals she still has feelings for her former fiancee, supermodel Catherine McNeil.

“I’ve got Catherine, my ex, back in town and we’re going to meet up and work on our friendship,” Rose says.

She says she has been asked for years to pose for a men’s mag.

“I’ve said no to every men’s mag to do any shoot because it didn’t feel right at the time and I didn’t really want to do it.

“But then I shot with photographer Carlotta [Moye] and both times the pics have been extraordinary and I thought it would be fun.”

Rose also feels strongly that there is an undiscovered female readership of the blokey mag. “Growing up, when I was younger, if I got a copy of FHM I’d be rapt.”

And as for the girl with whom she poses so intimately in the shoot? Rose says it was Moye’s choice – the wife of Ksubi chief George Gurrow, Franziska.

“I didn’t want a friend to do it as the rumours would start and I didn’t want it to be a tall, blonde big-boobed girl. I wanted a model model and she was awesome; she kept laughing, saying, ‘George is going to kill me – I can’t believe we are doing this.”‘


Convicts in Love: Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason and the gay-themed Phillip Morris wallows in each and every one of them“The film’s obvious hook is that Carrey and McGregor are playing a gay couple. While their relationship is handled in a matter-of-fact manner, the script is littered with content that borders on insulting.”

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  1. I really don’t understand why it has to be episode for episode, practically verbatim the UK Skins. I kind of feel bad about it and like I’m angry and don’t like those kids. Chances are very high that I’ll still watch it anyway.

    While my girlfriend sits at the other end of the couch, quietly judging me.

    • THIS. Also, Skins will not be Skins without the accents. I am fully prepared to be disappointed.

  2. Actually that trailer made me think some (ok maybe like 10%) of it’s going to be different.

    Also I got really nervous when Tea said “I think there’s something wrong with me” and then almost said “thank you!” out loud (in the library… hey, I needed a study break.) when it wasn’t followed by “I think I’m a lesbian” or something to that degree. Also, she’s real cute.

  3. I think I will hold on to original Skins. Plus are Tony and Tea making out. Is there some rule that cliche must be forced into every lesbian story. Enough!

  4. i never watched the first 2 seasons (naomily fangirl) so this is all new and magical to me. and tea is smokin. i could make a horrible name pun but ill just refrain.

  5. Ruby Rose may be hot but her ego is just too much for me. Her ego compared to the fame that she has is so disproportionate it’s not funny.

    • Well she is rather more famous in Australia than in America and she did pose for Australian FHM so her ego may be suitable for her level of fame over here.

      • Yeah, I’m from Canberra. Just from what I’ve heard, read, and seen on Twitter, she seems to have a disproportionate ego. That’s all.

  6. AJS, what celebrity, even a more obscure one, doesn’t have some sort of ego. What exactly has this Ruby Rose person said that encourages seeing her ego as being a problem. Just wondering.

    • Of course they all do. But she is just an MTV VJ. And am going on what many people ‘on the scene’ have said about her. They often mention how full of herself she is and how she knows she’s hot. She constantly talks about what the ‘papers’ have been saying about her, sometimes even on a daily basis, on Twitter. She’s just an MTV VJ like Kim Stolz but she acts like she’s way more than that.

  7. And well, I didn’t say that a celebrity having an ego is unusual. I was saying that hers seems disproportionately big.

    • I love when people hear things and make judgment. I follow her on twitter too and I don’t see what you see. One thing that I’ve learn from written messages, like twitter, is that everything that is written is received by the reader in the tone/way that the reader see the person. If you believe that she has a big ego, it won’t matter what she says, you’ll read everything she post in a ego tone.

      I always say about all people, don’t judge if you don’t know that person. Yes, a lot of people that you know (or that somebody you know, know)think she had a big ego. But there is also a lot of people that have met her that thinks she’s a sweet and wonderful person. So unless you haven’t met her yourself, don’t hurry to conclusions.

      (You keep use the word “seems”, so I take it you haven’t met her yourself.)

  8. So it’s exactly the same except for any trace of Maxxie. I disapprove. Why was it necessary to replace him? If they needed a lesbian character so desperately they could have just inserted her. Oh well. I guess I’ll just watch it, gripe about how it’s not as good as the original Skins, and then go back and watch seasons 1 and 2 to make myself feel better.

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