Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for January 2016

Welcome to the new year! Before the horoscopes, a quick shout out that my new online Astrology 101class goes live this week! Packed with games, visual aids, and clear explanations of some complicated topics, the course is queer-friendly and empowering. As a teacher, I give my students the tools they need to make the language their own and help revolutionize how we use astrology. I’ve been developing this course for many years and I’m so excited to share it online for the first time. Registration is open now, and you can take it at your own pace, starting whenever you’d like.

If you don’t normally make resolutions, this month might convince you otherwise. There’s a lot of planetary energy in support of embracing Really Big Changes. As the Sun and Mercury transit across Pluto in Capricorn this month, we’re getting a wake-up call about how we accept responsibility for our actions and work on being mature adults. Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, opens up possibilities that ask us to leave something behind: Breaking up with an abusive ex and never looking back. Changing your given name. Getting that first tattoo. Coming out as a survivor. This Plutonian influence will be especially potent on the 10th, when the new moon in Capricorn joins Pluto. The new moon is a time for setting intentions and planting seeds: we have a chance right now to choose to plant something entirely new.

The other dominant energy this month is also about change, but focuses more on Capricorn themes of responsibility and maturity. Venus (planet of love) will be conjunct Saturn (planet of strict parents) on the 8th, reinforcing all our good intentions for showing up to our relationships with more integrity. For some of us this influence will point out a few minor adjustments we can make, for others it might spell a major overhaul. For everyone, it’s worth examining what we’re choosing in love: How are we handling our insecurities? Whose opinion of us are we choosing to believe? How could we step into a more graceful, powerful, and honest way of connecting?

To support your relationship resolutions this month, your horoscopes highlight these two main themes for each sign — where you get to be reborn, and where you get to mature. Remember, you don’t have to do either of these, the mission is yours to accept or reject. As always, read these for the truths that speak to you and disregard anything that doesn’t! The astro-literate are encouraged to read their Venus and Moon signs first.


01 aries header autostraddle copy

Where you get to be reborn: You don’t need to stay hung up on one person right now, even if it’s your own sweet self. Your powers are heightened when you’re working with a group, especially when it’s a group of people you love. Let yourself be a channel for the larger groups you belong to.

Where you get to mature: It’s time to step out of your role as the kid who’s just figuring it all out, and step into your wisdom as a teacher. Turn the tables in any relationship where someone wants to show you the ropes.


02 taurus header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Imagine writing a love letter in a foreign language. Imagine digging deep to find the words that will answer to what you feel. Don’t settle for the known world this month, or for easy half-truths. Imagine love that pushes you to keep seeking the higher truths and the deep wisdom.

Where you get to mature: It’s time to stop having sex that isn’t exactly what you need. Speak up for your real boundaries, your real desires, and don’t be afraid of losing connection when you share your truth.


03 gemini header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Your sexual history doesn’t control your future. Whatever is blocking you from desire and pleasure, you’ll get a chance to release it this month. Say goodbye to the stories you’ve already worked with and fully understood to make room for life to flood back. Let your sex life look like an opera, a feast, a battle to the death, an animal howl, a kind of medicine.

Where you get to mature: Who have you made a commitment to? Do you have a primary partner, a domestic partner, a business partner, a platonic lifelong friend? What do they need from you right now, and what do you need to make clear to them? Learn to listen a little better to help those longterm connections stay strong.


04 cancer header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: What if love gets to be safe? What if you can have exactly the kind of care you need, as soon as you learn what it is and how to ask for it? This month you’re invited to catch and release all your lingering fears about partnership, and to believe in a world where love can be healthy and nourishing.

Where you get to mature: Re-dedicate yourself to a daily practice, even if it’s just eating breakfast and brushing your teeth. Find a way to stay grounded — no one else can do it for you.


05 Leo header autosraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Let’s presume that you (like most of us) are here to heal the world. You’ve got a special magic no one else has, and the more you’re able to use it the better you’ll feel. Where this gets tricky is that while it flows from you, it’s not actually about you — it’s about your ability to create a space for other people to have their own experiences and insights. This month, your fiercely beautiful and performative soul will be at its most potent when you offer it freely.

Where you get to mature: Let’s get very real: your body needs you to fall in love with it. I get that this can be a difficult assignment, so take it in small steps. If you get stuck, come back to whatever feels good.


06 virgo header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Your one rule for relationships this year: they have to be fun. You need joy, you need to play, you need to laugh. It’s time to take a break from fixing what’s broken, analyzing your behavior, and processing. Develop your latent talents for enthusiasm, goofiness, and lightheartedness. What’s pleasurable and what’s nourishing don’t have to be opposites.

