Saturday Morning Cartoons: Identity

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where four artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron GlavinAnna BongiovanniMegan Praz and Yao Xiao. Today’s cartoon is by Anna!







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I'm a cartoonist living in Minneapolis. Co-Author and artist of A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns. Author of Grease Bats, coming out Fall 2019 with Boom! Studios! If I'm not working I'm socializing. If I'm not out with friends I'm drawing. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably depressed. Support me using Patreon.

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  1. Loved it!

    But I read ‘pa’ instead of ‘pal’ and was quite amazed to see Gwens young-looking father being in grad school asking people about identity. Must read a bit closer next time!

    • As someone who spends most of their time with these 2-D illustrations and spends a lot of time thinking and daydreaming about them and basically has some sort of relationship with all of them, THIS IS A TOTALLY NORMAL THING DON’T WORRY.

      • Do you hate brunch because you think it’s 10am fancy clothes and fancy day old food?

        Because it doesn’t have to be.

        Brunch can be at 2 in the afternoon scrambled eggs, pancakes and steak tips at IHOP.
        Brunch can be pizza at 10:30am.
        So many things brunch can be.

        • I hate brunch because I need to eat IMMEDIATELY UPON WAKING (which I do in the morning, at Normal Breakfast Time) and can’t day drink in any capacity without getting a monster headache

          If I don’t eat immediately upon waking, my Adderall hits, and by brunch time there is nothing I want to do less than sit around and watch a bunch of meat eaters freak out over eggs and bacon / pay someone to make them literally the easiest to make foods

          • Okay but how do you feel about pancakes, waffles or pain perdu for lunch?
            That is actually all I want to know and care about.

          • How is it that I studied French for 18 years and have a degree in French and used to teach French immersion and live in a country where French is one of the official languages and I didn’t know until just now that “pain perdu” is the French word for French toast?

        • I also hate brunch because I eat fast and dislike eye contact (sitting across from someone at a restaurant = what do with eyes??) and I also hate loud places and also ALSO hate over-eating

          Everything about brunch is the awful worst, The End

          • I feel like this is a great recipe for having a lovely Anti-Brunch: only hard-to-make complicated food (Hollandaise sauce?), nice and quiet and possibly in lovely solitude, no booze required, just the right amount and timing of food.

      • IN SUM:

        @chandra yeah because its bread you would toss! Lost (To Stale-ness) Bread

        I like breakfast foods in morning and I like breakfast foods at night but I don’t like them around noon

        I’m vegan so over half of brunch is just stuff I can’t eat

        Lunch is peak Adderall time, so I usually eat a piece of toast with jam or peanut butter; eating in the middle of the day just isn’t my thing

  2. I love everything going on here <3 I already said on Twitter, but I am so so so Ari!!! with a bit (a lot) of Scout's insecurity and general nervousness about dating/flirting. They are my two favorite characters so I'm happy with that!

  3. I think I mostly identify as “none of your (fucking) business” with a side of “crying in public bathrooms” “100% monogamous” and “awkward at parties – so Ari / Scout / Taylor

  4. I’m somewhere between Scout and Taylor. Total awkward bookworm, but love getting my hands dirty. Along with all the feels, “slight” burrito addiction, and not holding my booze.

    Great comic! :-D

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