Sex, Drugs, Dykes: Syd Tha Kid’s “Cocaine” Music Video

All I know about Odd Future is that hipsters like them, a lot of people including Sara Quin find Tyler the Creator offensive and they’ve got a lesbian member named Syd Tha Kid. Syd, along with Odd Future’s Matt Martian, are releasing a “mutant-R&B project” called “The Internet” from which they’ve released two tracks already — “Love Song -1” and “They Say.”

Now they have released this video. This video for their song “Cocaine” features Syd at the carnival with a pretty girl, doing lines and having a time. It’s really sweet and special until the end, but I’m fresh out of fucks to give this week so I’ll have to leave that part to you. What do you think of the video? Have you ever done cocaine that made you hallucinate and get droopy-eyed? That is some fucked-up cocaine. Cocaine sure can make you act like a heartless bastard though, that much is true. Don’t do drugs, kids! Seriously don’t.

(via @stereogum)

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  1. Yeah, that was dumb. The music and the video. Also, I think they took ecstasy and that’s where the hallucinations came from? Who knows.

  2. The fuck? I was totally with that till the end where my mind briefly lapsed into a coma and I don’t ever want to remember that bit. Also I did not like the music

  3. Why are her earphones in? RUDE.

    I should try to put some intelligent comment about Tyler, the Creator or Odd Future here but they just piss me off so yeah.

  4. Wtf? Agree it was mediocre on every level. Seriously bad song. And hallucinations do not make sense with cocaine at all. And why would someone just leave a girl like that?!

  5. It was LAME.. But hello this is the same person who said THIS:

    “When i started, like, fucking with odd future heavy ; my dad was like “really?” like, “they talk about, like, some crazy shit. And as a female, like, you are slapping alot of other females in the face.”

    And I’m like :

    That’s what I do – I slap bitches… DAAAAD”

    Nice Syd….

    • Yeah, I remember that quote. It’s still horrible the second time around. What a narrow-minded misogynist.

  6. The first two minutes were cute and then they started taking drugs. I mean, who takes drugs at a carnival? Clowns are scary enough as it is without adding hallucinogens. Also, the end when she chucks her out of the car. What the fuck was that?

    • On second thought, maybe it’s an anti drug campaign. Don’t do drugs kids. You’ll have hallucinations (even when you’re not taking hallucinogens), get seduced by an evil lesbian and then she’ll dump you on the side of the road.

  7. first of all they have no musical talent at all.. I could make that on my computer right now.. second WHAT THE FUCK! that girl needs a reality check asap

  8. I guess I’m the only one that likes this, haha. Kind of reminds me of Frank Ocean or The Weeknd…

    • Yeah, I really dig this track too. The rap verse is horrible (“Let’s snort”?), but the production’s great – sounds almost like The Weeknd channeling Tortoise.

      I have mixed feelings about OFWGKTA, but I often get the impression that most of their biggest critics don’t listen to any hip-hop or R&B, or don’t pile on the same criticisms lyrical-content wise on other genres that also use “shock” subjects (death metal, horror core, etc…)

      • I love hip-hop. I can appreciate the uniqueness of their production — simple beats with repetitive trance-like melodies that flip-flop with smooth bridges and rhyme phrasing and cadence that ties it altogether. The problem is, while I find myself listening all the way through instead of turning it off immediately, why the fuck would I want to listen to it again? It’s not catchy, fun, deep, introspective, poignant, clever, uplifting, or any of the above. It’s slightly odd beats that sound under-produced with shock lyrics with no other meaning. It’s the surface cringe and “huh, that beat is unique/weird” and that’s it. Zero replayability.

        And I want to meet the person who chooses to hear callous, graphic fantasies of rape, murder, cannibalism. I know music affects my mood. Why would anyone WANT to listen to that shit repeatedly is beyond me. Like I said before, it’s immature little shits who think not caring and being weird is cool. And the difference between, as you say, other “shock” subjects and this is that death metal and “horror core” are inherently seen as weird-ass shock shit. It’s not mainstream. But Tyler the Creator, for instance, mostly sounds like hip-hop anyone might make, except he is rapping about murdering women and committing necrophilia. Then again, I could never understand why anyone would enjoy a movie like American Psycho that strikes me as gratuitous with little to no commentary or meaning, other than the stupid gimmicky “did it all actually happen” ending.

