“Wynonna Earp” Episode 205 Recap: The Goo in Goodbye

Do you know how hard it is to write a recap for a show that’s so well-written most of your recap notes are just quotes from the episode? No? Well I’ll tell you, it’s hard. But I’m going to do it. (Obviously). Because I have a lot of feelings about this episode and one or two huge giant things may or may not have happened. So. Onward!

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Goo! Briefcase! Plate! Dragon!

Great. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s throw some new players into the mix. These players are dudes wearing what look like plague doctor masks, hauling a human onto a chopping block, killing him to kill the goo monster inside him. Turns out the goo isn’t one but a few, and now that this guy is headless, only the Earpy one is left.

Speaking of said goo, it’s currently in Wynonna, who is feeling free and breezy now that it’s not in our Brave Little Toaster.

Goononna swings the window open gleefully

Oh what a gootiful mooooorning

Goononna makes a dead rat smoothie while Waverly tries to reason with her. She remembers collecting shiny things for the goo, and Goononna says she did okay but there’s still work to do and only 12 hours left to do it.

Waverly tries to talk directly to her sister who she knows is somewhere inside her, and Goononna admits that it was exhausting fighting for control of Waverly, fighting all that goodness inside her. Waverly threatens the goo — she’ll use her intimate knowledge of it to find a way to destroy it but the goo threatens her (and her friends) — right back.

Goononna leans in close to Waverly's face

The goo has no respect for personal space.

Waverly’s fierceness eventually annoys Goononna enough that she decides to off the littlest Earp right then and there, but the real Wynonna fights through just in time. It’s just the right amount of time, too, because Doc shows up to pick her up from work just then so the murdering will have to wait. Instead she keeps Waverly tied to the chair and shoves a gag in her mouth and skips outside.

Goononna weirdly and awkwardly flirts with Doc to distract him from checking on Waverly, who she says is just hungover.

So Doc doesn’t go in to check on our girl, which leaves her to hippity hop around using only her insane ab muscles, though it sadly gets her nowhere but horizontal.

Doc and Goononna get to Purgatory PD, where they give Jeremy the plate from the briefcase. Which he immediately licks, because he’s an adorkable weirdo and I’m so glad he’s ours. Anyway the licking came in handy because he knew the paint wasn’t really from the date painted on it and scans it to reveal what was painted over. It’s a weird crest looking thing, which Goononna uses Wynonna’s memories to recognize. It’s from the volunteer fire house.

She’s more interested in the donuts she’s eating and trying to figure out her phone’s weather app though, frankly.

Wynonna kicks back and eats a donut like a boss

Even a demon possession can’t get between Wynonna and her donuts.

Wynonna shows little to no interest in helping Doc check out the station and obviously-feigned interest in checking on Waverly, which Doc cocks an eyebrow at but says nothing.

Speaking of Waverly, she’s still tied up and knocked down at the Homestead when she hears a noise. She shouts that she’s armed and angry but is relieved to see it’s just Dolls who comes in to call her bluff. But as soon as he realizes she doesn’t really have a gun, he turns his own on her, thinking she’s still possessed. He interrogates her until she remembers stepping over his dying body as Gooverly and breaks down crying, apologizing.

Waverly looks up apologetically at Dolls

It’s okay, Waves, you also put a Men’s Rights Activist in his place, it all evens out.

She insists one last time that she’s her, and Dolls believes her. The problem is, that means Wynonna’s not Wynonna.

And Not!Wynonna has ducked out of the Black Badge office to rock the WayHaught ship a little, teasing Nicole and telling her that Waverly needs space from her and that she can’t meet Nicole’s expectations and it’s all VERY STRESSFUL.

Nicole looks like her feelings just got suckerpunched


Nicole is hurt but she turns up her chin, tells Wynonna to take a break from day drinking, and storms off. Which is too bad, because while Goononna was insulting her, Wynonna was wrasslin’ for control long enough to write “POSSESED” (sic) on a post-it. (Goononna teases her for spelling it wrong; and technically you can watch her eyes to see control shift from Wynonna to the goo and back but you don’t even have to, Melanie Scrofano is Tatiana-Maslany-level good in this episode and you can tell from the way she holds her damn FACE whether Wynonna is in charge or not.) There’s a little more wrasslin’, a pen through the hand, a threat, and then the goo takes over yet again.

