Skins Recap 402: “Emily” (and let’s be real – “Naomi”)

by riese & crystal

Hello children & muffmonkeys, Riese & Crystal are here to recap 402 for you! Last time we asked if you wanted us to recap the whole season or just the Naomi & Emily parts, and you told us you want us to recap the hell out of all of Season Four. So here we are doing what you want us to do. Did your ex-girlfriend do that? Probs not, just saying.

This one was easy ’cause it was all about Naomi & Emily. I feel like that line from the Tegan & Sara song – “don’t judge a book by the size of its wrist” — finally makes sense, I think it was supposed to be the title of this episode.

The only appropriate way I can think to preface this recap is by saying OH MY GOD. If you thought you knew what was going to happen in this episode based on 401 or last week’s trailer, you were wrong. This was not a predictable story arc. If you did predict it, email me because I have some questions about the stock market.  This week’s episode can be youtube’d here.

Remember how last week’s season premiere was a massive downer and some of us lost a little bit of confidence in the writers of our favourite show? Well you’d be pleased to know that the Great Depression is over (for now), the opening scene of Ep 402 have restored our faith –

I’ve Been Looking So Long At These Pictures Of You

The Temper Trap emotes all lovely and dreamy-like while a near-naked Emily strolls around Naomi’s living room, gazing lovingly at various photos of her la-la-love Naomi, before she became corrupted by lesbian sin.

[Song: The Temper Trap – Conditions – Sweet Disposition]

She’s sharing a particular emotional moment with a childhood photo of Naomi when the postman rings twice…

Not only do the British have their school funding situation sorted (we established this last week — couches, foosball tables, drug-flushing toilets, etc), they also have postal workers that actually walk all the way up to your door and deliver the mail person-to-person rather than just throw your new records on the ground in the middle of a rainstorm for the crazy cat lady next door to steal and then use to prop open the door to her feline harem but hey-o! Look at me projecting!

Emily doesn’t notice him standing there because of his conspicuous clothing and so he takes his time ogling her rack, he clearly wants to give her another sort of package ifyaknowhatimsayingheyyouprobsdo ’cause that’s what she said.

Just Try It, It’s the Body & The Blood of Christ, Mom Gave It To Me

The postman gives Emily a plain brown package and so she takes it upstairs to where Naomi is lying in wait for some food, they probably haven’t eaten in days due to all of the teenage lesbian sex they’ve been having. We can probably assume that they haven’t left this bed for the last three months.

Naomi tells Emily to turn around while she opens the package so that once she straps it on, she can just plow it on in, ’cause who doesn’t love surprises? Assholes, that’s who.

Oh wait. NM.

Oh look! Glasses for snorkling or traveling through outer space yay!

I’ve Always Wanted to be a part of your world!

On a scale of one to ten Emily could not possibly look more ADORABLE than she does right now in those super-fly goggles. This is my new screensaver, all girls should wear these goggles ’cause they’d render serious conversations impossible, and I hate serious conversations/feelings.

Or so you’d think. Naomi tells Emily that she loves her, and that she should never forget that. Emily says “I know.” Oh also, Naomi’s crying.

Teardrops on my Guitar

This is sweet and all, but where’d Naomi go? What happened to that outspoken, sharp-tongued girl who went up against Cook for class president and threatened to fuck Katie with a great big strap-on by mistake? I realise that the writers are trying to show that the Lesbian Relationship worked wonders for Naomi’s venerability but seriously, harden up, don’t let that conformative lifestyle haircut lessen the strength of the big mean dyke raging inside.

Dykes on a bike

Naomi and Emily are getting in some practice for Mardi Gras, cruising down the street on Emily’s orange scooter and sharing a cigarette. They’re having fun! They’re laughing! This is the Skins I love.

[Song: Skeletons – Tiny Masters of Today]

Lost & Delirious

It’s the Skins that these private school girls love too, you just know they’re looking on and imagining the riding they’re gonna be doing after hockey practice.

Garage Band

At the Fitch’s, Emily’s dad is clearing space in the garage. He forces Emily to give him a hug which I think is the universal sign that shit is about to go down, the last time my dad gave me a hug he was just going to the metaphorical store for some cigarettes. I guess he never found the store.

