Reine #7: What Your Quarantine Cut Says About You

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Ren Strapp

Ren Strapp is a butch lesbian illustrator and designer, who makes comics about her life. She is an Appalachian farm girl living in Portland, OR. She loves birds and plants. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram and support her work on Patreon.

Ren has written 41 articles for us.


  1. This is scarily accurate. I’m of the “just a trim” variety, my hair even looks kind of like the illustration. Last week I wanted cream cheese for a recipe so I made some myself, yesterday I made eclairs because I had a craving. My mom brought by some old crafting books (set the box on the sidewalk). I need to polish my oak table. The homesteading is very real.

  2. I prefer my hair long, but because I am a West Asian Jew, it just grows out messy & curly(Jew Fro if you will) with limited options. I did shave my sideburns off, but I’ve yet to move furniture around or go on the roof.

  3. I am growing my hair out (decided before the quarantine) and I am moving furniture and other assorted heavy objects around multiple times a day because my quarantine project is KonMari-ing my space. I’m not sure if I’m impressed or terrified by this accuracy.

  4. I had to be careful because I’m still working, but it was touching my neck and I was getting stabby, so I took some old sewing scissors to the back of my head and cut off a couple of inches.

    Apparently it looks okay? it’s hard to see it because, y’know, back of my head.

    My hair is growing out to an asymmetrical bob, and honestly, it’s not bad? Certainly could be worse, lol.

    I told my girlfriend it’s lucky we don’t have clippers in the house, or I’d have a truly terrible buzz cut. As it is, I’m strongly considering borrowing a pair and giving myself an undercut, just so it will STOP TOUCHING MY NECK. I had long hair and bobs for years! How did I manage?!

  5. Not cut just messing round with historical styles and going “oh no this looks fuckin awesome but we can’t wear this in public EVER”

    Or knowing why Romans had an ornatrix versus Feeling why.

  6. I shaved my head but have been unable to have coffee as I only had full coffee beans and no grinder. I bought more coffee to be delivered to my house and apparently I misread something somewhere and now I have two bags of coffee beans. I don’t think I should try grinding them with my teeth. (Also, I only have Pu Erh tea left, so I’ve had no caffeine for the past 3 weeks.) Trying to go to bed on time, though.

  7. I was growing out a mostly shaved head before quarantine, but would have definitely had it cut within the last couple of weeks. and now I’m honestly just interested in seeing what it does. at the moment it’s like, pixie cut in the front, party in the back, aka I’m getting a mullet.

    • Does this mean you move the furniture twice a day to the front of the house to make room for a party in the back?
      (Also, if I were brave, I’d try a mullet too. Hope you’ll be happy with the result!)

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