Doc comes to fetch her, so she heals up the HOLE IN HER HAND, and saucily jaunts away.

Goononna holds up her newly healed hand

If you like it than you shoulda put a ring on it.

At the Homestead, Waverly — who is still tied up for some reason? — explains to Dolls what it’s like to be possessed; but he seems to have an idea about it, and about the “Legion” she sensed. She says that the reason it leapt into Wynonna is because Waverly was non-compliant, but she isn’t entirely sure what it wanted her to do.

The adorable Dolls-and-Waverly bonding session is interrupted when Lucado comes in with her gun pointed straight at Dolls. Lucado wants the briefcase, but they’re not going to just hand it over so Lucado and Dolls fight. And while they’re being super badass, Waverly is being super adorable, frustrated they’re breaking their newly replaced windows and knowing this tussling isn’t helping anyone. So she wriggles her freshly grown wrist out of her zip tie and fires a warning shot into the ceiling, telling them to cut it out. They have bigger fish to fry.

Waverly looks DONE with Lucado and Dolls' shit


Meanwhile, Wynonna is in a diner with Doc WOLFING down pancakes and doing some more weird overt flirting, which Doc again sort of tilts his head at; something fishy is going on here.

Wynonna shoves a giant pancake in her mouth.

“What? A pancake is basically a hot, flat donut.”

But for now, they have to focus on the task at hand, so they head to the fire station. The symbol, which features an image not dissimilar to the birdlike masks the dudes in the beginning were wearing, is on the building, just as Wynonna said it would be. As soon as they step inside, Goononna starts freaking out, which the fire chief who comes out to greet them notices right away. His name is Ewan and he’s connected to the ever-mysterious Juan Carlo and he calls him and his men The Order. He tells Goononna that they’re standing on consecrated ground and asks if she’s a sinner, which she responds to by whipping out a knife. Doc excuses them and leads them outside, and asks Wynonna why she brandished a knife instead of Peacemaker. When it becomes clear she doesn’t have Peacemaker with her, all of Doc’s suspicions are confirmed, and he plops Goononna right into the trunk of his shiny new car.

Doc takes her to the PSD, where Dolls helps him wrangle her into a cell while Waverly stands by and apologizing for touching the goo.

The team decides they might need to call in the big guns, and everyone looks to Lucado, but no one has been answering her calls, much to her dismay. They need a sample of the tentacle goo to try to figure out what to do next, so Lucado and Dolls send Waverly and Doc back to the arch. Lucado reminds Waverly not to touch the goo and Waverly assures her that she is goo free and proud.

Waverly is just really cute; the face she's making isn't even really relevant to anything right now i just liked it

Goo-ten free, if you will

After Doc and Waverly leave, Dolls asks her what the deal with that mission is, because they both know and resigoo will be gone. But it was just to keep them away for a while; Black Badge has obviously dealt with this particular demon before. Dolls even knows its name: Mictian. They really do need more goo, and there’s only one way to get it…they’re going to need to take it right from Wynonna.

Lucado looks ready to chop some digits

Lucado wanted to do it SO BAD

Goononna teases Dolls for a bit but he’s all business. He holds up the shears he intends to use to cut his finger and Goononna tries bluffing and begging to get him to not, but then the real Wynonna fights through and tells him to do it. This gives him the confidence to commit and he just lops off her pinky finger, just like that. Gonnonna puts on a good show of whining and wailing as he leaves, but as soon as he’s gone, she smirks and wiggles all five of her fully intact fingers.

Goononna smirks, dimples and all

Good now she can sip all the tea as fancily as she pleases.

Waverly and Doc are at the arch, sure the snow and soil have cleared away any goo that may have been left, when Juan Carlo appears to give them a nudge the right direction. He tells them that the fire folks are called The Order and that maybe they should offer them something to get them to help them, then he quite literally disappears.