  9. oh my god this is awful. agreed…this is NOT what coke does to you!…they just blew some acid or something dude wtf…also the end? are you KIDDING ME? i truly hope this is not the direction in which lezzie music is going or i might as well just give up now :/

  10. I think someone sold them ketamine instead of cocaine. They should write a strongly-worded letter.

  11. Pingback: Odd Future Fans - OFWGKTA

    • Syd apparently didnt care. Black out or dead you apparently deserve to be abondoned for not being able to put out (at least that was how I felt)

  12. Were the real effects of cocaine not scary enough that they had to make these up? Also, for a song about a stimulant, this song was slow, boring, and bland.

  13. even if it would have been a lesbian fairy tale with hugs and kisses and a happy end in which they ‘commitment ceremony’ each other….
    sara quin is awesome therefore I will not like anything about odd future.

  14. I don’t give a fuck if there’s a lesbian in the group. Those guys rap about raping women for the hell of it. It’s about weird shit for the sake of being weird. Shock rap without not a whole lot of message or meaning. They have a unique musical style that is interesting and experimental, but sounds ultimately amateurish and unfinished. How these guys ever got known is a mystery to me. If I had to guess, it’s image. They don’t sound like anyone else or look like anyone else and as a group they are unified and consistent in their messaging/image — and they self-promote a hell of a lot. I’d be a lot more OK with this video — maybe even excited about a lesbian rapper being associated with a known group — if the group she’s with wasn’t so misogynistic. Leaving some girl who may have just died is par for the course with this group and really pales in comparison to some of their lyrics, so whatever. Not to sound all old and whatever, but these are punk little shits who think not giving a fuck about anyone or anything is cool.

  15. ummm, yeah. i feel like this is a ‘don’t do drugs kid, look what can happen’ sort of thing. but on accident. XD i am really disturbed by the whole thing, not to mention the song is pretty lame. and what kind of message are they sending when they dump the girl out of the car in the end? p.s. clowns are scary enough w/o adding drugs!

  16. um, what? what the hell was that ending?

    This whole video was ridiculous and should have never happened.

  17. I feel so bad for educators out there. They are trying so hard to teach kids that drugs are bad and there’s nothing “cool” about them, then kids go home and listen to a song with the lyrics “just try it once, don’t worry” Doesn’t matter that the girl passes out/dies in the video, they’ve just listened to 3:27 of how fun coke can be.

      • Obviously not one song on its own, but do you seriously think that, for example, the connection between drugs and rock musicians didn’t play a part in getting a lot of clueless teens (already desperate to be cool) to try them?
        Alcohol, cigarets, drugs… a lot of teens try them just because they want to be cool. Let me tell you, they don’t think it’s cool because their mother told them so…

        • A lot of teens try drugs because they have lots of feelings they don’t know how to express, they’re bored, they’re interested in experimenting, they’re trying to figure themselves out, and anti-drug programs lie so they don’t trust them. I’m sort of sick of this “people only do drugs to be cool” thing. I think any educator working with kids to stop them from using drugs should definitely know how to look deeper than that.

  18. I think it’s funny how they don’t even have any “clever” lyrical euphemisms for drugs and just outright say “do you wanna do some cocaine?”

  19. I like odd future and I like this song. Yeah, they are super offensive, and I can see how it’s not for everyone… But its an just an act, it’s supposed to evoke emotion and get a reaction. It’s a story, it’s not reality and you shouldn’t take it (or most things you hear in rap music) literally. Would you get mad at an actor for playing the part of a rapist or homophobe in a film? I’m not saying anyone is wrong FYI, just my opinion :)

    • I would get mad at an actor for playing a rapist or homophobe in a film (well I would probably just get mad at the people who created the film) if the film was glorifying rape and homophobia, yes.

  20. The song is fun.

    As for the video, it’s alright-until the end.