Let’s Get Real Maria Full of Grace

Mrs Fitch wants to discuss Emily’s “options” for next year and we’re pretty sure she doesn’t mean Dinah vs Lilith. Emily tells her not to worry, it’s all figured out, she has already committed herself to the Parent’s Worst Nightmare Plan: going to Mexico with her lesbian lover Naomi. For all ye living in the States keep in mind these girls are not gonna get there on their scooter, this is sort of a dramatic plan, eh?

Mrs Fitch is unimpressed, she thinks Emily should study up on some university pamphlets just in case things don’t quite go to plan. Which is stupid, right – if two hot-blooded teenagers in their first girl-on-girl relationship run off to Mexico, what’s the worst that could happen? Also, where’s Katie at?

Scooter Girls

Naomi taunts Mrs Fitch with a generous compliment before they drive off in search of Muttley. Kids these days, no respect. Emily’s mum stands in the doorway looking really sad/steely, she’s probably thinking about all the drugs and group sex they’ll have in Tijuana and wishing her life was more like that instead of about hugs in the garage, etc.

[Song: Six Day Riot – Sky Father]

Life can’t all be about scooters and biscuits in bed, Naomi and Emily have got to get to school so that they can walk the corridors holding hands and making out.

Just Like taTu Promised You It Would Be

It’s all fun until Naomi spots a police poster out of the corner of her eye announcing the desire for information from every one who has seen something to say something. I hate it when death gets in the way of lesbian makeouts, like this time:

We Have to Stop Now, Dana’s Dead

Yes it’s that girl who dived off the nightclub railing after huffing the drugs Naomi dealt her. Remember her? She was wearing a different outfit last time you saw her.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Naomi

Well it turns out that her name was Sophia and she was a cadet. It also turns out that the bobby are back at the school and requesting to speak to Naomi and Emily specifically.

Inspector would like to know how well Naomi and Emily knew Sophia and nervous they hold hands under the desk which is sweet but probably unnecessary, they’re among friends here. Her little assistant is there. Let’s just call him James.

I Wouldn’t Go to Jail With Only Boys Just to Prove I Was As Tough as You Actually

Naomi denys knowing Sophia which is not entirely true, but she can’t say as much because Emily still doesn’t know about that whole drug thing. See the inspector heard the three girls were “quite chummy” which I think is code for “lesbian sex orgie friends.” Emily is super confused. Me too. But one thing’s cleared up: it wasn’t Columbian Marching Power as we suspected but rather MDMA aka Old Reliable, making its return from series three.

Naomi continues with the lies, claiming that they were at home with the cats long before any death happened. That contradicts Emily’s earlier statement, the truthful one where Sophia nearly tripped over them pashing on the staircase as she climbed her way up to the top just to throw herself off.

Naomi. This is not how you cover up a crime; launching into immediate contradictory statements. Next time I need someone to sell drugs for me I will not be asking her!

There’s Something So Divided

The police let them go and Emily is understandably hot on Naomi’s heels, wanting to know why she’s telling so many lies but Naomi isn’t talking.

Emily: Hey, it’s me. What’s going on?

Naomi pulls Emily into the restroom presumably to make out, I hear that’s what lesbians do in restrooms so Riese says [It’s true!]. It’s a really serious moment but Emily’s wearing those goggles so I can’t take her seriously.

Naomi: I did see her at the party. It was me who sold her the MDMA.
Emily: Since when are you dealing?
Naomi: I needed some money and I thought if I just went in on this MDMA deal –
Emily: I could have given you some money!
Naomi: It was for these…

Oh God. That’s like the worst; Naomi shouldn’t have said that. Still, it’s clear these two have a good thing going on because despite the position Naomi put her in, Emily seems open and ready to listen/forgive/care.

Naomi: I thought I could keep you safe. I’m sorry.
Emily: Who gave you the MDMA?


I Told You to Say NO to Drugs Cook, NO, This Isn’t Like Hooking Up Where You Think No means Yes

Obvs Cook gave Naomi the drugs, Emily wants to know if he also gave her name to the police. Cook thinks Emily needs to “chillax,” which is one of my favorite/least favorite things in the world. He points out accurately that causing a scene in the middle of the hallway is not how a dude chillaxes.

Emily has a million questions, but all Naomi offers is that she doesn’t want to go to jail (surprise!) and then she snaps at Emily, who’s being perfectly lovely, asking her to “mind your own fucking business for once please.” Everyone knows women in jail have sex all the time so really it is defo Emily’s business. Also she was looking forward to tacos.

