VIDEO! Julie & Brandy at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: The Lost Footage

Last summer, somebody told Brandy Howard that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival featured a lot of chicks with their tits out and so Brandy Howard asked Julie Goldman if maybe just maybe she could get a gig at Michfest so Brandy could see “the titties” for herself.

Unfortunately, Julie told Brandy, Michfest is one of many fine lesbionic venues where Julie Goldman had offended some uptight PC lesbian at some point and therefore was no longer welcome. But whatever, Julie said, I’ll fucking call them because you know, when Brandy Howard asks you to do something, you f*cking do it.

Lo and behold, Julie was offered a spot at Michfest!  Therefore, despite Julie’s aversion to sleeping in a thing that is not a hotel, the duo set off for a fun weekend in the wilderness.

Autostraddle’s default video editor Riese was about 24 hours away from finishing the masterpiece film of Julie & Brandy at Michfest when her computer, which was invented by a man, decided to totally fuck her up the ass and make her lose everything long story.

But Julie and Brandy knew they had a story that needed to be told, especially because cameras aren’t really allowed there and even as the event faded into herstory, the story STILL NEEDED TO BE TOLD. For closure. You guys, closure is important. That’s right, Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard edited this motherfucker themselves.

Join us on our pioneering journey.


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  1. “drinking, taking xanax, it’s what we do best. it’s what we enjoy doing.”

    “i know it’s the michigan womyn’s music festival but do they have to be playing music all the time?”


  2. I am always looking for excuses to play the Shots song. Good call. Love your video. I’ve always wondered what Michfest is like…now I know and prob. will never go. LOL. Also wondering about good hair and makeup while camping-impressive, Brandy!

  3. Ha! Thank you so much! I never even washed my hair! By the end, my scalp was so itchy I had to keep the hat on just to stop scratching it.

    As for the Festival- it was actually an awesome time! Every girl should go once in their life. Michigan is stunning and the boobs are incredible. We loved it! We plan on going back every year..

  4. this video was hilarious. you two should draw things more often. kudos for the camping thing, because I don’t like staying in the outdoors. at all. ever. even for a bunch of lesbians and boobs. okay, maybe for a bunch of lesbians and boobs, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Thank you for this.

    I started working at starbucks today, so all this joking about stereotypes makes me momentarily forget that i got hired at a store where i am the solitary homosexy! How does that happen…a (formerly) all-breeder starbucks?!!

    Nice edit. Can’t wait for the next IYBO!

    • Hmmm…tried to post this above but I don’t think it worked.

      Hey – I totally hear ya. There is a lot of activism going on re: trans inclusion these past few years. So, the fest is changing, slowly (womyn with a y have lots of feelings they need to talk out) for the better. I honestly think it’s a generational thing – no excuse for transphobia, but it takes time, unfortunately.

      It’s not perfect, but the more people that go who support ALL of their sisters (both trans women who do come and trans women who do not yet feel safe to come) can only help to make all women feel safe and included and respected.

      There will always be bigots and hatred anywhere – what’s needed is all of the other voices to drown them out so that the people we are trying to support see and hear and feel that love.

  6. I totally know some people who would be offended by this video and it just made me love it that much fucking more. If I ever go to Michigan, it needs to be with you guys, not them. And your boobs.

  7. This is the best surreptitious video podcast from from michfest I’ve ever seen.

    I love that Julie and Brandy got a subtle toast with LV in the video. I also like how Julie & Brandy clearly both love it and have to make fun of it, which for me is the only way to truly enjoy the festival.

    And Julie’s performance was killer. Seriously, when you get the chance to see her perform live, do it.

  8. Bevin!

    Thank you so much for saying all of that – you totes understand – We LOVED our experience and making fun is how we appreciate. ( one could say we “appreciate” EVERYTHING) But for reals, we love Mich.

    Plus you recognized LV and she Freaking RULES. We love her.

  9. Just like Maxwell House…good to the last drop! It was nice to see that my boobs were well represented at the festival and I DEFINITELY need the pSTYLE. Where can I get one? Does it come with instructions – cuz I’m wondering how that worked out for Brandy in her dress?????? You guys always deliver!

  10. Dear Julie and Brandy,
    I now have the image of you frolicking in the Quidditch World Cup tent burned in my brain. Thank you.
    Please be my Patronus. Again, thank you.

    Love and BBQ,

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