Dolls is working on a way to make something to expel the goo from Wynonna once and for all when Lucado finishes her experiment and finds herself face to face with a tiny shiny pool of goo. It sings to her and despite being the one who has said, “Don’t touch the goo!” the very most, she does just that.

Lucado is possessed by the goooo

I’m starting to be concerned by how attracted I am do the all-black eye look.

Turns out Lucado is allergic to goo though, and she fights Goocado long enough to tell Dolls to gtfo, but then loses her head. Quite literally. It’s pretty gross. And probably not regenerable.

Waverly and Doc come back and think Dolls offed Lucado, but he explains she touched the goo they made from Wynonna’s finger. (That sentence, though.) They have to get the goo out of Wynonna and fast, but Waverly is worried about what they’re even supposed to do without Wynonna and Peacemaker to close the deal.

Doc and Dolls get to work making a potion that will trick the goo out of Wynonna while Waverly slinks out to chat with her sister.

Waverly ignores Goononna’s taunts about Waverly being better than Nicole, and about Waverly having “dark corners,” and tries to talk right to Wynonna. She doesn’t know how to save her sister. But! She has an idea: she can’t save her sister, but her sister can always save her.

Waverly leans in toward Goononna who is still behind bars

“I’m not going to go full Cersei this time if that’s alright with you.”

She trusts her sister more than anything in this world and has no doubts Wynonna will solve this so she presses Peacemaker against Goononna to aggravate her and takes the goo back. Back in our Brave Little Toaster, the goo demon is impressed and pretty pumped to be free again.

Gooverly stands sexily

I’ll miss you so much, Gooverly!

And doesn’t hate that this is the body it’ll be in forever.

Gooverly flounces out and Wynonna tells Doc and Dolls that she knows the whole plan now and how to stop the madness.

The Order is at the Homestead when Gooverly gets there, but they are looking for the heir, and they call Waverly “just some girl” thus solidifying them as “bad guys” in my heart even if they are demon killers.

Gooverly is a little disappointed to find Nicole in the barn fidgeting with the shiny metal tower the goo built with all the knickknacks it had Waverly steal. Gooverly decides to distract her by pretending to cry about Wynonna being possessed so that Nicole will hold her close and be ready to protect her from her big bad sister.

Nicole holds Waverly close

My whole heart turns inside out when Nicole calls Waverly “baby.”

Outside everyone has their guns pointed at everyone else until Wynonna chugs some holy water to show she’s not possessed. Ewan calls Waverly collateral damage (See? Bad guy.) which makes Wynonna RULL MAD.

Doc has an idea and an important thing happens. Wynonna asks where he’s going and Dolls asks, “Don’t you trust him?” And Wynonna says, “Always.” Not unlike another exchange form earlier where Doc also and without hesitation confirmed that he always trusts Wynonna. They were both subtle moments, not lingered upon, but very impactful. In my humble opinion. (Read that last sentence in Doc’s accent.)

Doc comes back with the commemorative plate, which convinces Ewan to give Wynonna fifteen minutes. When Wynonna enters the barn, Nicole is standing protectively between her and who she thinks is her girlfriend but is really a goo-fiend clinging to the metal tower and waiting for lightning to strike to make Gooverly a permanent thing.

Nicole stands in front of Waverly to protect her

Nicole Haught, you better be able to fit a bulletproof vest under this new uniform young lady.

Wynonna tries to convince Nicole that Waverly is actually the one who is possessed by saying two true things: Waverly is not Nicole’s responsibility. And they both love Waverly. Gooverly tells Nicole to just shoot Wynonna and that’s when Nicole knows Wynonna is telling the truth. Annoyed, Gooverly throws poor Nicole across the damn barn.

Wynonna tries to talk to Waverly; she fought the goo for weeks and weeks, she can do it one more time. Waverly fights through enough to talk back but she says she can’t get control of her body enough to drink the potion. So she reminds Wynonna of a time she forced her to drink grape soda until it came out of her nose, and Wynonna employs that same trick now.