Naomi says they need to act like everything’s fine. Emily’s eyes says it’s not. She could get pissed and walk away, but she cares too much, and so she apologizes while not backing down on being confused.

This scene made me realise that Kathryn Prescott is a really good actor. Clearly I haven’t been paying attention.

Sophia’s Choice

Emily, inspired by Nancy Drew or Harriet the Spy, is now taking her feelings to the dead girl’s house in search of answers.  But the thing about looking under rocks is that you’ve gotta be able to deal with what they turn up, like Sophia’s mum revealing that Sophia was always talking about those girls Emily and Naomi. You know, “Ems” and “Noams.” I think this means that Sophia was clearly a serious lesbian and she looked up to Naomi & Emily for being out and in love.

Sophia’s Mum: How do you know her?
From College.
Sophia’s Mum:
Are you in with Naomi and Emily and that crowd?
I see them sometimes.
Sophia’s Mum:
I thought they would have called around by now. Sophia talked about them non-stop.

The Last Picture Show

Emily has a snoop around Sophia’s bedroom and realises that Sophia liked to make those picture carousel thingies. Nancy gives it a spin and looks inside and the drawing is of TWO GIRLS KISSING.

This is intense! Emily pokes around the bookshelves where she uncovers a University pamphlet with a keyring and a letter addresses to Sophia’s brother Matt inside it.

Show Me The Key To Your Heart/Death

And then Matt busts in, looking freaky and mean:

Nancy Who Nancy Drew

Matt says he never heard about a girl named Nancy. Well, that’s Nancy for you, she is a very good mysterious girl detective.

Matt: Did you know someone gave her drugs the nigth she died?
Emily: No, I didn’t know.
Matt: Were you her girlfriend?
Emily: What? No!
Matt: You’re fucking lying to me. They say she killed herself but that’s bullocks, I know she didn’t do that.
Emily: How?
Matt: She didn’t say goodbye.

Okay you guys, we’re not even 15 minutes into this episode and now the dead girl may or may not be friends with Naomi and Emily, I DON’T KNOW. She may or may not also be gay and her death may or may not have been a suicide and not drug-induced flight. Her brother may have been a terrible bully who didn’t want her to be a lesbian. I may or may not have a headache and may or may not have just lost faith again.

Emily passes the letter to Matt — perhaps this is the suicide note he was looking for? She takes the University brochure with her, though.

[Songs: Dressed in Dresden – The hundred in the hands, Fear, fear fear – Jehn and John]

I Never Knew ITT Tech Had So Many Options for a Girl Like Me

Emily sits down at a cafe and studies the university brochure, possibly to find out more about Sophia or possible because she anticipates that her storyline is only gonna get worst and wants to look into those “options” that her mother was talking about. That’s when she noticed this picture —

This Must be a Brochure for Sarah Lawrence

Ladies and gentleman of the jury I would like to include into evidence Exhibit F, actual photographic proof that Naomi and Sophia have been in the same place at the same time before. I labeled it for you because I didn’t actually ‘get’ that this picture was of them, Sophia’s perm threw me into thinking I was looking at 80’s stock photography.

Also is this a photo from the brochure? A photo that Sophia was storing in the brochure? If this was Law & Order, the ‘twist” music would start right about now.

Emily runs to her mother’s place of work and is greeted by the super campy co-worker who wants to know if Emily’s upset about JJ, the dude she sympathy screwed in season three. He tells her that young boys would have sex with a snake wearing makeup, which is a horrifying image so let’s move on to the waxing room.  Emily busts in on her mother’s wax job because has questions:

Wax On, Wax Off

Emily: You told Graham that I was straight?
Mrs Fitch: He’s known you since he was a little girl!
Emily: He’s as gay as a window!
Mrs Fitch: He’s an adult, he’s earned the right to be gay. You’re too young to know what you are.
Emily: I know, mum.
Mrs Fitch: You think you know. Is there any specific reason you’ve been crying? Maybe Naomi?
Emily: No, we’re fine.
Mrs Fitch: You should go travelling, to find yourself. Won’t she just get in the way?
Emily: She’s my fucking girlfriend! You’ve got nothing to do with this.

Mrs Fitch really knows how to drive her point home, and she’s equally skilled in Bad Ideas. HOWEVER if I was getting a bikini wax and some girl busted in and furthermore left the door open, I would be upset. Though slightly comforted to know she was a lesbian.