Where you get to mature: When you don’t have a stable home base, everything else in your life will feel unstable. Get serious about your need to rest and recover, and take responsibility for finding the places and people that will help you do that well.


07 libra header autostraddle copy

Where you get to be reborn: You can no longer neglect your inner world. Even if your job demands most of your time and attention, be on the look out for ways to steal back your soul. The love that feels most powerful for you right now is like a sanctuary, a place you create with your boo (or best friend, or dog) that you can carry with you energetically throughout the day.

Where you get to mature: How much do you speak up for yourself? How often do you call a friend when you’re sad? It’s not enough to just feel it, it’s time to start speaking your truth.


08 scorpio header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: With Pluto as the ruler of your sign, rebirth is something you’re learning to do continually. This month, you’ll have a chance to shake up any relationship that’s starting to feel stagnant. Let yourself be curious. Is there someone new in town? Delight in ideas and flirtations, if you’re in a position to do so. Your big assignment this month is get a little less heavy about it all.

Where you get to mature: Can you have pleasure without needing it to hurt later? Or first? When pain doesn’t actually have to be part of the equation at all times, there’s room for all kinds of new information.


09 sagittarius header autrostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: This month, you’re being asked to slow down. Work on your capacity for slow, sensuous romance without needing to know where it’s going or why it matters. If you can be fully present and engaged with your partner, you’ll find yourself effortlessly generous and trust will feel easy.

Where you get to mature: Love yourself more by learning more clearly who you are. Don’t rely on friends or lovers to reflect you accurately — take some time alone and learn what you’re like without anyone else around.


10 capricorn header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Imagine a mountain, covered in snow and crevasses, shining white and austere in the winter sun. Now imagine a spring thaw melting those icy slopes and revealing glittering mica and the wet, green shoots of new life. Your project this month is to unthaw into yourself. Risk metamorphosis. Expose those tender and sparkling geographies to someone trustworthy, and appreciate that you still get to keep some parts behind the snowline.

Where you get to mature: Recognize what (and who) is amazing in your life right now. Even if it’s messy or complicated or incomplete, take the time to be in awe.


11 aquarius header autostraddle copy

Where you get to be reborn: Let’s pretend your super power is that you can feel what other people feel. In this scenario, you wouldn’t have to be suspicious about whether or not you were loved. Love would be undeniable, like water you swim through. This month is about trusting that what you feel is really there, and that love is really love. Learn to trust what you can’t verbally defend.

Where you get to mature: It’s time to get serious about what you believe in and who you’re fighting alongside. Don’t isolate yourself; find a way to add your voice to a larger struggle.


12 pisces header autostraddle

Where you get to be reborn: Relationships are generally easy for you to get into, and easy for you to stay in as long as you’re not getting abused (and sadly, sometimes when you are). This month calls on you to think about why your relationships look the way they do. How does your personal life reflect the larger culture? How are your intimacies political? What does it mean to you to be gay, or queer, or trans? Are you letting your lovers, partners, or friends reinforce the oppression of the broader world in your intimate life? Now’s the time to wake up, shake things up, and figure out a better way.

Where you get to mature: Your voice needs to be heard and amplified. Take your calling seriously and don’t be afraid of recognition. You don’t have to stay small.

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Corina Dross

Corina Dross is an astrologer, artist, and writer who spends as much time as possible in libraries or under trees. They offer astrological consultations, intuitive guidance, and creative coaching to clients worldwide. Corina is also one-half of a sibling art collaboration, Abacus Corvus. You can learn about their current work and offerings at

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  1. These are so great, and so spot on. Curious, is there any extra significance if my Venus and Moon are in the same sign? I’m a Scorpio but have Saggitarius in both.

    • Having Venus and Moon in the same sign is definitely significant! Venus is the part of our psyche that seeks out relationships, and Moon is how we create an inner world and feel safe. Having them in the same sign means how you seek out connection and how you pursue your own needs for security are aligned.

  2. So my Venus is in Virgo, and when I saw the “how to mature” section…ha. HA. I was literally thinking about my weird relationship to home yesterday! How I’ve been really fascinated by the structures people set up for themselves – very organized and clearly decorated rooms, planners, offices, fashion aesthetic, routines, etc – and how the idea of having a space of your own to reflect the work you do is at once inspiring and wistful.

    I’ve moved around too much to be able to solidify a space of my own, I’ve had to let go of so much, and the idea of having a permanent home made no sense to me because I’ve always had the sense of “I have to leave at some point”. And also, I’m a nomad! I like to travel! Settling down seems…stifling. Hell I’m back at my parents’ place and while it’s “stabling” to some degree – don’t have to worry about being kicked out or deported – it’s suffocating and infantilizing and hard to have my own control without my parents smothering me.