Sisterhood saves the day again.

Waverly vomits out goo and a tiny tentacle demon that Wynonna shoots dead.

Wynonna points a glowing peacemaker at the demon

Fuck your peace, Mictian.

Nicole scoops Waverly up and says she’d shoot anyone for Waverly but probably they’re both glad she didn’t do it just then. Then they kiss and it’s sweet and great and lovely but like if they could stop getting hurt that’d be great.

Nicole and Waverly kiss and it's beautiful

Every time WayHaught kisses in decent lighting a queer angel gets their wings.

Cue Wynonnus Interruptus.

Nicole isn’t too mad about it this time, and thanks Wynonna for saving “our girl.” Nicole reminds Wynonna she was pretty nasty to her today and Wynonna assures her that not all of it was true.

Dolls finds Jeremy to tell him Lucado is dead, but Jeremy has news too: Black Badge is gone. So maybe Lucado wasn’t being blackballed by her bosses after all…maybe she was just ghosted.

Wynonna goes to visit Ewan the fire chief and he says Juan Carlo wants them to be allies but neither of them are so sure about that. Wynonna’s team roster is a little full at the moment. But who knows what the future will bring.

Wynonna makes a "no thank you" face at Ewan

You already burned through your three strikes, HARD PASS.

Even though he called Willa the “rightful” heir which caused Wynonna to make her hurt face so that’s three strikes for me, buster.

Wynonna goes home and finds Waverly sitting on the stairs waiting for her, looking a little nervous. The goo told her some secrets about Wynonna, which makes Wynonna do this terrified little almost imperceptible gulp but Waverly says this secret Wynonna might not even know about and hands her a brown paper bag.

Wynonna goes into the bathroom and Waverly talks to her through the door, promising to be there for her big sister, no matter what. Wynonna asks exactly what the goo told her and Waverly says that the goo called Wy’s body “too crowded.” Waverly assures her again that she’s there for her, and Wynonna is sure gonna need it.

Waverly and Wynonna sit back to back on opposite sides of the bathroom door

“Anna and Elsa never had to deal with this shit.”

Because Wynonna Earp is pregnant.

I am going to be completely honest with you: when that pregnancy test said yes, I felt my heart sink. A pregnancy storyline is not something I tend to enjoy, and it was never something I thought I had to worry about on Wynonna Earp. I don’t know why specifically I don’t like them — I wasn’t even a huge fan of it on Orphan Black (mostly because of how it happened) even though pregnant Helena ended up being something of a gift. Maybe I don’t like them because usually they’re done stupidly; they’re rushed or poorly written and/or feel like a “we didn’t know what to do with this female character, let’s just knock her up” lazy move. But Wynonna Earp doesn’t do rushed or poorly written, and Wynonna Earp sure as shit knows what to do with their female characters. So why were they doing this? Well, after the episode aired, Variety ran an article explaining exactly why: Melanie Scrofano was pregnant in real life when they were filming. And that changed EVERYTHING for me. Because reading about what Emily Andras decided to do about the fact that her lead actress was going to be in her third trimester while filming was a pure display of the badass feminism that goes on behind the scenes of this badass feminist show.

When Melanie came to Emily and told her she was pregnant, Emily could have done a lot of things. She could have pushed the show out, a risky move for a new show. She could have tried to hide it with scenery and props, which hardly any show has ever done successfully. Hell, it’s a scifi show; she could have had some kind of bodyswapping demon swoop in and entirely recast the role of Wynonna. But she didn’t. Instead she decided to have “pregnant” be just another adjective to describe this wild, complicated, fiercely loyal, ass-kicking, donut-loving, goofball demon hunter.

If there was ever a show I could trust to make me love a pregnancy storyline, it’s Wynonna Earp. I trust that the show will stay our show, and Wynonna will stay our Wynonna. Well, as Wynonna as she can be without whiskey. And hey, her food cravings can’t be half as bad as Gooverly and Goononna’s, right?