Mrs Fitch: What if I was to give you a thousand pounds, would that change anything?
Emily: No! What, now you’re bribing me?
Mrs Fitch: Emily you’re mind! I’m just trying to help you. Naomi’s not right for you. There’s just something about her that I just don’t like.

For 1000 pounds she could probably get a LOT of MDMA! Or the Tegan & Sara deluxe set with the ink blots. Or a Real Doll to replace her girlfriend when her girlfriend goes to lockup.

In the well-funded cafeteria, Freddy is eating chips with a fork when Effy swoops in, her second appearance this season. She has sort of been like one of those creatures in Sci-Fi movies who pop up from space like Ghosts. Maybe I am thinking of Ghost Dad starring Bill Cosby.

Hello, Stranger

They sit in silence for a long time which is fine, I’m happy to just look ’cause Freddie has really nice hair and a nice jaw and if I squint he passes for a girl, which makes this scene totally work for me. But then Freddie wants to talk.

Freddie: So how was your bath?
Effy: What bath?
Freddie: The one you popped out to take about three months ago.


Effy: I went to Italy. How was your summer?
Freddie: Not bad. I got chlamydia.
Effy: Wow. Exotic.
Freddie: That’s what I said. Then I realised Cook got it as well and then it didn’t feel as special, if you know what you mean.
Effy: I bet it liked you more. So who gave it to who?
Freddie: We didn’t. There was an intermediary.
Effy: And you’re all clear now?
Freddie: Clear as a bell. I’m not sure about him though…

Effy’s eyeing off Freddie’s crotch but lifts her eyes just long enough to see that Freddie is pointing to Cook, who’s in the background and way jeals. She tells Freddy that it was him who she spent all summer thinking about, and Freddy doesn’t reply and so she jets. I’m not going to show you the hot pants Effy is wearing, they hurt my heart.

Would You Tell Me Tough Love Style, put Judicial Weight On Me?

Freddie just wants to eat his chips in peace but this time it’s Emily who swoops in, wanting to ask loaded questions about feelings.

Emily: Have you ever loved someone and then something happens and you wonder, perhaps you never really knew them at all?

Firstly, Angela Chase had that same exact thought AND THE SAME HAIR COLOR. They’re probs lesbian matches made in TV heaven. But anyhow, as Emily says it, she’s staring at her girlfriend who is huddled in the corner of the rec room with some [assumed by us to be] lesbians, laughing at how the Lilo/SamRo story in US Weekly is nothing like the LiLo/SamRo story they read about on the internet LOLZ. I don’t know for fact that they really are lesbians, they might just like lip piercings and plaid. They’ll transition soon enough.

Since when did Naomi get friends? The last time her sexuality was brought up she wasn’t sure she loved women, just Emily, and now all of a sudden she has a gang of lesbros and a lesbian past either documented or not in a Uni catalog.

Freddie doesn’t care though, he’s too preoccupied with watching Effy hug Cook. Hot Topic called and said you know what Effy, you make that bracelet work. You work it. It would look better removed by a gynecologist from my cervix where you accidentally left it, but moving on.

Emily: Do you trust her?
Freddie: What? No, I don’t have to.
Emily: But if you two got together, wouldn’t you be worried she might fuck Cook again?

Freddy tells Em that he’s too busy to have this conversation right now, he needs to go and punch out a few dudes ’cause that’s what Cook does and Cook gets all the ladies.

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  1. This is a six-seater table Emily, what do you want me to do?

    He’s an adult, he’s earned the right to be gay

    I’m not supposed to love her but I do because I CAN’T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT

    Also, I totally awww about Emily and her Dad.

  2. There’s some really hilarious quips in this recap
    And man did I feel all ?!?! at the end of this episode

    I’ve read Naomi’s episode is the last of the season
    So I’ve come to except I will not get the storyline i’ve hoped for by the end of the season, but it’s going to be interesting.

  3. Such an epic recap! I was cracking up so much!!! In this episode, I thought that the few lines that Katie had were pretty hilarious. I don’t know why, but everything she said made me want to laugh/punch her in the face. Also, in the house party scene, when Naomi was whispering in the other girl’s ear, it sounded like she was telling the girl that a guy was looking at her. But maybe it was just wierd sound editing and was supposed to be someone else saying it. Anyways, just wanted to give you kudos for the fabulous recap!!!