    The ending is DISGUSTING. Does anyone who thinks this video’s ending is okay agree with other extremely derogatory video’s such as Kanye West’s “Monster”? Look it up on youtube if you want to be depressed.

    The more videos that are out there normalizing this “fuck a bitch and leave her” mentality are lowering the levels of respect in society.

    (steps off of soapbox. This kind of shit just pisses me off)

  21. People keep shouting at me for liking Odd Future….and I cry when people shout at me…soooooo….

    I’m totally offended / outraged / underwhelmed by this song. My fist is well and truly shaken and I certainly don’t have it on my mp3 player.

    I’m lying, I do. But I also have Bette Midler, Marilyn Manson and Damien Rice so I don’t think you can take an awful lot from my music taste.

  22. someone from odd future attacked a female photographer at a show in new orleans recently, too.

    /needs to stop googling, but is just confused and concerned.

  23. What odd future is doing is nothing new. Eminem made shock rap he still does. People like it because it’s different and rebellious. I listen to horror core for the same reason why I watch horror movies, I like dark shit it’s appealing to me. Sometimes I’m in the mood for that. Or maybe sometimes I’m in the mood for happy J-Pop music. This video is awful though I mean the whole cocaine thing is weird and it’s there just because no one does it so it’s something new to many people. I’m a odd future fan but I don’t care too much for this track and video.

  24. OH OH OH I actually am offended by something Syd Tha Kid related:

    “tha” ….I mean wtf is that? ‘Tha’ is cooler than ‘the’, isit? NO SYD! YOU SOUND LIKE A WALLY!

  25. It’s not even a good song. It’s terrible on every level. It is just people talking mostly. That “lesbian” should be ashamed of herself for how she acts. UGLY ASS BITCH

  26. Remember when the kids at the carnival shot Jenny? Watching that was about how I felt watching this video.

  27. I feel…sort of disappointed :(

    I expected more from her, I really did.

    But then again, as someone else said earlier “cocaine is one hell of a drug” especially if you have a shitty dealer that likes fucking with peoples brains. A strongly worded letter is most certainly in order.

  28. I quite like this song and I quite like oddfuture and I’m not a bad person or a misogynist I just think it is a more accessible hip-hop and I find the lyrics are there to evoke a reaction the way family guy does with its humour. I’m not gonna go out there and rape someone and I do not think violence is good now. I’m still me.
    What I do hate is when people say I’m bad for listening but will happily listen to eminem who is the poster child for domestic abuse. Consistency for critics please.

  29. It amazes me how bad you hate on them lmao. Like dam, let them do their thing. But I dont feel like going into a big argument about this I just felt like saying, no matter how you feel, they arent going anywhere. They have almost 400,000 views on a group they just came up with and didnt even promote haha.

    Good shit OFWGKTA

  30. WTF?!! Taking “cocaine” at a carnival? Cocaine makes you feel like superwoman for 30 minutes. Its a stimulating, mood-elevating, ego drug, not a hallucinogen. When it wears off you feel incredibly depressed, hence the need to “bump up”. Cocaine empties your mind, your body, your soul and your wallet. Just like this song, it’s a waste of time.

  31. so I made my way here from the article posted recently about frank ocean and all i have to say is…..dafuq did i just watch

    im upset now

  32. God you bitches are slow don’t disrespect a new genre if you dont like it don’t listen= common sense. Also she showing how peer pressure can lead you to chase a high you will never achieve she says so on her Tumblr. If you dont understand that (go die seriously) and do your research before you open your mouth. Bunch of stupids bitches who can’t interpret lyrics.

  33. I saw this video a couple a weeks ago, and was blown away! It’s powerful and it made me want to watch it again and again.
    Of course the ending’s harsh, but so is the subject. Here are these two people wanting to have a good time, but the drug has to come in and be the medium that allows them to connect and break social barriers. Relationships built on that naturally crumble, but Syd Tha Kid doesn’t take the traditional feel good way out.
    She ends the story the same way any stereotypical “No Homo” Pseudo-Macho Male Rapper would. If you can’t get off, leave her ass. It’s not nice, but the weighty subject Syd’s dealing with clearly shows why she is gaining a following outside of her band “Odd Future”.

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