Wynonna holds her pregnancy test and looks up to the heavens as if answers live there

In Andras We Trust, Forever and Ever, Amen

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  1. I think the demon’s name is actually spelled Mikshun? or at least according to amazon subtitles it is

    • The subtitles are wrong, weirdly. I double-checked on the Syfy official site. Fun fact: Mictian was actually mentioned in episode 1×04, too.

      • Yeah! Dolls tells Lucado that he saw Mictian last year, in the obsidian mirror. He says the goo was “tracking” him, which makes this, maybe, a little bit his fault? :(

        • I don’t know because at first I was going to say it was evil Willa opening the triangle but it was able to pass through into Dolls when they did the seance and the triangle was closed so :/

  2. I was pretty disappointed with the pregnancy reveal at the end, but you just convinced me to trust this show again! I’m also interested in how this will play out regarding the idea of the Earp heir – if Wynonna goes through with the pregnancy (which I assume she will considering the whole thing about the actress being pregnant), it will mean putting a new rightful heir into the world, starting a new generation to deal with the revenants and demons and everything else Purgatory has to offer. It’s definitely high stakes!

    • I hadn’t even thought about the fact that the heir stuff will make this so hard for her! She already has such a guilt complex about the whole situation!

  3. Thank you for another amazing recap and for making me feel WAY better about the new Wynonna subplot–I almost never enjoy those stories either but I feel very comfortable with it after reading this!
    Also, Doc recognizing that Wynonna wouldn’t forget Peacemaker and Nicole recognizing that Waverly would never ask her to kill her sister were fully my favorite moments. I love this show so muuuuuch it’s the only show I shout at while watching.

    • I remember in the Jack the Ripper episode that Dolls and Doc are fighting with each other to save Wynonna, but in the end she’s happier to see her gun.

  4. – “I swear this bra fit yesterday.” Foreshadowing.
    – Wynonna puts syrup AND honey on her pancakes. I love her.
    – The demon’s name MAY be Miktion, which is German for the process of eliminating liquid waste from the body. Cue Waverlus Vomitus.
    – Waverly has dark corners. Is she somewhat demonic?
    – BTW, even if Wynonna wasn’t the heir, and Waverly was a full Earp, she still couldn’t use the gun. She’s not 27 yet.
    – I’m hoping that they showed Mercedes with her face ripped off, STILL ALIVE, because maybe Wynonna is going to save her.
    – One last thing, is it me or are a lot of women dying on this show? Maybe it’s just that there are so many women, which I’m not used to.

    • that wasn’t syrup and honey that was syrup and hot sauce she was putting on her pancakes. not gonna lie, it still made me want pancakes.

    • I haven’t been keeping an exact count but while quite a few women die, quite a lot of men die too, and I think more. This episode’s score was one man (possessed, that the order decapitated), one woman (also possessed, head exploded) and one tentacle. Last week was 2 men (1 demon, 1 BBD agent) and 1 woman, plus two faceless women feeding the Ladies in Black that I hope can be rescued. There were also a lot of men that Doc shot in the bar upstairs. The previous episode, once we calmed down from the cheerleading, killed lots (4 I think?) of 27 year old men on the hockey team. Ep 2 I think only killed Jesus, the construction guy. Ep 1 (probably) killed multiple BBD red-shirts and sadly killed Eliza because (according to her tweets) Melanie was jealous of Rachel Skarsten’s abs, which is kind of ironic in light of what we know now.

      So yes, it is killing a fair number of women, but killing off more men. I don’t know if it’s better or worse, the men tend to be more disposable – they’re one show guest stars – while the women tend to be around for a little while (except Eliza) which makes us feel them a bit more. I’m also pretty sure in the ring outside the main stars, we seem to have more women than your typical show – it’s like Emily Andras looked at Geena Davis’ statement and said “we want our crowd scenes to have 50% women, unless there’s a good reason not to” and pretty much lives up to that. The PFD crowd was testosterone heavy, but you kind of expect that. The crowd at the ball where Bobo tried to poison the town looked pretty gender even to me, and I think the crowd outside after it was from memory too.