    • Thanks! You know, you’re probably right about what Naomi was whispering into that girl’s ear. Sometimes it’s just more fun to pretend that everyone is a lesbian or a future lesbian.

      • Haha, that definitely does make shows more interesting. I think I was probably just trying to hang on to any last bit of hope that Naomi hadn’t cheated on Emily.

  4. I was way too invested in their relationship. I thought this episode was really well executed and I totally didn’t see the ending coming. The scene between the two girls on the roof was heart-wrenching. Nice “Our Town” reference.

  5. This episode was trying to give me a heart attack. I saw the lezzie stalker obsessed story being the way things went, not the Naomi cheated and then pretended like the girl didn’t even exist story.

    The little brother in a dress reminds me of the little brother in Sugar Rush.

    Lynne and I had a great money-making idea- Since the cast/stories are all changed up after 2 years, and this is it for Naomily, we want to pitch a Skins/Naomily movie. It would basically just be Kathryn and Lily making out the whole time.

  6. I was completely hacked by this episode. My feelings were much the same as Riese’s. I believe in their relationship and it’s genuine quality without having seen all the adorable “we’re learning about each other emotionally and sexually” moments. (Although let’s be honest here – it would’ve been MUCH better had we seen these things happen.) And it felt very real and painful to be with Emily as she looked at that book.

    I really want them to work. Cause I like to look at Naomi (I like it a lot) and I like Emily’s lisp (it is very cute) and it’d be really nice to see these two make it.


    • My gut feeling is that Naomi and Emily are going to get back together and then live happily ever after.

      • Mine too. That’s how it should be, after all. Maxxie got to run off with his one true love to wherever they were going, so should these two. Any couple of girls that look ~that cute in fake moustaches ought to be together forever.

  7. Brilliant recap. My thoughts, in short –

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed Cook hadn’t washed his hands. But it’s Cook, would be surprising if he did.
    2. I got mega vertigo when they were all up on the roof and the camera did the birds eye view shot. I also felt a bit sick because I thought Emily was going to jump.
    3. Why does Cook always bounce back from all the shit that he goes through? I kind of want him to completely fuck up and for it to be a little more realistic. Otherwise it’s just the longest self destructive phase ever. Booooriiiing.

    • To be fair on point number one, also complaints in the article on him peeing in the tub, I feel like there’s an age range where being shittered at a party, and walking in to somebody taking up the bathroom, the shower/tub totally becomes fair game. No? Just me?

      …Except Emily wasn’t using up the toilet was she… Oh. KIDS THESE DAYS!

  8. ‘Effy, you make that bracelet work. You work it. It would look better removed by a gynecologist from my cervix where you accidentally left it’
    hahaahaha wtf, that thing is well past her wrist.

    i also thought that photo of naomi and sophia didn’t look like sophia at all, i thought she would be smaller than that? different hair? hence confusion, until the part where they sugar spelled it out.

    • That comment about Effy and Hot Topic was one of Riese’s – it is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I laughed audibly, which is something I rarely do.

      • It actually took me a minute to read that right, I didn’t get it was meant to be you or Riese talking and was thinking “Freddie has a cervix?! This IS a progressive show!”

  9. If I had watched this alone, in the middle of the night (which is when I usually have the time to watch TV), I would have cried my heart out. Daylight and snarky remarks has a tendency to ruin the mood, but I still loved/hated it.
    One of the things that got me genuinely upset is that Emily no longer looks like Emily the Strange (the cartoon character).
    I hope they give Effy a bit more of a story line than being in love with pretty-boy. Remember season one? When Effy didn’t speak? Awesome. She’s screwed up. Please don’t fix her.

  10. Well. I’m all up in akimbo over this. I was SO invested in their relationship last season, and I suppose I just kind of didn’t believe them as a couple this episode,from the cute garibaldi scene until the roof scene, which was incredible. I don’ know why, maybe there just wasn’t enough longing, or smiling. Hardly any smiling. boo. Or kissing. I want them to get back together, and Naomi should have to grovel for ages and ages and do all the cooking and buy flowers et etc. (Erm have you seen next episode trailer? COOK??!!!)

    p.s. The gay guy in the salon is an weird, brilliant and unnecessary cameo for us in Britain, H from Steps.(pop band circa umm 1997)

    p.p.s love the fitch fam

    p.p.p.s Sophia wouldn’t have got into that uni anyway, cos it was Goldsmiths, an they defs don’t take girls with massive triangle perms and emo drawing books

  11. Great great recap. It was a monumental effort to stifle massive laughter at the bracelet/cervix remark.

    I have to side with Crystal with this one, I enjoy the Naomily storyline immensely, but I really struggled to invest in them in this ep. Maybe it’s Naomi’s new haircut, or maybe Emily had a point when she said that Naomi’s always scared. She’s right, like get a new fatal character flaw already Naomi.