    So I’m not sure where I stand with permanent spaces. Would be nice to have a space I could decorate and work and set up as mine, but where the hell would that be? How am I supposed to afford it? Who would I live with? (I’ve lived alone the last couple of years, it gets boring fast for my extrovert soul, but before that I was living with a rather abusive ex and that was not good.) Is this attainable?

    • Have you thought about a mobile home? I watch a lot of HGTV and I’m always facinated by the people who have non-conventional homes that they can move around. Also, Beth lives on a long boat. They mostly stay docked in the same place, but they have the ability to move to different locations. I know your questions weren’t meant to be answered, but I’m like, YES, Creatrix Tiara could have a beautiful decorated home and still be able to move!

      • Unless mobile homes now extend to planes, that’s not going to work, especially since I don’t actually know how to drive (most of the reason I move has to do with visas).

    • From a fellow nomadic Virgo over here, I feel ya! I also feel torn between wanting a permanent home and feeling stifled at the thought of staying too long in one place…the energies of this month are all about shaping your environment wherever you’re at, however you can, to make room for you to deeply relax. Hope you can carve that time and space!

    • I totally relate with what you are saying (albeit as an introvert!). I remember last year sitting in my girlfriend’s apartment and blurting out “wow, you have decorated walls!” It hadn’t even occurred to me to set up any of my spaces as “my own” or decorate with things that represented / comforted me. As circular as it is, I found that I wasn’t inclined to carve out my own space and set it up as mine until I was comfortable in one and I didn’t feel quite comfortable in a space until I did that.

      I think, for me, starting small with trying to create a space where I’m comfortable and feel stable started with trying to manufacture the headspace to feel that. So I actually started trying to “personalize” my computer with things that I liked, put me in a good mood, reflected me as a person, or whatever made me feel nice. It was a small thing, but I liked having it and whenever I went to use my computer for something it felt like I was in a nice little space for myself and for a long time that was the most I could do with where I was.

      And if none of this remotely pertains to you, I just thought I’d say I’ve felt what you’ve described that you’re feeling (especially the relationship to home and feeling nomadic) and I hope you find a space for yourself, no matter the size!

  3. I don’t typically pay attention to astrology, but so far yours have been really spot on for me, down the the star and moon signs (which I was motivated to look up by your column.) So I just wanted to pipe in and say thanks. I do sometimes delve into other astrology columns/blogs when my friends share them, and I find the best ones show a depth of understanding of human emotion and a compassion for human experience that is beautiful/admirable; which is all to say, you are cool. Keep it up!

  4. Homeless-ish Virgo here, in my second year of trying to find a place to restart things. So this resonated. Once I find it I look forward to digging deeper, but thanks for this.

    • Good luck, and remember you can dig down energetically wherever you are at the moment, just by remembering you belong here.

  5. Yes! This is great and so relevant to me. Also, this week I’m shifting from working part time to working full time, but I think that I can actually do it! The responsibility thing is so spot on, because I’m having to actually pay bills and stuff, and so I’m looking at working more as being an opportunity to support myself.

  6. Can someone explain the overlap between astrology and lady-lovin’? I feel like queer women are also more into tarot than the gen pop of women but I don’t why.

  7. I desperately wish I could afford to take your incredible astrology course, Corina! I’m very excited by the launch and wish you nothing but joy+success with it! thank you again for your truly powerful horoscopes

  8. “How are your intimacies political?”

    Well, I slept with a girl who works in the county commissioner’s office last weekend. That’s reasonably political!

  9. This is the realest realness that was ever real. Like I seriously got some tears in my eyes in the last paragraph of my Sun sign. And the other two. Oof. These horoscopes combined with Chani Nicholas are unbelievably relevant. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT

    • Chani is doing fantastic stuff, I’m always happy when folks tell me they read both of us!

  10. that. was. the MOST accurate and uncanny horoscope. it completely meshed with my own intuition! usually, i’m like, hmmkthanks–but this? you got something here!

  11. When you got all the stuff in your horoscope done already and feel proud but your logic is going “but science”.

    And then

    because you’re full of benadryl an’ cough medicine.

  12. I’m seeing people mentioning moon signs, or signs for various planets, Venus, Jupiter, ect…

    All that I know is my sun-sign, Taurus. Looks like I am a bit out of touch, can anyone point me to an accurate reading of my other signs?

    • Sure thing! You can go to and enter your birth information to get a birth chart. Then check the grid at the bottom to see what signs your planets are in. In astrology, we use 10 planets and each represents a different part of your psyche, so when we look at all the planets in the different signs they’re in (the energies they use) we get a much more nuanced understanding of our strengths and challenges.

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