    • They’re foreshadowing something with Waverley. The Goo said she was too strong but had dark corners, Bobo thought she had some dark parts as well as was stronger than both of them could even imagine and I think Shorty said she was stronger and more powerful and that was why he made sure she got an education and took over protecting the Witch’s son’s skull.

    • I’ve cringed at the violent female deaths we’ve experienced thus far this season, so you’re not the only one to notice it. I mean, it may be a side-effect of having more women on a show, but it always hurts when a powerful woman with agency is killed on screen, because they still aren’t as common as they should be.

    • Waves could still use it even though she’s not 27, cuz Wynonna could use it when she wasn’t 27 yet when she shot her dad. No one else but an Earp can shoot it at all (season 2 ep 1 with the girl fight)

  5. Awesome recap as always. This episode was amazing. I can’t lie, Goononna was kind of hot and I loved Scrofano’s performance so much!

    I went through the same emotions about the pregnancy story line as you. at the beginning all I could think of was Xena and how they messed that up spectacularly. But after I read all the interviews, I was in tears about how they handled it, and I’m very hopeful now. (And as in love with the show as always)

  6. Have you seen the picture going around of Wynonna, very pregnant, but still in leather pants, holding her gun. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with this story line. And congrats to Melanie on her baby.

  7. I still can’t get over Goononna. It took me a full five minutes for my brain to figure out how to pronounce that, and it makes me laugh every time.

    Super interested to see how things work out with the heir thing and a potential Earp baby. Plus, if it’s Doc’s, will it be cursed on both sides of its family?

    Not gonna lie, I started shipping Doc and Dolls in these last couple of episodes. I’m fully here for a potential poly Doc/Dolls/Wynonna throuple as long as they do it right.

    • I’ve been fully here for that throuple ever since I started watching this show, tbh!

    • Is it possible the kid isn’t Doc’s? Have we seen Wynonna with anyone else? It does bring a whole lot of curses onto one child if it’s Doc’s, though.

      … And now I’m kind of worried that the plot is mystical pregnancy-ish, or that the baby is super magical in some way, that sort of stuff. I can’t think of an instance where a plot like that was good (I’m having upsetting flashbacks to season 4 of Angel).

  8. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one gay enough to notice Waverly’s incredible abs in the chair scene. I knew I could count on y’all.

  9. This episode had everything about what makes Wynonna Earp is so good
    Relationship, Relationship , Relationship, Relationship,
    Kill a demon! Relationship

    The acting in every paired scene was just so good.
    And, there were so many funny lines! Jeremy making robot noises while using his scanner, Nicole’s response to Wynonna in the barn (“All-?!”), and the exchange between Wynonna and Ewan (“It’s Tuesday”). All just gold.

    Also, you forgot the other strike against The Order, which is that a group of white men chanting “for the good of the many” is NOPE not to be trusted.

  10. Let me get the elephant in the room over it. Valerie I felt the same way about the pregnancy story, like why would they do that and I came to the same conclusion once I heard it was Melanie who was also pregnant. But I am still a little skeptical not about having this pregnant demon hunter but what will they do once the baby is born. I know we don’t know yet if it is a human baby or demon but it does run the risk of every other baby on TV like who’s watching the kid now that you’re all out fighting demons?

    okay so there was that and so much more stuff that still needs to be processed to make sense. Like Bonnie and Kevin always say, new things get picked up with every rewatch, like that thing about trust, I think I finally connected those dots on my 4th or 5th rewatch. Very subtle.

    So my biggest things this episode were Lucado because yes she was a bitch but like Tina and Amy said, “bitches get stuff done”. I’m upset that we’ll never get a real backstory for her to find out why she had it out for Dolls more in depth than just knowing he caused her husbands death. I thought Kate Drummond did a great job in that scene when Lucado wants to touch the goo, her face showed so much emotion, you saw the desperation there like she had nothing left and this was her out. Because her last thing was BBD and they didn’t seem to want her anymore either.
    But we came to find out later that it’s not that they didn’t want her anymore it’s that they went MIA.