    Things I loved in this ep:
    – Panda dancing
    – Effy walking away and revealing outrageous hotpants
    – The shots of Emily looking up at the end. I think girls look stunning when they’re looking up at stuff. I remember once at uni, a girl that lived opposite me in halls, we were friendly but not close. We’d been chatting at the top of some stairs, she left and went downstairs (not in THAT way), then when she got to the bottom, she called something up at me and I looked down at her upturned face and I thought “Wow, you’re really beautiful” and I hadn’t noticed it before. Of course I didn’t say anything, but I wished then, as I do now, that we all felt free to tell each other we’re beautiful.

    Also, I’m still totally confused by the photo in the uni prospectus. If it was just a random photo someone took, why did they take it (and develop/print it and send it to Sophia) when it had been established that Naomi/Sophia didn’t know anyone else on the open day? Or if it was actually part of the prospectus, there’s no way that a shot taken of them at an open day during the summer would have been in time to get into the prospectus for the next year. I’m usually quite good at suspension of disbelief, but that IRKED me.

    • Yeah, my suspension of disbelief was super-stretched as well. I think we were meant to believe Naomi/Sophia were photographed in summer 2009 and when the books for fall 2010 came out in fall 2009, that photo was already in it. Maybe it’s just a really efficient and up-to-date catalog company?

      • The uni catalogue is for entry in 2010, so it would have come out in 2009 so people can decide whether or not to apply there.

        • Right, we’re just saying that it was awfully quick that Naomi and Sophia *just* went to the Open Day and somehow ended up in the catalog that *just* came out… usually with stuff like that the picture/layout deadline is so early that pics from that summer don’t make it in.

  12. i really love this was good, but was nearly crying at the end..
    LOVE LILY LOVELESS AND KATHRYN PRESCOTT..they look so good together!!!

  13. I loved this episode. I was looking forward to happy lesbians, but I never expected Skins to bring the love; it’s Skins, they do drama best. I loved how real it was; people cheat, and it’s not out of character for Naomi at all, even though it’s a crying shame. Innocence doesn’t always last, but love can. It’s a normal relationship (as far as it can be for a deliberately exaggerated show) and I think that’s important – to show that there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just in love. How could you possible think of it as abnormal? Love who you love, you know?

    I don’t think a lot of the dead stalker girl storyline, that’s twice Skins have gone with a stalker story which I think is a tad daft. But hey-ho, you don’t get everything you want.

    Still not enough Katie, though she owned every scene she was in. I think the boyfriend’s an improvement on last series – sweet and trustworthy? Katie’s trying something new there. I actually find the bedroom scene where she asks Emily to stay the most touching of the episode. “I’ll back you up. Emsy, don’t leave me here.” Aww, I get mushy thinking of the twin-bond.

    But the roof scene; oh, my heart. It’s okay, they only broke them up this early so they could spend the rest of series getting them back together. Naomi and Cook doesn’t even work – she fancies girls like seriously! – so I will not allow myself to fret.

    • Aye, I totally agree that it was an early breakup to provide a satisfying reunion later. If they’d have been all happy in this episode, it wouldn’t have boded well. I think that’s why I couldn’t engage as much – I was too cynically detached, thinking about how the whole story arc would pan out.

      I also agree that the stalker storyline is a bit tired, and that the Katie/Emily scene was great, and sewed seeds that we will see some good development of her later.

  14. Naomi probably expected Emily to come by and pick up all her stuff, since she’d moved in and all… therefore reasonable that Naomi put the note on her door.

  15. I think these lines are beyond fabulous. I’ve read and reread them a few times now and I think they are amazingly spot on:

    “But also don’t you feel like you can just sense it sometimes? I don’t think people lie successfully all that often, it’s just a matter of if you’ve decided to operate at an honest level with another human or if you’ve already silently agreed to never know the whole truth about someone. Kids tend to prefer honesty; perhaps it has yet to burn them, they tread less wearily towards it.”

