Also.Also.Also: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter Under One Banner: “F*CK Joss Whedon”

Hello! Roxane Gay made me cry (more on that below!) and I’m have chicken parmesan for dinner. Let’s do this!

Queer as in F*ck You

After I Came Out, My Mother Left Our Church to Fight for Queer Youth by Leah Johnson — what a great moment to remind everyone that You Should See Me in a Crown is my favorite fun book of the last 12 months! Are you tired of me reminding of you yet? Too bad!

The #QueerTheBallet Movement: ‘It’s More Than a Man Lifting a Woman in a Tutu’ Adriana Pierce is empowering queer women and non-binary performers whose relationships have been excluded from classical dance.

I’m really not done being angry about this. ‘Disclosure’ Is the Biggest Oscar Snub of the Year. “It’s not just a shame that the Academy is ignoring one of the best, and most important, trans films of all-time, it’s a shame that they aren’t acknowledging the huge cultural impact it has had.” — Mey Rude for OUT Magazine

Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman are guests on Brene Brown’s podcast this week, they talk about their love story and career ambitions and just some general “how to kick ass at this thing called life, love your queer Aunties” content — I thought it would be a light listen for my afternoon work, and then I found myself unexpectedly weeping. So beware — Love is Still A LIE — but that might also happen to you!

Speaking of Grown Ass Love Stories that make me cry!! Congratulations to Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart of BLK MKT Vintage (a store I follow with rapt attention on Instagram and always). Gahhhh! I just love Black Love and I especially love it during Black History Month between two history nerds with impeccable taste.

The ‘Friday’ Music Video Went Viral 10 Years Ago. Rebecca Black Has Spent the Last Decade Recovering. I am genuinely surprised how many Autostraddle team members have become Rebecca Black fans over the last year!

“Heaux Tales feels as though it is meant to be listened to with other women. It feels like the group chat being lit on fire after receiving a no-context text from one of your friends that says “biiiiiitch,” followed by all the raunchy details of their hookup.”

Hanna Phifer for Harper’s Bazaar: For Millennial Black Women, Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales Is a Layered Portrait of Sex and Intimacy (FYI there’s a lesbian song on Heaux Tales in case no one told you; I keep trying to get someone to write about it for me! But so far, no luck 😩)

Listing without commentary, but also LOL (sorry!): Yet Another Person Was Killed in a Gender-Reveal Explosion

Saw This, Thought of You

‘We Are Desperate for Human Contact’: People Breaking Lockdown for Sex

My Teen Is Writing Erotic Fan Fiction. Should I Make Them Stop? No! You should not.

I Think About Ellie Kemper’s Best Line From The Office a Lot by Kristen Arnet (!!!) for The Cut

I watched the “Framing Britney Spears” doc on Monday and it’s still fucking with me days later. What we (I’m speaking in broad terms here!) allowed to just be done in public is just… there’s no words for it. It’s haunted my spirit. Anyway, here’s today’s BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears’ Father Loses Bid to Retain Control of Delegating Her Investments (However, He Will Remain as Co-Conservator). Another hearing on the conservatorship is scheduled to take place next month. Baby steps, but we’re getting there!

This is also an excellent opportunity to bring back Riese‘s excellent piece about Britney from 2011, which literally no one on our team can stop talking about this week: It’s Not Britney, Bitch

This feels related in this way I can’t explain but so much of our lives in pop culture the last two weeks — Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, and now Joss Whedon — feel like a reckoning from the 2000s that have been long coming: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Amber Benson (Tara!!) Respond to Joss Whedon Allegations: ‘I Stand With All Survivors of Abuse’

Jemele Hill: The Playboy Interview

Political Snacks

HUD Bars Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination in Housing, Rentals. For the first time ever, it will be illegal to turn away people looking to rent an apartment or buy a house simply because they are queer.

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