Sarah McLachlan Ends Lilith Fair, Real World Goes to Vegas and Other Pressing News


It is still surprising how few people were interested in attending the return of the summer music festival celebrating women in rock. The original tour featured singer-songwriters, girls with guitars and pianos including Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, Jewel, the Indigo Girls and Tracy Chapman.  Subsequent years added bands like then-newcomers The Murmurs and Tegan & Sara into the mix.

Now, in a new interview, Lilith creator (and musical accompaniment to my coming out experience) Sarah McLachlan confirms that it’s officially over. Sadface.

“It’s done. And that’s okay. It’s about learning more from our failures than our successes, and it was a beautiful organic event that happened at a point in time when it was really needed. And bringing the same thing back last year really didn’t make any sense, in retrospect, without due diligence being done on how women have changed. Because in 12 years, women have changed a lot. Their expectations have changed, the way they view the world has changed, and that was not taken into consideration, which I blame myself for.”

Maybe it was the ticket prices in the worst touring recession of the past decade, maybe it was the lineup of artists, or maybe it’s hard to re-create the pure artistry that happened from 1997-1999 when we’re now living in a Ke$ha world. I miss the 90s. Guess that means we’re going to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival this year!


Has anyone committed to the new season set in Las Vegas? No confirmed homos as of yet, but we’ll obvs keep you posted if any show up. Anyway, RW co-creator Jonathan Murray reflects on cast behavioral changes over the 25 seasons. Sidenote, there was a Real World: Hollywood?

“The way young people consume alcohol, that’s dramatically changed. I think there wasn’t this word “binge drinking,” in the early nineties. I think we first noticed that in Hawaii, when Ruthie drank too much. We saw that there was a real issue of drinking among young people. Back in the early nineties people were a little more prudish, a little less exhibitionist.”

Most surprising were his comments about the Washington D.C. season, which we found extremely refreshing, and featured bisexual Mike, whose storyline of becoming an activist with HRC and coming out to his parents received major airtime:

“When we did the D.C. season, in all the excitement of Obama coming in and young people being engaged — it landed with a big thud. When we talked to our viewers, [they said] they didn’t tune into The Real World to watch a discussion of religion, which they saw as esoteric. They said if they wanted to watch that they would watch CNN. That reminded us that the issues need to be very personal and individual.”
Is there a particular season that holds a place in your heart? I still have RW: Boston on VHS somewhere in my apartment.



What’s this about a full album of The Warblers? I want to go to there. Darren Criss announced on Regis & Kelly yesterday that an album of “all the songs we’ve done, plus some new tunes” will be released in April.



Her new book, Sing You Home, focuses entirely on gay partnership and explicitly pushes for gay marriage and equal rights. Looking for something else to write about other than raising children to harvest their bone marrow or whatever that last one was about, Picoult’s son came out to her as she began work on the new novel and got her wheels turning. The book is dedicated to him and she tells USA Today:

“It suddenly became more than just a philosophical study. It became the mission of a mother. Because when Kyle is ready to get married and have kids, I don’t want him to have to jump through hoops.”


Katy Perry got a huge response to her acoustic cover of “Born This Way” in Paris this week:


Can’t wait til she starts jumping on couches to prove she’s a hetero.

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  1. LOL @ “jumping on couches to prove she’s a hetero”. Excellent. I think she’s hot in her movies, but in real life Michelle comes across as rather…irritating. I’d be perfectly fine with not listening to her interviews. But I keep getting sucked in! What is UP with that??

  2. RW: Boston and RW: New Orleans (the original, in 2000) were great. I loved RW and RR in high school.

    • Those two plus Seattle are my favorite seasons. I have seen every episode of RW to date (Shameful? Impressive? Shamepressive?) so I’m not going to stop now. One of the highlights of my year was seeing Shane from RR campus crawl bar tending in Chicago. He was super nice to me (though understandably not as tolerant of my drunk GF)

    • Hey, I can’t see how somebody can fuck Kristanna Loken repeatedly and still call themselves hetero, but I don’t make the rules.

      • And before I get complaints from the psychos among you, I don’t mean, “If you fuck women you cannot be heterosexual.” I mean, “Kristanna Loken is smokin’ hot.”

  3. “when we’re now living in a Ke$ha world.”

    I refuse to believe this. I am in total denial. Thankfully I can listen to the same bands/albums I love without getting tired of them! Phew! :D

  4. I really enjoyed my Lilith Fair experience in Chicago and I wish I could go every summer forever and ever! Yes, the price was a little steep and I had to travel across the entire state of MI to get there but it was totes worth it.

  5. I was disappointed in LF last year in Chicago, although it did lead me to meeting Intern Elizabeth, who is so charming that I decided I wanted to meet other Chicagostraddlers this year! So, a fail, but a huge (auto)win!

  6. this is funny b/c the only real world i’ve bothered watching since las vegas is the dc season

  7. Real World seemed like this great concept for young people to truly identify themselves so they could confidently live their lives by their standards. It has shifted from this perceptual inclination of ‘reality’ to something more materialistic because of alcohol, sex, violence… etc. I feel that it enhances stereotypes rather than defy them. What also bothers me is that the directors just allow this happen and/or choose the people who allow this to happen.

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