Saturday Morning Cartoons: Trump

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I'm a cartoonist living in Minneapolis. Co-Author and artist of A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns. Author of Grease Bats, coming out Fall 2019 with Boom! Studios! If I'm not working I'm socializing. If I'm not out with friends I'm drawing. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably depressed. Support me using Patreon.

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  1. Wait, when Andi says “we fuck in the sheets,” does this mean Andi and Scout are canon now? Or that something did happen between them in the past? I ship it. Ship ship ship. Sail around the world.

  2. This was excellent and the last scene almost had me fall off my chair from laughing so hard. Also, I don’t remember the comic having vivid colors like this, is this a new thing? If so I like it.

  3. Nothing like fighting as hard as we fuck in the sheets.

    I suppose this means I will be having another concussion.

    • Aye.
      And guess I’ll be snarling and damaging drywall with furniture some more.
      My only wish is this time I’ll damage the structural integrity not just some drywall.
      May the patriarchal racist forces of unfun evil collapse into rubble that can be carted away and melted down into a lesson of history to not be repeated.

      • ? Damn! Someone needs to cover your walls in bubble wrap. I can’t say anything, I break things too.
        Hopefully we can all put the destructive energy we have to good use for the next four years…. Lets keep the enthusiasm but no swords.

        • Oh it only happened like twice, if I’m feeling really rowdy I fuck in a car.

          Yeah no edged weapons, unless you’ve been really well trained you’ll hurt yourself. Stick to short staffed blunt melee weapons with good grips and no loose or jiggly parts. Long staffs take stamina and spacial awareness a novice won’t have.
          NO FLAILS or chain weapons, there’s more self harm potential with those than with edged weapons.
          Just trust me on this y’all.

          • Hope the car has a good suspension system! Never had car sex but now it gives me a motive to try it.

            I am curious to know how you know all that stuff. We should limit politcal weapon handling to foam swords.

      • I can figure a couple ways to have that happen on accident.
        I grew up with giant head board with a shelf and sometimes I’d go to flop down on my pillows and miss.
        And I have been fucked right off the bed before but I landed on my hands like the freaky cat-human hybrid I am. Hadn’t done any serious tumbling in years but I still gots the situational awareness/instincts.

        I may have shit luck but I at least I got good reaction time, still it’s miracle I’ve never gotten a concussion when I think about all the stuff that’s collided with my face or head.
        My favourite was a football thrown by a future QB that I caught with my face (that the jerk was aiming for) and one hand. The look on his jerk face was worth the pins and needles feeling.

  4. I’m Andy… Been trying to slow down a little the past day or two, but dang. It’s hard to feel like there’s time to breathe when the world seems to be coming to an end.

      • A gladius might of but most people would think it’s dagger anyway so. >_>

        And everyones says kukri is a knife, but in my opinion if it can take a head off it’s not a knife anymore.
        Which is a ridiculous way to try to insist something be considers a sword cause rapiers, estocs, gladii and the epeé de cour are more stabby than choppy but they are still swords.

        Um I have a lot of feelings about weapons…

          • Comic book nerds and gamers do tend to know more weapony things and think about them more than most people.

            But I’m weapons nerd, the only people who know more than me or have as many feeling about weapons are usually not on the same side of political spectrum as me.
            It always makes me feel so awkward and like I’m gonna get kicked outta the clubhouse in liberal spaces.
            And I cannot breathe in the other spaces as a queer afab person who doesn’t think melanated humans aren’t worth as much as the less melanated ones. The sun can cause my body to kill itself via skin cancer, that’s not superiority sorry not sorry white supremacists.

            Just because I love WWII anti-air craft guns doesn’t mean I want to use one. :(
            I would love a ride in a B-17 tho, My Gal Sal is one my favourite things in NOLA. She’ll never fly again, but I get real close to her.

            See? It’s creepy.

          • Don’t worry,Lex.
            I used to hang swords and Escrima sticks and what nots onto my wall, because I thought Angel’s bat cave looked cool.
            People were so freaked out.
            Never take interior decorating advice from a fictional broody vampire, is the lesson learned here.

        • @amidola

          Oh if it was only that nice pretty wood. I have a ridiculous broadsword with a demonic pommel, machetes, axes and things that are metal smithing tools (hammers) but honestly if a zombie in riot gear came at me I’d put a dent its dome with these tools and they look up to job to non weapon-y people.

          And vampire is like one of my looks, I have an outfit with variations that I call “I am a vampire lord mode”

          My other big interest is norse runes and you know how them neo nazi types have such a hard one for a non-semitic influenced faith blah blah Viking warrior fantasy wank.
          But I live to point out the queerness of Odin and how the Vikings were not just reavers and respected non viking people.

          It’s hysterical and ridic all the ways I do not fit yet exist in the non-fit.

          But the weapons things will always make me feel like an awkward turtle because I look at thing that was created to end lives and find it’s structure beautiful.
          I should hate the object, and wish it doesn’t exist not feel delighted when I look at it.
          People feel shook up at war museums, I feel at home.

          • There is a certain beauty in a sword.
            And there is a certain poetry in guiding it.
            I feel, as with all martial arts, that at some point you stop fighting an imaginary enemy, and begin battling yourself.
            That’s where the art of the thing begins.
            And don’t ever worry about fitting in or loving something in the vein of something else.
            There is a certain magic and power in these things, and others have harnessed them for their own nefarious purposes, doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good for, or that’s all that they mean.
            You know, like the runes, or Northern mythology.

  5. I love all of your comics.
    Anna is such a good friend. In a perfect world everyone would have a friend like her.

  6. Great comic! :D I know some of my friends need to see this and remember to take care of themselves while they are doing the hard work to take care of their communities!

  7. Sigh, I want to ask my friends when the last time they masturbated all the time

    I just want them to be happy

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