    Which brings me to a theory about BBD, So BBD had the gang sign the blood oath, dropped Lucado in with them in Purgatory and seemingly went radio silent with her from then on. Now from what Dolls and Lucado said they knew about the Mikshan from previous missions. So what if Waverly’s blood on the oath gave indication that Purgatory was going to be infected and so BBD cut all ties with everyone there.

    Another big thing was Doc, Waverly was Gooverly for weeks and he never picked up on it, but he immediately knew something was up with Wynonna. I guess maybe the same way Nicole knew something was up with Waverly, that intimate factor lets you know someone better.

    And then there was WayHaught (of course), I was a bit annoyed how Wynonna spoke to Nicole in the barn like all “not my sisters keeper” and “queen brisk of bossy town”, like where did that come from. Maybe Wynonna is projecting things onto Haught due to the changes that Waverly seems to do for any significant other but Nicole has NEVER asked/demanded of Waverly anything. We as the audience know this, but Wynonna seems to see things differently. And let’s be honest Wynonna just came back to town around the same time Nicole came to town so they know this Waverly (adult Waverly) the same amount of time. Cause it was Nicole who 1st noticed something wasn’t right with Waverly. But I did love the sister throwback to get Waverly to drink the potion, in our 30’s my sister and I still go at it like we’re teenagers and her husband looks at us like we’re nuts.

    And I loved the kiss, you saw it on Nicole’s face, she squeezed her eyes just a little tighter to give it all she had and then for the 2nd kiss softened because it was her Waverly again and then stupid Wynonna had to interrupt once more.
    And I get it Emily, WayHaught sitting on the couch playing scrabble will get really boring to watch but can we please have 1 episode where their lives aren’t put in danger, a night of watching them play scrabble sounds pretty good to me right now.

    2 random theories, 1- is that the secrets that Wynonna was worried about the goo telling Waverly could be how she feels about Waverly and her relationship with Nicole. 2- Maybe with this baby Waverly will get her Earp test back (which BTW is what I thought the convo on the steps was going to be about) and decide that blood really doesn’t make a family but it’s who you choose to be family.

    Has anyone seen the preview for next week that was with the EW.com article? Wynonna asking Nicole for a case. Okay I am wonder when Waverly pops her head in does she say “Hiyeeeeee” to them both or “Honeeeeeeey” to Nicole as she’s letting Nicole know she’s there (since in this episode Nicole asked if Waverly came in without her seeing) and sees Wynonna in there too and passes the tea she brought in for her (which she would have dropped off in the BBD office after saying hello to Nicole).

    • – I’m hoping that they do a “Lone Wolf and Cub” sort of thing with Wynonna and her kid.
      – I don’t think that BBD cleared out. I think that the two veiled women killed all of the ones in town.

    • I agree with what you are saying about Wynonna projecting. Those comments she made when she wasn’t possessed rubbed me the wrong way. She says Nicole is not her sister’s keeper but neither is she. I am looking forward to Waverly being the one to hopefully set boundaries with her sister because honestly she can take care of herself.

      Oh and I am wondering the same thing about the “honeeeey” in the sneak peak! I definitely heard the same thing…but I have a feeling it was more of a hello…

      • Thank you for backing me on the sneak peek, I thought I was going a bit crazy. I have watched it over and over and with subtitles and still can’t make sense. Just from Waverly’s body language it was similar when she popped in on Nicole talking to Jesus’ boss.

      • Waverly can tell Wynonna she can take care of herself all she wants, Wynonna will always be her sister’s keeper. She can’t shut it off, especially now that she’s lost Willa twice.

    • I like that Wynonna has a simpatico with Nicole one-on-one, but still side-eyes her being good enough for her sister. It’s good that Wynonna (and with all her baggage it makes sense) is here for Waverly’s agency, and being good enough just how she is. Standard big sister stuff: a significant other isn’t good enough until they can make it through that gauntlet. I like that she’s treating the relationship presumably the same as she would if Nicole were a man and Waverly was in a newly-minted heterosexual relationship.