  16. i love emily.

    i love emily’s dad.

    i love “For 1000 pounds she could probably get a LOT of MDMA! Or the Tegan & Sara deluxe set with the ink blots. “

  17. I think I’m with Crystal on this one. As much as I’d love for Naomily to persist, I don’t really care too much for them together- not sure why exactly. Loved the Fiesta though! & Cook next episode looks intense!!

  18. Cook is so gross. Just, ew.

    Epic recap. Really, I only stopped laughing to be occasionally heartbroken. And Riese’s concern about the future of Naomily tumblrs is legit. They need to work it out!

    • *Really* not a fan of the chavs, eh? Or people with food related names… (Cook, Sugar) ;)

      • lol Well-noted.

        Maybe it’s the chav-name combo. It’s like I’m extra annoyed by them for putting bad things in association with one of my favorite things- cooking/food.

  19. This recap is spot on! I watched it last week (and its on again right now!)and I was kinda up n down with it (emotionally wise, yeah I’m a soppy romantic, I know, I really must clean the tint of my glasses!),But I was looking forward to this series to see how they developed their relationship, and the early pre-season trailors had quite a few shots of them together…which of course all appeared in pretty much the first 1/2 hour of this episode…crap I thought, does that mean this is the end for them, already…Nooooo?!! Oh and a side note “god damn ad breaks, just as things were getting good on the cargo nets!”
    I think there is definitley more going on with Naomi, which I guess will gradually reveal itself. Oh and another side note, I love Emiliy’s and Katies younger brother too, he was awesome in the last series and I really hope he has more scenes. Episode 3 will be interesting, roll on Thursday!

    • Ha, I’m also glad they did that with the brother, because it seemed a bit weirdly incestuous when he was spying on the twins in the bathroom and stuff last series. Emily looked totally kickass when she was, well, actually kicking him in the arse.

      • Oh I know, and half the time it did look as though they were actually hitting/kicking the sh*t out of him!! He’s a great little actor, I know its all scripted but its just the way he comes out with things without blinking, cracks me up!!

        • i just love having a randomly cross-dressing brother in it. it’s just such an arbitrary genderplay and it’s not really used how it is in sitcoms as a punchline, it’s just sort of weird and funny and honest. i liked the scenes with her family; they felt very real to me.

  20. This was a really well-written and funny (in a loling way) recap!
    HOWEVER- I think you missed a very hilarious, and I’m pretty sure very intended, reference: when Naoms and Ems split at the party, Naomi says “Stay alive…I WILL find youu!” which is a line from ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. Quite clever (if it was in-fact intended) I think.

  21. You should really read (and hopefully recap) the official Skins novel. It follows the characters during the summer between series 3 and 4. About 60% of the book is centered around Noami and Emily. You get to see Naomily’s relationship develop a bit more. And also might i add the novel is quite explicit and its nice to see what effy was up to during her summer in Italy.

  22. Gosh I love Naomily! I was slightly disappointed at yet another lesbian stalker/suicide/murder storyline, but they pulled it off really well. And Lily Loveless (Naomi) is actually a pretty decent actress huh?

  23. I love the Brit TV, they pump out the most amazing stuff.

    And I have to say, I love the storyboard for Sophia’s journal/story. It was simply lovely, something I’d love to capture in my own art journalling.

  24. ZOETROPE! That’s the picture carousel spinning thing with the 2 girls kissing! It’s an early mode of animation. I got mine as a kid from the Museum of Moving Images in London and it’s great fun.

  25. Is that Naomi Cook is kissing in the next episode. GAH. that girl kills me a little bit. (Call me!)

  26. what the ef?! naomi and cook? didn’t they try that back in the day, and naomi was all like..i like girl! i hope it’s brief, and i hope ‘naomily’ returns/remains for my viewing pleasure.

  27. All the Tegan and Sara references in this recap make me feel like I’ve finally found my people. (If I had Emily’s mum, I just may have taken the 1,000 pounds. [I couldn’t afford an ink blot.])
    Hilarious analysis/commentary.
    Great (and heartbreaking) episode.

  28. -WOW. What a long roundabout way of telling a cheating story.
    -It would have been better if Naomi almost cheated but had the decency, restraint and love not to cheat.
    -Freddie my dear EFFY gave you chlamydia. She is a whore
    -I agree with Crystal about this relationship. Usu I am all for the homoship but I can’t get with them for some reason.
    -Good recap as alway

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