    • “Another big thing was Doc, Waverly was Gooverly for weeks and he never picked up on it, but he immediately knew something was up with Wynonna.”
      You’re comparing apples and potatoes. When Waverly had the demon she was able to maintain control most of the time, with Gooverly only surfacing on occasion and for pretty short periods of time. Aside from kissing, then snapping at Nicole at the Homecoming rally, I can’t think of any interaction Waverly had with another character where she wasn’t herself.
      Wynonna on the other hand wasn’t as successful in fighting for control (the demon pointed out a few times that Waverly was much stronger than Wynonna in that regard), with the exception of a few brief moments, everybody was interacting with the demon, not wynonna.

  11. Since I think episode 2 of this season I’ve been saying to myself, “Wait, is Mel pregnant?” cause they were dressing her in unusually baggy shirts and large coats and weird scarves and I FEEL SO VINDICATED.

    • ahh I am so jealous that you noticed! It’s a weird hobby of mine to try and guess who’s pregnant and I’m obviously out of practice. All those heavy coats now make such sense.

      • I had no idea. looking at the eps now it seems so obvious, but the show did a great job distracting me with Waverly & Dom’s talent of the week.

  12. I lost my marbles when you said Goononna!

    Also, shout-out to Syfy for giving us WayHaught after Doccubus. :’)

  13. With who she is and how fucked up her life is, it would makes sense for the show and the character is Wynonna just decided to have an abortion and didn’t stress about it. That would be incredibly rare and incredibly feminist too. I’m frustrated that pregnancy has to intrude in yet another show but I love these writers and cast so I’m willing to trust them with it.

  14. all of this was great also DOC GOT A NEW HAT! I bet Jeremy swooned a bit. I know I did.

  15. Oh shit I just had a game changing theory.
    We know that Waverly knows she might not be an Earp. So when Waverly said that the Goo told her stuff from Wynonna, Wynonna got a little worried that Waverly found out all her secrets. What if that big secret is that Wynonna knows that Waverly isn’t an Earp but she doesn’t know that Waverly already knows (or suspects).

  16. Ok so not completely in topic but still has to do with the show. I am rewatching the series now that it’s on Netflix, and in episode 2 Wynonna finds a picture that Waverly drew of the family. Every1 is smiling, except Waverly who has the saddest frown I’ve ever seen! And there’s a rainbow in the picture too. I missed all that the first time, just thought I’d share in case anyone else missed it too.

  17. Call me crazy – it won’t offend me. But, I ‘m thrilled that Emily Andras chose to write Melanie’s pregnancy into the show. I trust Emily as a storyteller. She will give us an amazing pregnant version of everyone’s favorite gun-slinging, badass superhero.

    As women, we’ve been called (and may soon be again) pre-existing conditions because we can get pregnant. Pregnant women are often judged on how much their pregnancy impacts the workplace. Single women who are pregnant are sometimes judged harshly by society. That’s a whole lot of negative surrounding pregnancy.

    I love the idea of a takes-no-sh*t kind of gal like Wynonna, showing the world that she is a gift – pregnant or otherwise. If this kiddo turns out to be cuddly and human, even better! She will be everyone’s favorite gun-slinging, badass superhero who also happens to be a mom.

    If it turns out that we don’t have a cuddly human and Wynonna is carrying some sort of gooby, we’ll still love Wynonna. But, Emily will have quite a bit of explaining to do.

  18. SAME RE trusting the writing-in-the-pregnancy decision, thanks as always, Valerie Anne for the awesome recaps :)

  19. my comments on your recaps are usually a mix of praise for something you said and an attempt at my own witty remark. However, I don’t think there is anything I can say to convey my love seeing you and other Earper writers rally around this show and the people who make it possible.

  20. I’m also hesitant about pregnancy in SciFi bc it always feels like a punishment instead of a plot. I would have never done the research to find out the actor is pregnant and am very much comforted by this knowledge. Thank you

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